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Rare photo of the real Princess Masha'il

taken a few days before she ran away and about 2 weeks before her execution... dancing at a party in the royal palace (from a private collection of one who knew her):

(she is the one in the light blouse)

not many people know that also two armenian air hostess for Saudia Airlines were ambushed and shot in a car in jeddah, as they helped facilitated the escape
Saudi Arabia's Princess Maha al-Sudairi, wife of Saudi interior minister Prince Nayef, hit the shops this week, apparently purchasing about $20,000 worth of glassware and silverware at D. King Irwin in New York City's Midtown neighborhood.
Last summer, several Parisian shops claimed the profligate Princess owed them money for unpaid-for luxury goods, including $100,000 of lingerie at Aux Caprices de Lili, an intimates shop across from the George V hotel, where the Princess was staying. At the time, the store's owner lamented to The Times of London, "We feel that we are fighting alone against the second biggest fortune of Saudi Arabia.
It's crazy—they cut off the hands of thieves there for stealing a loaf of bread but she comes to Europe and thinks she can get away with anything." - Vanity Fair
we dnt cut off hands for a loaf of bread!! plz dnt watch alladdin and think thats the case..
#2 princess Maha was not in new york she was ill for some time...
if she does not pay why on earth would they let her leave the shop with the goods?? i'm sure its because she is a good costumer
plz just because you hear gossip doesnt make it true
HRH Princess Loolwah Al Faisal, will deliver an opening speech at the Kingdom Women in Leadership (WIL) Forum in Jeddah. HRH, vice chair and general supervisor of the board of trustees, Effat University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has also announced her patronage of the Forum to be held 7 - 8 December. - Full article
I don't know about u guys, but I think that Princess Amira (she is married to Alaweed) is the most beautiful woman in the world!
HRH Princess Loolwah Al Faisal, will deliver an opening speech at the Kingdom Women in Leadership (WIL) Forum in Jeddah. HRH, vice chair and general supervisor of the board of trustees, Effat University, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has also announced her patronage of the Forum to be held 7 - 8 December. - Full article

Does she give speeches yearly at the forum? I do recall seeing her give a speech and attending a few years ago.
HH the Princess Loolwah al-Faisal offers support to women's leadership forum - Arab News

JEDDAH: Princess Lolowah Al-Faisal, vice chair and general supervisor of the board of trustees of Effat University, has announced her support for the Kingdom Women In Leadership (WIL) forum to be held at Park Hyatt in Jeddah in December.

The groundbreaking forum, organized by business information company naseba in partnership with the STAR Group (Saudi Trading and Resources Co. Ltd), is an event dedicated to women and their development in the community. It will unite an inspirational line-up of influential women from across the Kingdom to discuss and celebrate their emerging role in society.

Princess Lolowah has agreed to deliver the opening speech of the two-day forum on Dec. 7-8. “This is an excellent opportunity to create economic round-tables where women can examine their role in the economy and develop entrepreneurial skills as well as their input in family businesses. I truly believe that forums such as this will help pave the way for the future of women in the Kingdom,” she said.

The forum is based on five essential pillars, all central to the development of women in leadership in Saudi Arabia: government, finance, knowledge, commercialization and support. Based on these elements, the forum will touch on a number of topics to outline success strategies for women in entrepreneurship and family business.
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Cocaine worth £6m found in flat near Nicolas Sarkozy's home

Some 111 kilograms (17st) of the illegal drug was seized by police in the Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine.
The flat belongs to Princess Norah Bint Abdulaziz, a Saudi Arabian Princess, who is said to have known nothing about what was going on and visits the flats for no more than two weeks a year.
Police have said she is not a suspect.- Telegraph
The current Kings daughter Princess Alia Bint Abdullah has always been active and people read about her support of women and children in Saudi newspapers regularly. However, the coverage is usually of the events she attends (and not of her personally). Theres many others like her. In a way, it makes their support seem to be more genuine. Sometimes they'd quietly lobby in support of an issue if its controversial. Whenever theres public apperance it usually cant be avioded or is done as a publicity stunt to attract the publics attention to the cause. I think their approach is usually more pragmatic.

Although most coverage is in Arabic heres an old article in English to serve as an example of what is published in Saudi newspapers regularly.

Her Royal Highness Princess Alia Bint Abdullah Bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud announced today an effort to educate Saudi parents about the importance of immunizing infants and young children against potentially debilitating, and sometimes fatal, vaccine-preventable diseases. As part of this program, from 9-11 June 2007, healthy younger siblings (6 weeks to 2 years of age) of children who attend the LASTA WAHDAK CHILD DISABILITY CENTER, will be eligible to receive free vaccinations to help protect against pneumococcal disease -- a potentially-life threatening disease that can result in disabilities such as hearing loss, mental retardation and paralysis.1,2

“I believe there is no better legacy we can leave our children than immunity from diseases that can be prevented by available vaccines,” says HRH Princess Alia Bint Abdullah Al Saud. “Vaccination is one of the most effective ways of improving the overall health of Saudi infants and young children, and as parents, we must recognise that we have a responsibility to
help protect our children against potentially devastating and disabling diseases.”
Considered to be among the greatest public health success stories in history, vaccines have resulted in the global eradication of smallpox, the disappearance of measles and polio from parts of the world, and substantial reductions in death and illness attributed to diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis.3,4 However, more than two million children younger than 5 years of age still die each year from vaccine-preventable diseases worldwide.4
In support of HRH Princess Alia Bint Abdullah Al Saud’s effort to raise awareness of vaccine-preventable diseases, Wyeth Pharmaceuticals has donated its vaccine PREVENARTM (Pneumococcal Saccharide Conjugated Vaccine, Adsorbed) for children participating in the free vaccination program at the Disabled Children Association in Jeddah to help protect them against invasive pneumococcal disease (IPD).
The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that pneumococcal disease, which also can cause less serious, noninvasive conditions such as middle ear infection, results in up to 1 million deaths each year in young children around the world.5 Pneumococcal disease remains the number one vaccine-preventable cause of death in children younger than 5 years of age worldwide.4 According to Saudi Arabian MOH data, the incidence of Pneumococcal Meningitis, is estimated to be 6.6 / 100,000 patient population in children below the age of 5 years, which translates to at least 185 cases of pneumococcal meningitis every year, in that age group.
HRH Princess Alia Bint Abdullah Al Saud concludes: “With the dramatic advancement in the provision of healthcare in the Kingdom, we believe that through awareness-building, education and community mobilisation, we will reach a stage where our children are better protected against potentially fatal diseases.”
Saudi Princess visited school in Lancashire

HRH the Princess Loolwah Al-Faisal accepted an invite from bosses at Tauheedul Islam Girls High School to the annual presentation awards ceremony. The princess, who was accompanied by a modest entourage of four staff, took to the stage and gave a lengthy speech to offer words of wisdom for the girls and offer words of wisdom for the future.- Full article
princess luluwa bint faisal - daughter of king faisal, sister to princes saud al faisal (forgein minister) and prince turki al faisal (current ambassador to the us).... she is the head of effat college/university. he mother is turkish.
Actually her mother was Saudi and a member of the Thuniyan branch of the Saudi royal family. Princess Lulwas grandmother was Turkish that is why her mother Queen Effat was raised in Turkey
And of course, in some countries, women have the right to contest what titles they end up with, in a divorce, and the law will refuse to rule - leaving it up to convention or local custom.

In America, if a woman divorces, and has been using her husband's name, she may keep his name or take back her own or use a combination. Of course, we have no titles, but a divorced woman may still keep the title Mrs. or change it to Miss or Ms., there are no hard and fast rules.

It could happen that princesses, elsewhere, would try to decide for themselves what they are to be called, could it not?
Princess Adila, the youngest daughter of the Saudi king Abdullah, has decided to abandon the traditional niqab, the veil that leaves only the eyes uncovered and that has become the symbol of the most conservative form of Islam, and has opted to wear the more modern foulard, which shows all of the woman's face and some of her hair.
The new look chosen by the princess, which has been noted on a number of websites and television channels, has provoked mixed reactions, according to the Middle East Online website. The photo of Princess Adila has been greeted with great hope by Saudi women, who dream of freedom from the ''captivity imposed by men'' and from medieval traditions. Fundamentalists, though, have reacted angrily. - Full article
Good for her. It is time those who have power use it to help those who don't.
well done,she is in position sush gestures mean alot.
I hope that what she did did is a step forward.
Good for her. It is time those who have power use it to help those who don't.

Exactly, I hope this Princess will become a pioneer for women's rights in Saudi Arabia.
@ Kuwait - you are correct, Al-Amoudi is not a ruling family; however, Sara is a Princess. Sara is a Saudi citizen who is the daughter of a prestigious businessmen, she was married into the Al Saud (Saudi ruling family) at the age of 13. It is a known fact that she married a virile male within the family and later left him...for what ever reasons...However, it is not known if her title as Princess has been taken away since she left Saudi Arabia. She may still be a Princess. What is true is she was a Sheika then Princess at one time...:flowers:

Hey guys i was searching for princess Sara and end up finding out that she was adulterous and got preg from a britain guy, anyway not sure what happened but here's the link to the story.
Mohammed Al Amoudi is the richest black man in the World: Adulterous Saudi Princess Sara Al Amoudi Granted Secret British Asylum
Egypt reopens case of dead Saudi princess -
Egypt's public prosecutor is reopening investigations into the mysterious death of the ex-wife of a Saudi prince in August 2010, judicial sources said. The family of Princess Hend al-Fasy, the ex-wife of Prince Turky bin Abdul Aziz filed a report with the prosecutor's office in February demanding that the case be reopened, al-Masri al-Youm reported Thursday.
The family said it had reason to believe a crime resulted in her death at the Movenpick Hotel in Cairo.

More about Princess Hend
King Abdullah wife

As Kuwait said that someone accepted the award on her behalf.
None of King Abdullahs wives have been seen in the press nor his daughters.

King Abdullah's wife can be seen on YouTube. The Turkish press covered her visit to Istanbul.
Princess sahab bunt Abdullah marries

Does anyone have information about women in the Saudi Royal Family? Are they as active as other royals, say like Queen Rania or Sheikha Moza? Why don't we hear about them on the news or see their pictures? I'd love to see some pictures or get news about their activities.
Princess Sahab daughter of King Abdullah of Saudi has married
Prince Khalid son of King Hamad of Bahrain a few weeks ago.
sorry but thats not her!! i know her in person and seen her a million times and that is definatly not her...
also Aadilla is not the kings youngest daughter.. and there are alot of women here royals and non royals who dont wear nikab its not a big shock like you make it seems
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