Classism and misogyny

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Oct 19, 2018
Some 20 years ago, people expected most elligible royal bachelors such as William, Albert or Phillipe to marry a girl similar in rank or at least a member of higher echelons of society. Someone like Charlotte of Monaco. Or Madeleine of Sweden. One of their lesser known german cousins. Names of Ivanka Trump, Lauren Bush or Hearst sisters were thrown around.
But they disappointed us.

Current crop of royal princes and dukes have largely married commoner women.While I respect reasonable criticism of someone's character or work ethic , the over-the-top vitrio and hatred that started popping out all over social media has entered beyond the pale.

Seriously , why do commoner princesses make us so enraged? Did they personaly steal Carl Phillipe or William from other girls?
When media breaks news of prince eloping with Average Jane, people start projecting thir wishes and expectations on these women. In order to make up for their lack of breeding and great family name, commoner girls are supposed to be mixture of Angelina Jolie, Mother Theresa, Elon Musk and Nelson Mandela. Pretty , but not overtly sexual. No previous marriages or kids. They should graduate from top universities yet according to royal watchers they should never get too political or opinionated .They should enjoy shooting goose in countryside as much as opera. They should pay equal attention to pensioners and wounded soldiers who have served in Afghanistan. And they are of course supposed to be very maternal and huggy-huggy with little kids which shows they will be good mothers to heir and spare they will bear one day. And keep being solemn and proper on public engagements while demurely smiling to their spouses.

Of course such carismathic female specimens should never outcharm their husbands of mothers-in-law, always properly walking three steps behind in public. We want them to forgo their privacy and share every moment of their life on Instagram, while complaining how modern royalty has lost its magic.
They are not supposed to be part of entertainment industry. It's acceptable of Theodora of Greece to work as an actress or Charlotte of Monaco to model for Gucci, yet for an Average Jane it's a mark of loose morality.
When Daniel pats Victoria on the back it's a sign of love and affection. But Kate Middleton caught topless with her husband on vacation_ oh my God, what a Jezebel...:ohmy:
The moment commoner girl announces pregnancy conspiracy theorist start coming out of woodwork.The very thought that future heirs will come out of non-royal womb makes pearl –clutchers seeth with rage. It's surogacy or IVF. Little Archie is probaly the first royal child in history accused of being a doll.
Funny how nobody questioned pregnancies of Zarah Phillips and Princesses Madeleine and Victoria.;)

Everytime they wear expensive gown or ruby tiara Daily Mail will remind the public of how much it costs. Coz, how dare these granddaughters of coal miners and taxi drivers forget their place and think they are princesses of the blood.

Before Harry met Meghan his fans were writing that he should marry a doctoress or pilot, or environment scientist. That's the thing that buggs me: why do we want such intelligent and hard-working women to leave their careers and turn into ribbon-cutting and platitude –uttering Stepford wives ?
What does it say about values of women who make up a large part of royal watchers: that good marriage trumps education and female empowerment?
Princesses of royal blood also receive their share of criticism and hate. God forbid they fail to fullfill the first requirement; beauty.
Remember how Beatrice and Eugenie were taunted for their looks? And later for the sins of their parents?

Media expects princesses of blood to ebmbody the fairy-tale fantasy: outworldy beautiful girl who rides on the horse , properly dressed in riding uniform. Being modern for the amusement of the masses and traditional for the royalists seems an insurmountable task.

The most rebellious thing these girls can do is going to rock concert.:eek: Or wearing a funny hat to a cousin's wedding. Can you imagine the reaction of tabloids and opinuon makers if princess Eugenie was caught naked in Las Vegas hotel with her boyfriend? She would have been ripped-apart unlike her cousin Harry.
Imagine if little Charlotte decided to leave RF one day and go live in Africa and work as a veterinarian? Or what if Leonor decied to marry her girlfriend?
The Keepers and Watchers of Royal Dignity would never forgive them.
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