Dutch Introductory Visit to Spain: September 18, 2013

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Nice to see them all together. It is obvious that they are old friends/ acquaintances, all of them seem to be in an excellent mood.

King WA flew the plane to Madrid himself btw. And the prince of Asturias drove the party to Zarzuela, with the ladies seated in the back..

Lovely jewels for Queen Máxima. Nice that she respected the Spanish court: no hats. But to liven it up she put a diamond butterfly brooch in her hair. All ladies looked lovely.
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Loved both Maxima and Letizia's outfits today, although Maxima gets the award for wearing major bling with such comfort and ease. Is Letizia really that thin or is she wearing 2 Spanx? Unbelievable!
Wonderful reception for the new King and Queen. I can imagine that Maxima felt very at home being able to speak Spanish with her hosts. Wouldn't it be nice if they stayed with F & L while in Madrid. Now that would be a fun sleepover now wouldn't it. Everyone looked great, although I will say that King J-C looked a little worse for wear.
Maxima always has something to say. She has such a sparkly personality.
I wonder what language they're using? Everyone besides W-A is either a native or long time speaker of Spanish. I understand that he has been learning the language since marrying Maxima.
What a lovely visit so far, they all seem to be great friends and its lovely to see teh warmth between them. Nice to see Elena there as well today. Loved Queen Sofias summer look.
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The lovely greetings between all these old friends is just lovely and shows how close the connections between all the European royals are.
Felipe looks delighted to see his friend W-A. I love the interaction between the couples.

So do I. Despite the necessary protocol of curtsies, etc. you can tell that they are very friendly and delighted to see one another! :flowers:
So do I. Despite the necessary protocol of curtsies, etc. you can tell that they are very friendly and delighted to see one another! :flowers:

I wonder if the AAA girls can meet up with the little Infantas in the future.
Well at least Maxima speaks spanish, makes things so much easier and Im sure it also made things more comfortable. I love the fact that Letizia showed respect for Maximas position and curtsied even though they are friends. I give her two thumbs up for that one. :)
Lovely photos of the Spanish Royals meeting King WA and Queen Maxima, it appears that they have warm relationships with each other. I particularly liked the photos of Maxima and Letizia hugging each other and the photo of WA talking to Juan Carlos.
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And Maxima is beautiful in that pale blue dress and matching earrings. It is heartwarming to see the hugs and big smiles. I'm glad for all of them. Good friends make the hard things in life more bearable.
On TV they were saying that when M & L hugged each other at M&W-A arrive, they heard Máxima telling Letizia: "Qué guapa!" (You look beautiful!) I loved the images of all them together and what a close relationship they seem to have.

Love W-A, he seems such a nice and funny guy.;)
Maxima looked simply stunning every inch the queen!
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