Solliden Palace, Öland

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Victoria and Daniel haven't yet submitted an application for a building permit for their new summer house in Solliden.

According to the documentation, the new building to be over 400 square meters on one level - plus a proper pool, only a few hundred meters from the sea.
- It may sound strange, but is rather moderate. A quite ordinary villa for a family with children, says the Director of Administration of Solliden, Leo Eriksson, who is also the city architect of Borgholm's municipality.
The Crown Princess couple has given green light for construction from the municipality and the county administrative board in Kalmar. The decision means an exemption from the shoreline protection, but any application for a building permit the couple have not yet submitted.
- It may simply be that they are busy with their new baby right now, said Borgholm's City Planning Director George Borgo.
Leo Eriksson says:
- You get an idea about how they see the case through documents in the waiver request. They will build in one level considering the surroundings, they do not want anything bulky in height which may interfere with the skyline and the view of the scenic area.
He explains that the impressive building area, 407 square meters, also includes garages, storage and other ancillary rooms.
- The family will project the real estate in peace and quiet. For me as a city architect, it is just one of many planned summer homes on the island, and by no means the largest or most expensive.
Bertil Ternert from the court press department says:
- They thrive on Solliden and we can rejoice in their desire to develop the property. It is a totally private castle owned by the royal family, which receives no state funding but is financed by the activities carried out there, primarily tourism.
Här bygger Victoria och Daniel nytt hus | Kvällsposten
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The first spadework has been done for the Crown Princess Couple's new house. The royal architect Leo Eriksson says that the whole royal family is happy. Bertil Ternert says that the Crown Princess family can be established as summer residents of Öland. The current castle is private and this is another family.

The house is built in a traditional style and will be away from the castle. But exactly how it will look like is a secret, all drawings are confidential. The Royal Family has permission to build 100 meters from the beach. The municipality has granted a building permit for 328 square feet, but the house will probably be smaller. Eriksson tells that the house will be approximately 200-300 square feet. When you ask for a building permit, we ask for more than what you have in mind to build initially.
The house is planned to be ready for next winter, but there is still no concrete date. And it will probably take even longer before the surrounding area is clear. Besides the house there will be a garden, a pool that is meant to be shared with the royal couple and a carport. Eriksson says that it has been a tough winter with lots of snow. They probably want to move in as soon as possible, they will probably be able to move in next summer.
Borgholms councilor, Lisbeth Lennartsson says that people in Borgholm are excited to have the royal family here and thinks it is important that they can be private.
Här är sessans sommarparadis Leva & bo Heminredning Allt för Hus & Hem Expressen
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Leo Eriksson, the Director of Administration of Solliden,who is also the city architect of Borgholm's municipality, told in Svensk Damtidning some weeks ago that Solliden is more a nordic villa with a big hall surrounded by rooms. There has been very few renovations, an exception is the guest bathroom princess Sibylla ordered to be done. Eriksson says that the palace is very simple. It is well done, well planned and it works even for a modern family. Eriksson estimates that according to the ground plan the size is about 400 square metres, but when you take away the thick tile walls, corridors with angles, tile stoves and stairs, the living space is less that 200 square metres. They almost never use the representation stairs, but the royal family goes by the stairs the servants used before. Eriksson planned the bath house which was a 40th birthday present for the king. Other architects were involved but no one but Eriksson understood the wishes of the royal couple so well as him. Eriksson has grown up near Solliden, so he understands the simplicity of the whole palace area. The bath house is important for the royal family. Eriksson says that the security of the royal family in Solliden became much more strict after the murder of Olof Palme, and the royal family doesn't like it, but so it is.
Before their own house was ready, Victoria and Daniel have geen staying at "Kavaljersflygeln", a over 110 years old wooden house with three floors. The royal family stays there at the winter when they visit Solliden, because it is much easier to heat than the Solliden Palace.
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Some photos from Sollden
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A german TV-program from few years ago, by royal expert Rolf Seelman-Eggebert. It tells about Öland, and you can see much Solliden garden and outside the Palace. Solliden comes to the video at 6.00 and is shown through the program.

Great photos from Solliden at this blog, taken on Victoria's birthday on Monday.
La Villa Solliden et son parc
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The gardens are spectacular and the villa/grounds have an Italianesque look to them.
What a truly beautiful place:ohmy: and I so love those gardens. What lovely gardens, what a place to wonder and find joy in nature. Wonder if they need a gardner.......This is heaven on earth for me, I so love gardens and flowers and grass and dirt and thorns and all that nature has to offer.
What a truly beautiful place:ohmy: and I so love those gardens. What lovely gardens, what a place to wonder and find joy in nature. Wonder if they need a gardner.......This is heaven on earth for me, I so love gardens and flowers and grass and dirt and thorns and all that nature has to offer.

Yes, it is a lovely place, for visitors. And family when the park isn't open. The park is open May 15 – Sept 15 from 11 am to 6 pm. And if the royal family don't want to get photographed, they stay at the Palace or spend the day at the boathouse at the shore. And Victoria and Daniel at their own house of course.
Taken in June at the garden of Solliden

Kavaljershuset, where Victoria and Daniel used to stay before their own house was ready. The guests of the family stay there and Carl Philip and Sofia are staying there according to Svensk Damtidning. This is an old photo taken by queen Victoria. Since it is a private building, there aren't many photos of it.
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Is this the other of Solliden Slott? Instagram
It looks like it but we don't see this side very often so I was not sure.
I'd imagine its very picturesque there now with autumnal colours with all that woodland and forests.
At Solliden, like in the whole Öland, is on 8th-10th May "Öland Spirar!" Weekend. The visitors have been let in to some private parts of the park, which is not normally open to visitors. They show the private orchard, greenhouses and beekeeping. Also guided tours have been arranged during the weekend.
At Kaffetorpet the spring menu and homemade pastries from their own bakery is served. The Gift Shop is filled with this year's novelties.
Instagram photo by @sollidensslott | Iconosquare
Instagram photo by @sollidensslott | Iconosquare
Instagram photo by @sollidensslott | Iconosquare
Instagram photo by @sollidensslott | Iconosquare
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Anna Schibli, Director of Tourism at Solliden Palace has given a mission to Charlotte Rosén and Susanna Stenborg to do an essay about the Solliden Palace.
The thesis aims to investigate the image that Solliden Palace has, and the picture that local regional tourist offices have of the Sollidens Castle brand and what position Solliden include in these markets.
The essay is mainly in swedish. Anna Schibli has been interviewed and she has said that even though a lot of people visit Solliden every year, there should be more visitors because Solliden is a well-known brand, that is why she has given this mission to Rosén and Stenborg. The essay is dated 27th May 2015.

Anna Schibli started as the Director of Tourism of Solliden for three years ago. Her most important task is to ensure that the visitors enjoy, in addition to taking strategic and economic decisions and be responsible for the company. Schibli tells that she wants Solliden be perceived as a place where it happens a lot, there's something for everyone, so visitors stay longer on the site. Schibli explains, however, that she believes that most tourists have a fairly uncertain picture of Solliden Palace, that they are unsure of what they get. The past three years, there has been a business development at Solliden, where they have tried to analyze everything they have done well and what has not been done so well, and developed a number of new events during the summer season.
One thing that is important to consider, Schibli says, is partly that the visitors enjoy their stay and have a good time, but also that the Royal Family must thrive on Solliden. If the royal family don't have a good time in Solliden, so that they would not like staying at Solliden, which would lead to that Solliden only has a park.
Östra Småland has an article "The king is losing millions in Solliden", but you can only read it if you pay. The king has lost more than four millions in the last two years at his wholly-owned company that runs Solliden. The company runs among other things Kaffetorpet and souvenir sales.
Ny miljonförlust för kungen på Solliden - Östra Småland

Running Solliden is not profitable at the moment, the costs are higher than income.

Gorgeous photos from the Solliden garden, from Solliden Palace Facebook

Solliden Palace and it's garden are gorgeous places. It is great that the staff of the Palace has started publishing photos of the garden regularly so that we who can't travel there, can see how it looks and how wonderful the park is.
Album from the Palace Facebook, the english garden, the tulip tree is blooming.
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Solliden is owned by the king. Who would inherit it when he passes? Would it go to Victoria because she would be the new sovereign?
:previous: I suppose more logical is to inherit Victoria. But i don't understad why make her own summer house there?
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