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Feb 20, 2003
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Princess Sayako visited the Aichi Expo on Aug. 1, 2005.

#1: NNN news
#2: FNN News
#3: NHK news
#4: Kyodo news
#5: Mainichi News
#6-8: Newscom
#9-10: Official Expo website


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More photos from her visit to Aichi Expo
#1:larger pic from mainichi news
#2: pic of her visit from today Aug. 2 (Mainichi News)
#3: Aug.1 at the Ireland Pavillion-pic from Yomiuri news
#4: FNN news
#5-10: Yomiuri news
#5-7: Aug 1
#8-10: Aug 2


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Princess Sayako is doing really good on her Royal duty.
But i have an opinion about her is that i do not know why but she looks really much like teenagers not really like an adult.I know it's silly idea but....
Its very nice picture about PRINCESS SAYAKO in Aichi expo,its very pity that she
loss her title after her marriage.
In mine country Indonesian , our princess don't loss their title after marriage.:)
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#1: Mainichi news-Aug 2 at Aichi Expo
#2-3: (Newscom)
#2: Aug. 2 Visit at the Joint Central Asian Pavillion
#3: Aug. 3 Visit at the Joint Central American Pavillion
#4-10 Yomiuri News
#4: Aug. 2
#5-10: Aug. 3


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From the Offical Expo Website

#1, 9: Aug 1
#1: Ireland Pavillion
#2-5: Aug 2
#2:Iran Pavillion
#3: Joint Central Asian Pavillion
#4: Visiting the mammoth exhibition
#5: South Africa Pavillion
#6-8: Aug 3
#6: Joint Central American Pavillion


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princess Sayako looked at the Kabuki(traditional theatricals of Japan) which children performed. August 28 2005 in Chiyoda, Tokyo (kyodo news)


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From Newscom

Princess Sayako speaks with kindergarten children on arrival in Minamimaki Village in Nagano Prefecture with Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko on Aug. 29.


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An employee of Japanese toy giant Takara displays a teddy bear with a tiara, called "Princess Teddy", produced by German teddy bear maker Margarete Steiff, 22 August 2005, in Tokyo. The teddy bear, produced for the celebration of the wedding of Japanese Princess Sayako in November, will go on sale in October with a price of 38,000 yen (345 USD) for the 1,500 limited editions in Japan.
From Newscom


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Princess Sayako attended a gathering with her former Gakushin high school and university classmates at the Tokyo Imperial Hotel on Sept 18, 2005.
Photo from NNN news


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kei893265 said:
princess Sayako looked at the Kabuki(traditional theatricals of Japan) which children performed. August 28 2005 in Chiyoda, Tokyo (kyodo news)

More photos of the same event from Yomiuri news


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I wonder if there was a symbolic reason for the choice of the gray dress when she went to her grandparents' graves.
Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but I am not that familiar with the Japanese Royal Family.
I know Princess Sayako will leave the Imperial Household when she marries but would Princess Sayako get a inheritence whenever the Emperor passes on? Like from a will that he leaves behind? Can the Emperor help her out at all (financially) from his own pocket? I was just wondering.
who will design the princess's wedding gown? will she dress only in a traditional japanese wedding gown?
Lady Jennifer said:
Sorry if this sounds like a stupid question but I am not that familiar with the Japanese Royal Family.
I know Princess Sayako will leave the Imperial Household when she marries but would Princess Sayako get a inheritence whenever the Emperor passes on? Like from a will that he leaves behind? Can the Emperor help her out at all (financially) from his own pocket? I was just wondering.

This is my first post- I've been lurking for almost a year and a half! :D

Lady Jennifer, I was wondering that, too. I read about the issues concerning her cash benefit once she leaves the family but I don't know what she gets beyond that. Do the empereror and empress have private assets that they control?

I hope Sayako adjusts well to life as a commoner. If her access to the royal family will be as restricted as I've read about (in this forum and in the news media), will she learn about events that affect the imperial family before or with the rest of the public?
I dont know very well about the impreial family finances but I know that Princess Sayako can get the emperor's inheritance (She has a just legal right), and after Princess gets married, the Emperor can substantially(all) help to her.
Thanks for the reply kei893265. The way they make it sound in the newspaper(s) is that she will never see her family again...basically a persona non grata (sp?). I mean I know she is no longer a member of the Imperial Family, but it almost sounds like she will have no contact with anyone in her family (from the way the articles are written)...I know parents normally don't turn away from their kids so it is very rare. I'm sure her family & even his family will help her along the way....does she have any relatives on her mother's side of the family that she could learn from (the commoner way of life)?
Princess learns to be 'ordinary' for her new life
:) Her mother Empress Michiko has one older and one younger brother and one younger sister.
The Family name of Empres Michiko before her marriage was (Shoda).
May be their can help Princess Sayako living as a commoner.
H.M.Empress Michiko has contact with her family after her marriage.But not so much,in a wedding ceremony in her Family (Shoda) she was attended and others ceremony.
In coronation of Emperor Akihito Nov.1990 is the two sister of Emperor was attended.

In her wedding day Nov.15 is her parents H.M Emperor Akihito and H.M Empress Michiko attended at the ceremony
wedding in the Palace and reception at the Imperial Hotel.("In the past") the Emperor and Empress never attended at the reception if their daugthers marriage, their will be ignore.

H.M.Emperor Akihito breaks wedding tradition of the Palace to be attended his daugther marriage.

I hope that Princess Sayako gets more contact with her Family in the future.
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Hello, Lady Jennifer. please don't worry.
As far as I know, there is not a princess who did not contact with her parents after marriage. And she is very friendly with her family, especially her mother. so I think that she will certainly meet her family.
The emperor's sister too met her parents many times. But that is seldom reported, because maybe it is private news. And even when there is the emperor with his family, Japanese media don't often tell about them. The persons who don't know them think that it probably turns out that it is only just friends. The newspapers which wrote the articles may be misunderstanding from those situations.
She has good understanding persons and supporters with the same life as her - was born as a princess and became the new commoner after marriage - She met those persons (her aunt on father's side) again and again in order to learn about the commoner way.
I believe that many people help her new life. thanks.

hello ropura, thanks for good information! (I'm poor at English..)
you very have H.M.Empress Michiko's detailed knowledge.
:) Its my Pleasure,Thank you Kei.

Princess Sayako visiting an exhitbion publishing the results of the John Gould's Bird studies she had also been participated at the Tawagama University on Oct. 22, 2005.
She worked as a research assitance and then as a researcher at the Yamashina Institute for Ornithology from 1992-2005.
#1: Kyodo news
#2: NHK news
#3: NNN news-video-
#4: TBS news-video-
#5,7: FNN news
#6: ANN news

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Princess Nori views exhibition on her upcoming book


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Princess Sayako finally passed her driver's license test on Oct. 21, 2005.
#1: FNN news
#2: ANN news


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