Savoy and Savoy-Aosta: Restoration, Succession, Heirs and Conflicts 1: Ending 2022

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Dec 28, 2003
will someone please explain what happened between the duke of savoy and his cousin the duke of aosta at the wedding festivities in spain. did they actully "duke" it out in front of half the gotha.
What? I don't remember hearing of this! It will be interesting to find out!
hi chanel, if you go to the franco-iberian message board they have info but it's in italian which i dont speak. aparently queen anne-marie and the infanta elena had to help the duke ofaosta in some way. i think he may have been hurt in some way. i hope one of our fellow posters can translate.
just what you need at a wedding!! I will try to translate what happened--I speak Spanish and French, I can probably get the gist of it!

I went to the Franco/Iberian message board and apparently there was a fight between Vittorio Emanuele and his cousin the Duke of Aosta. From what I could tell, the blame is being placed on Vittorio Emanuele for attacking his cousin and that the Royal ladies had to clean and apply ice to the Duke of Aosta's head. I could not make out why this happened, but some people were quoted as saying Vittorio Emanuele is "crazy" and "thank god he didn't have a gun with him".

If there are any Italian speakers, please help along my translation!!
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OMG! That is insane. Why can't these two men just live in perfect harmony mind you! And why on earth would two men of such rank do such a thing at a wedding of all places. Don't they have enough time and room at home and off time to do such. Incidently they should not be doing this at all. They are both jelous men it seems - jelous of eachother.... and the fact that neither if any is running the italian monarchy or the hopes of restoring it.... it would be great to know what exactly happened.

Thank You for the 411!

Victor-Emanuel! Shame, shame. :) He does look rather short-tempered...what a sight that would have been! Poor Aosta...guess we know who is tougher...poor Anne-Marie, a nurse...
It may have been unprovoked. I heard about the altercation this morning from a guest at the wedding. Vittorio Emanuele puncheo Deo (the family name for Amadeo Aosta, whose mother, by the way, was Pss Irene of Greece.) The Duke of Aosta and Queen Sofia are first cousins.
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Thank you Marlene for adding the information. Gee, I am jealous-you know someone who attended the wedding???
Originally posted by tiaraprin@May 28th, 2004 - 9:36 am
Thank you Marlene for adding the information. Gee, I am jealous-you know someone who attended the wedding???

Yes, I do know several guests at the wedding. I write about royalty and queen victoria's descendants in particular.
From what I read it was a nose bleed, calling it a blow to the head is a bit misleading. If it was a blow to any other part of his head other than his nose then no doubt more than ice would have been needed and probably a medic rather than Queen Anne-Marie would have been called to assist more extensively. Trying to read the full account and some people's translation of it, it seems these two had conversations in private some time before after arriving for the wedding. Perhaps those conversations might have made relations even worse between them rather than better and Prince Vittorio Emanuele took his cousin's slap on his back as a mocking gesture. Not that that is any excuse for responding with violence...of course
Here´s an article about it all:

There's always one at every wedding - the embarrassing guest who
causes a scene.
Even, it appears, at the royal marriage of the decade.

According to Italian media reports, last weekend's wedding of Prince
Felipe and Princess Letizia of Spain ended in a punch-up which left
an Italian aristocrat nursing bruised lips.

Leaving a dinner given by King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia on the
evening of their son's nuptials, the heir to the Italian throne,
Prince Vittorio Emanuele, was said to have hit his cousin and rival,
Duke Amedeo, on the steps of the Spanish royal residence.

One report said the Duke was twice punched in the mouth and would
have fallen to the ground had he not been caught by deposed Queen
Anne-Marie of Greece.

The daily, La Repubblica, said Duke Amedeo was then helped inside
the Zarzuela palace, where an unidentified Arab potentate applied an
ice pack to his bruised lips.

On learning of the affray, King Juan Carlos was said to have
stormed "Nunca más" (Never again) - apparently in reference to the
Italian's chances of a further invitation.

Duke Amedeo did not deny the attack. The newspaper La Stampa quoted
him as saying it was "an unpleasant business that does not deserve
further comment". The incident was the latest scandal in the life of
Prince Vittorio Emanuele, who returned to Italy last year after 57
years in exile.

In 1991, he was acquitted of manslaughter by a French court for an
incident 13 years earlier in which he fired a rifle from his yacht
off Corsica, fatally wounding a German tourist.

The prince renounced all claims to the throne as part of the deal
that allowed him back into Italy - a move that dismayed the
country's dwindling band of monarchists and prompted many to switch
their allegiance to Duke Amedeo.
Originally posted by Dennism
Oh dear! :eek: I know essentially that royals are human like the rest of us but I credit them with a little more restraint and more decorum. :p One could only guess what led to that! :lol:
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I translated an article on the Spanish Royal Wedding thread about this and gave backround info on the Italian Royals.
Who would be a better king for Italy?

If the kingdom of Italy would be restored in the next time, who do you think would be the better king for Italy? Prince Aimone of Savoy, Duke of Apulia or Prince Emanuele Filiberto of Savoy? And why?
Neither, Because so far none has a male heir. And I think that both will be influnced by their fathers. I also think their should be peace in that family, and if one becomes King, the other wont let their be peace.
Could we chose a women to be queen? Or cant women assend the throne
Although they are both still young, and Emanuele Filiberto is married with two small daughters, although his wife is 38, and starting to get too old for more children (although Infanta Cristina and Princess Alexia both had children in their early 40s, so there may yet be hope)

Prince Aimone seems like a decent man, and I suppose he and Princess Olga are still engaged, so if they decide to ever get a move on and get married, Olga is still 35, so she could still potentially have some male heirs. That is, if she and Aimone ever get married!:bang:
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Of course Prince Emanuele Filiberto is the rightful heir of italian throne "after his father".Although I'm not fond of Vittorio Emanuele,I think his son EF is very respectful and responsible man.
I'm not also fond of Duke of Aosta "both he and Vittorio Emanuele are worse than each other"but maybe Prince Aimone is better than his father.
Restoration of the Monarchy

I wonder too about their plans to settle in Italy. I wonder as well how the Italians really feel about that branch of the family with the Duke of Aosta on the other side living in Italy and speaking Italian and apart from his divorce and remarriage he leads a quiet scandal free life.
I do not believe Italy is ready to restore the monarchy but even if they do do you believe E.F will be the choice?
As I said many a time already, the Italians do not care a bit about the Prince of Venice, and his parents. Neither do they care about the Duke of Aosta.
Why should we restore the monarchy? This country has a lot more serious problems to solve. Bad economy to start with...
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It was just a question in my mind. I read interviews E F gave before and of course if you hear him tell the tale the Italians adore him. Then there are these pesky questions about his father's alleged activities and the run for the Senate (?) EF made a few months back.
Personally I do not see any of the deposed monarchies being restored and as you said between illegal immigration, bad economy,social issues and other problems none of these countries need additional divisive issues.
In the Italian aristocrats and monarchists clubs you can sometimes hear these words: "The last Savoia died in 1983". we refer to HM King Umberto II, he was the last male member of our Royal family with a Royal behaviour...At that time I was monarchist too (for family tradition) but after the death of King Umberto I changed my mind. Republic is very good and it will not change.
Emanuele Filiberto is trying to do better than his father but anyway his behavious is not the one of a King.
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You are not the only one who feels this way and this is not only for Italy. A lot of deposed monarchs kept their mouths shut and their dignity intact, then their children became or married celebrities who "compete" for magazine covers with the starlets.
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Sad that these two branches have problems in between each other and their related.Let's hope that these people can make peace. Because like they say blood is thicker than water.
I have a question : the future baby will be the fruit of an equal union?
His/ her mother wasn't a RH before the wedding. Herself fruit of morganatic marriage, she's "just" Olga de Greece (de Greece as surname like Louis de Luxembourg's son's surname de Nassau), without official tittles, with the nickname "Princess Olga" by courtesy . She's listed as an aristocrat.
It's a shame! She's more greek princess by looks, blood, mind, education, sincerity... than the Princess of Manhattan Marie-Chantal.
You certainly have a good point here :flowers: But don't forget that there are so many examples of Princes/Princesses,who have a parent who is a commoner:prince Albert,Princesses Caroline and Stephanie,Leonor and Sophia,Q.Rania's children,Maxima's children etc.And we are talking about Princes/esses widely known,that get so much attention by the media all the time,much more than Olga.At least Olga is a daughter of a real Prince,a man that could have been a King,and a great-grandaughter of a King and Queen-George I and Olga.And she's also a Princess by marriage.Of course,they come from families that have been deposed and all these titles are not recognised by modern democratic countries-like Greece or France-but Olga has the right to claim that she belongs to royalty.Her title(s) and royal bloodline is recognised and respected among the royal circles.Marie-Chantal is another story,she has nothing to do with all these things.Her title-Princess-has been given to her only by the media ;) Let's just say that she has made great PR through the years :whistling:
So it's not important for Italian royal family that former King Constantine II (but in 1965 he was King) didn't allow Prince Michel's descendants (daughters Olga and Alexandra) to bear the style ofRoyal Highness and the title Prince or Princess of Denmark? that Olga wasn't HRH Princess Olga of Greece (and Denmark) but only Princess Olga of Greece, morganatic daughter of HRH Prince Michel of Greece? They needn't a HRH or a HIH (or daughter of regnant HSH) for Aimone's wife?
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