State Visit from Finland to Denmark: April 4-5, 2013

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Nov 5, 2005
On the invitation of Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik, the President of Finland, Sauli Väinämö Niinistö, will pay a state visit to Denmark on April 4th and 5th this year.


The President will be accompanied by his wife, First Lady Jenni Elina Haukio.

**This thread will be opened closer to the visit.


Royal Couple offers President of Finland, HE Sauli Niinistö Väinämö and Mrs Jenni Elina Haukio welcome to Denmark on 4-5th April 2013.

Presidential plane lands on 4 April in Vilhelm Lauritzen terminal, Copenhagen Airport, where the royal couple and the royal family will receive Presidential couple. There will then be welcome at Fredensborg Palace with an escort from Garderhusarregimentet. In the evening the royal couple hosted a gala dinner at Fredensborg Palace.

The program of the Finnish state visit reflects the fact that Finland and Denmark historically has a long value community and for many years have had mutual business interests and cultural exchanges. In both countries, there is great interest in clean-tech and green growth in these years, which focuses on the program of visits to Danish companies in this sector. During the visit, President and HRH Crown Prince attend 'Roundtable discussions' in Danish Industry with companies from both countries.

The significant cultural exchange between Denmark and Finland also reflected in the program. First Lady and HRH Crown Princess will visit the School of Architecture and the School of Design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts Schools in Holmen, focusing on study projects on sustainability. During the visit, First Lady, among other things visit the exhibition of the young Finnish photographer Nelli Palomäki at Ordrupgaard and a special exhibition design by the Finnish designer Kaj Franck Design Museum Denmark in Bredgade in Copenhagen. President pair shall also visit Royal Copenhagen.

Another important field of interest for both countries is education. Therefore, the First Lady and Crown Princess guest Ørestaden School to see a modern, newly built school with new learning methods as the focal point in a creative environment.

There have previously been Finnish state visit to Denmark in 1977, 1983, 1994 and most recently in 2001 when President Tarja Halonen visited. The royal couple was on a state visit to Finland in 1973.​
B.T. writes that Mary's and The Finnish president's wife's visit to a school on Friday may be canceled due to the Danish school teachers lockout.

Lockout giver Mary problemer - Royale |
Google translation:Google Übersetzer

It has now been announced that Mary's and The Finnish president's wife's visit to a school on Friday has been canceled

Article from
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About the gifts president Sauli Niinistö and his wife Jenni Haukio gave to their hosts, at least these:
- the queen and prince Henrik: The Claritas vase, designed by Timo Sarpaneva
- the crown prince couple: The Aalto Flower vase, designed by Alvar Aalto
- the children: Moomin Dish Set
- Querida, the dachshund of the queen and prince Henrik: a finnish raincoat for dogs, with greetings from Lennu, the dog of the presidential couple.

Valtiovierailu Tanskan kuningattaren koira sai Niinistön Lennu-koiralta sadetakin - Kuninkaalliset - Ilta-Sanomat

Finsk præsident på dansk to dags-visit Nyheder DR

The president visited Haldor Topsøe Fuel Cell -company

Guest list at the Gala Dinner
Guest list at the Gala Banquet at Fredensborg Palace, 4 April 2013, 8.00 pm - The Danish Monarchy

Mary and Jenni Haukio

Frederik attended with the president at a business luncheon at the Confederation of Danish Industry, there was a round-table discussion with participation by companies from Finland and Denmark.
DI Finland er en oplagt handelspartner - DI
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thank you everyone for the links and pictures so far.
Very nice appearances so far, cant wait for the state dinner : )
Queen Margrethe looks every inch a Nordic queen in her fabulous white coat!
This is a very nice state visit indeed and I too am looking forward to seeing images of the State Dinner!
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Our First Lady uses the name Jenni Haukio.

The menu and music this evening.
Menu and music at the gala banquet, Fredensborg Palace, 4 April 2013 8 PM. - The Danish Monarchy

Mrs Jenni Haukio visited Ordrupgaard Museum’s exhibition "Breathing the Same Air" by the Finnish photographer Nelli Palomäki and The Danish Collection.

Photo from the gala dinner, the First Lady of Finland recycles the dress she wore at our Independence Day Reception last December.
Dronning Margrethes store fest på slottet

Se de flotte kjoler: Galla under finsk statsbesøg |
Psykisk syg mand under galla-middag Slottet brænder! - Krimi
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Margrethe, Henrik, Frederik, Mary, and Marie are all wearing the Finnish Order of the White Rose. I can't see Joachim, but I would assume he is as well.

Margrethe is wearing the dress she wore during the 2007 State Visit from Sweden. I can't see her tiara.

Mary is wearing a dress she first wore to a wedding 2004 and then she had it modified to it's current state and wore it to Vietnam in 2009. She is wearing her Wedding tiara.

Marie looks to be wearing a new dress and she's of course wearing her floral tiara.
Thanks for the pics:flowers:
and I have to say the first lady looks so beautiful!
I just found out that the Finnish First Lady is 5 years younger than Mary, 1 year younger than Marie. She seems so mature (I mean this in the best sense).
She has an impressive CV (especially compared with the CV of Princess Marie). And she writes poems!
Question to Finnish posters: Is she popular in Finland?
She is the same age as CP Victoria!
and she has the same birthday as me:wub:
The Finnish first lady is a very beautiful woman. She looks very elegant and regal. Very princess-like.
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think I saw Alexandra there in a bright blue dress, no tiara
No, Countess Alexandra was not there, she is not on the guest list.
Are those sweetpea flowers on the tables? They are so pretty
I just found out that the Finnish First Lady is 5 years younger than Mary, 1 year younger than Marie. She seems so mature (I mean this in the best sense).
She has an impressive CV (especially compared with the CV of Princess Marie). And she writes poems!
Question to Finnish posters: Is she popular in Finland?

About Jenni Haukio and Sauli Niinistö:
President Niinistö's first wife died in a car crash in 1995, Niinistö has two adult sons. Niinistö survived tsunami in 2004, he was on a holiday with his sons and they all survived. I still remember how shocked Niinistö was when he was interviewed after he returned to Finland. Niinistö has written a book about the time after his wife died (("Five Years of Solitude") and he tells about his experiences in tsunami in another book ("Ordinary People at the Mercy of Great Events").
Jenni Haukio met Niinistö when she as the editor of Suomen Nainen, bulletin of the Women's League of the National Coalition Party, went to interview him in the end of 2005. They started dating at the beginning of 2007 and got married in 3rd January 2009. Their marriage came as a total surprise, they had managed to date totally in secret. The news broke at the day they were married. Since then the press has of course been very interested in mrs Haukio, she is a lovely woman and much younger than her husband.
The friends and colleagues of president Niinistö tell that Niinistö fell head over feels in love with Haukio. According to them meeting Haukio has changed Niinistö a lot, he has become more open, friendly and jovial. Niinistö and Haukio tell that they are connected by that they both love writing and reading books, they talk about that a lot at home. They both also love nature and like walks with their dog Lennu. Niinistö said that he feels happier, more secure and comfortable with Haukio. Haukio's friends have described her as an "old soul", who hasn't changed after she came to the public life.
The finnish gossip press was of course excited when Haukio became the First Lady in March 2012. But Jenni Haukio kept her mind, lived a quiet life, didn't search publicity but said that her main work was to support her husband. Haukio also said that she would keep her own job and started as the Programme Director of Turku International Book Fair in February 2012. The stylists tell in magazines how they would dress Haukio, but she keeps her own mind, she has told that she has no stylists but chooses her outfits herself and she wants to wear finnish outfits as much as possible. Haukio has also been praised of her good speeches in various events.
Before Niinistö became president, the couple wasn't keen to attend at celebrity parties but lived a quiet life.
Jenni Haukio is popular in Finland, and respected because of her career and how she approaches her role as the First Lady.

About mrs Haukio's dress: it is designed by Paola Suhonen, the dress is made of lace and satin. The print has all finnish regional flowers.


Jenni Haukiolla sama puku kuin Linnan juhlissa! - Viihde - Viihdeuutiset - Ilta-Sanomat

A gallery of Mary and the First Lady on Thursday
Rouva Jenni Haukio tutustui kruununprinsessan seurassa taideoppilaitokseen Kööpenhaminassa Lehtikuva

From Svensk Damtidning
Finlands president är nu på besök hos drottning Margrethe Svensk Damtidning
Galamiddag i Köpenhamn Svensk Damtidning


From Friday, the First Lady Jenni Haukio inaugurated Finnish designer Kaj Frank’s exhibition “Teema with variations" at Designmuseum Danmark.

Mrs Haukio wears today a brooch of Georg Jensen, a gift from queen Margrethe.

The President met Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt i
Tanskan pääministeri Helle Thorning-Schmidt ja presidentti Sauli Niinistö tapasivat Kööpenhaminassa Lehtikuva
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Thank you for the interesting information. :flowers:
Mrs Jenni Haukio visited the Royal Copenhagen’s Flagship Store. During the visit, she was shown the porcelain factory’s special painting techniques.
Jenni Haukio painting porcelain

I find it a little bit odd, that the First Lady had three events today, and she wasn't accompanied by anyone of the royal family in any of them.

More photos of the First Lady today
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A picture yesterday of Frederik with the president

Frederik looks so young and handsome ;)

Today Frederik with the president and Environment Minister.

Højgravid minister på bådtur med kronprinsen

I just noticed that when Marie arrived she had the medal of the queen's portrait (sorry if i am calling it incorrectly) she had it on the right hand side

but at dinner she had it on the left hand side.

I guess she forgot which side was correct :whistling::D
Im surprise Joachim didnt catch the mistake :whistling::D

Picture details
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Thanks for all the pictures :flowers:

First, I will give our Prime Minister Helle Thorning some credit for yesterday evening, she looked lovely in her dress IMO. And it's always a joy to see Helle Thorning and Frederik together, they seem to know each other well and have fun together.

I like the pictures with Mrs Jenni Haukio and Mary together from yesterday. Jenni Haukio has made a good impression on me. Actually, I would describe her and Mary with some of the same characteristics, as some warm, calm and regal women.

And isn't it something relatively new that Mary and Frederik and Prince Joachim and Marie arrive by car and walk past to the photographers? If I remember correctly they used a private entrance in the past when there was gala dinners at Fredensborg Castle. I remember it as we only saw pictures from when they went into the hall?
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