Saudi Princesses

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princess sarah father and uncil passed away a couple of years ago..
sarah was engaged to prince talal 6 years ago and got married in may
How old is Princess Sarah? & if she is already married (according to lady blue above my post), is this more like an after wedding party?
she is 26yrs old... i cn post pictures of the mens wedding if you like she has 2 brothers sultan 1982 ,sarah 1984, ahmed (i cnt remember when but he is in college)
reem (still in school/ when her dad died she was 9)
i don't get it....she is divorced from her first husband or what?
or this is an after wedding party like Dazzling said?
she never got married bfor!!! this is her first marriege
there is no bachlorete party or any party
HRH Princess Adila Daughter of Saudi King Abdullah.

She is currently the most influential person in SA when it comes to women rights and progression. King Abdullah is known for his support of women and Princess Adila is known to be his number one consultant in that subject.
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so this the famous Princess Adila nice to see photos of her she is a charming lady.
Why are there so many Saudi Princes and Princess'? What kind of system is in place that allows such an influx of people allowed to call themselves a Prince?
Why are there so many Saudi Princes and Princess'? What kind of system is in place that allows such an influx of people allowed to call themselves a Prince?

This topic has been discussed here.:)

According to "The Kingdom: Arabia and the House of Sa'ud" by Robert Lacey, "Male members of the House of Sa'ud are known as "emirs", and this is usually translated as prince." The House of Sa'ud includes all male-line descendants of Muhammad ibn Sa'ud, the tribal ruler of the Eighteenth Century who first adopted Wahhabi'ism, and not to Abdul Aziz ibn Sa'ud, the founder of the modern Kingdom of Sa'udi Arabia. So there are many thousands of princes of the royal house, mostly in positions of wealth and influence. However, so far as I know, the title is not for sale.
"Prince" was used in a similar manner in czarist Russia, although again this is a matter of translation, as discussed here. The title originally referred to any descendant of Prince Rurik, so there were many princes, as for example Prince Andrei in War and Peace. After the time of Peter the Great, however, it could also be granted by the czar like an English peerage. This "debasement", to my knowledge, has not happened in Sa'udi Arabia.
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Saudi Gazette - Sultana, wife of Riyadh Emir, passes away
Princess Sultana Bint Turki Bin Ahmad Al-Sudairi, wife of Prince Salman Bin Abdul Aziz, Emir of Riyadh region, passed away on the eve of Ramadan due to a disease she was suffering from a long time. She was 71.

Kingdom mourns loss of philanthropist princess - Arab News

Princess Sultana had supported the Prince Fahd bin Salman Charitable Society for the Care of Kidney Patients and other charitable organizations in the country. She was known for her noble qualities and support for the poor and needy.

According to Khaled Al-Malik, editor in chief of Al-Jazirah Arabic daily, Prince Salman had loved Princess Sultana very much as they lived together several years. She had given birth to his sons Fahd, Ahmed, Abdul Aziz, Sultan and Faisal and daughter Hessa.

“Princess Sultana was his friend and life partner and they shared the same noble qualities of giving and helping others. He had beautiful memories of their life together,” Al-Malik wrote in the paper. He said Prince Salman was deeply shocked by the death of the princess, which came following the deaths of his sons Prince Fahd and Prince Ahmed.

Condolences were offered to Prince Salman, Prince Sultan bin Salman, chairman of the Saudi Commission for Tourism and Antiquities, Prince Abdul Aziz bin Salman, deputy minister of petroleum and mineral resources, Prince Faisal bin Salman, chairman of SRMG [Saudi Research & Marketing Group], and Princess Hessa bint Salman as well as to the sons and daughters of Prince Fahd bin Salman and Prince Ahmed bin Salman.
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she a wonderful woman ... and a great princess/ also she is the grandmother of sarah bint fahad who we were talking about befro
Her mother was not Turkish her grandmother was that is why Princess Effat Al Thunyan Al Saud was raised in Turkey.
They had their "milka" in May. A milka is the signing of the wedding contract under islamic law. They had the wedding ceremony in June
Princess Muneerah bint Abdulaziz bin Musaed bin Juluwe, mother of Prince Khalid bin Sultan passed away, Royal Court announces.
saudi Press agency

she is the Crown Prince wife.
Saudi Arabia's Princess Maha al-Sudairi, wife of Saudi interior minister Prince Nayef, hit the shops this week, apparently purchasing about $20,000 worth of glassware and silverware at D. King Irwin in New York City's Midtown neighborhood.
Last summer, several Parisian shops claimed the profligate Princess owed them money for unpaid-for luxury goods, including $100,000 of lingerie at Aux Caprices de Lili, an intimates shop across from the George V hotel, where the Princess was staying. At the time, the store's owner lamented to The Times of London, "We feel that we are fighting alone against the second biggest fortune of Saudi Arabia.
It's crazy—they cut off the hands of thieves there for stealing a loaf of bread but she comes to Europe and thinks she can get away with anything." - Vanity Fair

we dnt cut off hands for a loaf of bread!! plz dnt watch alladdin and think thats the case..
#2 princess Maha was not in new york she was ill for some time...
if she does not pay why on earth would they let her leave the shop with the goods?? i'm sure its because she is a good costumer
plz just because you hear gossip doesnt make it true
LOL i saw that. What a shame: Not paying her bills on time, it's not like she doesnt have money :whistling:
And, no it was not just Gossips! I remember, even the saudi ambassador refused to pay the bills for her, he said his job in France is not to pay others bills lol then finally her husband paid for her :D
Here the video:
Maha al-Sudairi Sued By French Retailers For Unpaid Shopping Bills - YouTube
Princess Muneerah Bint Abdul Aziz Bin Musaed Bin Juluwe, a senior of three wives of the Crown Prince Sultan Bin Abdul Aziz al-Saud and the mother of Prince Khaled Bin Sultan (Assistant Minister of Defense and Aviation), died in a hospital in Paris on August 24th, 2011, aged 80.
According to the statement, the princess was suffering from an illness. Funeral prayer will be performed Friday after Asr prayer in Riyadh at Imam Turki Bin Abdullah Mosque. - Source
PressTV - Princess accuses Riyadh of corruption
Saudi Princess Basma bint Saud has accused the Riyadh regime of corruption, saying a vast majority of the Persian Gulf country's population are living in poverty.
The princess, a niece of King Abdullah and a social activist and prominent supporter of women's rights in Saudi Arabia, has said that some 95 percent of the country live below the country's poverty-line and have no access to water and electricity.
This is while the remaining five percent enjoy the country's wealth.
She also accused Saudi officials of pocketing more than USD 21 billion that were supposed to be invested in order to expand the holy mosque in Mecca.
Saudi princess: We wrongfully intervened in Bahrain
Princess Basma daughter of Saud bin Abdul Aziz warned of western intervention that is trying to target the region and its natural resources and its Islamic history and identity.
She considered that international pressure will not affect the peoples’ revolutions.
Princess Basma Bint Saud Bin Abdul Aziz

The Acton princess leading the fight for Saudi freedom - News - People - The Independent
HRH Princess Basma Bint Saud Bin Abdul Aziz is one of the more unlikely critics of the élite that runs Saudi Arabia.
The oil state boasts a 15,000-strong royal family but it is rare for a voice from within its ranks to become part of the growing clamour for reform in the desert kingdom.
As the youngest daughter of the country's second king and niece to its current ruler, she is from the highest echelons of the Saudi monarchy.
Just as her privileged status gives her considerable authority in the debate about change, so this carefully dissenting royal has much to lose if her actions incur the displeasure of Saudi Arabia's ultra-conservative regime.

Saudi Princess: 'Our Religious Police Has The Most Dangerous Effect On Society' | ThinkProgress
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who's daughters are these?

Ok I recently came across Layann Al Saud who is pictured with the Jackson children and her mother is Princess Dalal Al Saud....who's is their father? I know that she has a sister. I am curious to know who the male Al Saud family member is they are supposed to be related to? Anyone know?

Here is a website I found and on their twitters it says their mother as being Princess Dalal....and its not the one Al Waleed was married too because this woman is British. Thanks

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:ermm: She did the same in 2009,
why doesn't she pay her bills?
I heard that her ex-husband stopped paying for her expensive lifestyle
Good lord $5 million dollars! AOL News is saying its 7.4 Mill. This woman's spending is totally out of control. Its disgusting.
The excessive spending by people like this is disgusting.
:ermm: She did the same in 2009,
why doesn't she pay her bills?
I heard that her ex-husband stopped paying for her expensive lifestyle

If he did, then she should start living with what she can spend.
you're right Dazzling,I can't believe she need to spend 5 million for her lifestyle and she don"t even have that money people usually live with less than that:eek:
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