Sainte Devote Celebration: 2007 - 2024

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I was present at the two ceremonies, after the first evening with the blessing and the burning of the cannot, the princely couple was attending to a firework on the Hercules port.
There was the pontifical mass, Charlene was very beautiful and stunning, a lot of elegance and at the end, the kirche about the cake, the surprising presence of the hereditary prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella

It was a joyfull moment, Gabriella prefered to watch between the pillows of the balcon and we heard them speaking and laughting in the balcony

A very lovely family

Thanks so very much for the in-person first hand observations, much much appreciated. :flowers:

The twins are beyond adorable and it's a joy to watch them grow up before our very eyes. :hug:

ps: funny I dreamt about twins all night long, not these two, but twins in general, very odd, lol. :D
I loved to see the photos and videos of the Sainte Devote celebrations this year. Jacques and Gabriella are always a delight to see, I think these little ones will be a joy to watch through the years. Jacques looks like a little cherub and the interactions between him and Albert were sweet; it's nice to see Albert getting involved with the twins. Gabriella is super cute and seems to have quite a mischievous and playful personality! There was one photo of her where I thought she looked a little like Caroline as well.
Lovely couple, one of my favorites.

They have come a long way and I am very happy to see it!;)
No I've never seen photos of the lunch at the Palace before,there seems to be a lot of clergy present!
Thank you Iceflower for the photos, I knew that there was always an official diner after the mass and the blessing of the palace , there are all the clergy because it is a religious celebration, the official journal of Monaco gave the names of the very important persons of Monaco; there are the ceremonies of the celebrations as the burning of the canot and the pontifical mass but there are events we don't see as the lunch after the firework on january 26th and the official diner after the mass on january 27th
It is a pity there are the watermarks on the photos but we can see when we enlarge the photos
Nice pics, thanks for posting, Iceflower. I particularly like pic 7 where P Charlene is holding the hand of Father Penzo. She seems to be quite fond of him. Also nice pics of the official lunch and of the couple who really seem happy. I wish there could also be some pics of the fireworks in the harbour - they would be spectacular!
The twins hugging each other is really cute...
I'd forgotten about the Sainte Devote celebrations; so it was a really nice surprise to see these photos! Jacques and Gabriella are, as per usual, such little cherubs and I really like this photo as the way they're holding on to each other's fingers just melts my heart. I would love to have twins of my own one day - the bond between them is something special.

Who is the little girl in this photo? I'm guessing she's a de Massy relative, but I don't recognise her.
Always so lovely to see them !!!! Cute as ever !
A very nice surprise to see the adorable twins with their parents for Sainte Devote Celebration !
What a surprise to see the twins at tonight's celebration! They joined their parents in the Chapel just before the end of the service. I was impressed to see how still P Jacques stood when the Anthem played. As if he already understood he needed to be respectful towards it. Looking forward to see them tomorrow again on the balcony.
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Who is the little girl in this photo? I'm guessing she's a de Massy relative, but I don't recognise her.

Prince Alberts cousin,Baroness Elisabeth de Massy and her daughter Melanie were there but I didn't spot any of the other Massy siblings so I'm not sure who that young lady is.
Lovely pictures of the couple on the balcony. But I missed seeing the twins there with them, especially since they were present in previous years.
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Love the photo of the twins hugging, I hope they continue to look that loving with each other.

People on social media are already commenting on how Gabriella looks so much like Princess Grace. I think she definitely looks the most like her grandmother out of all the grandkids. I suppose the only good thing about being born decades after the death of their grandmother is that they can pretty much live their lives out of her shadow now.
The little girl in grey near Charlene and Albert is the granddaughter of Christian de Massy, I don't recall her name, she is the daughter of her daughter, she has a twin brother , there are photos of her holding the hands of Jacques and Gabriella at the national fest

I am attending since a lot of years this ceremony of the burning of the cannot and I can see that there is more and more people attending this religious event, people of Monaco and also tourists, who are coming to attend this event , I recall when Albert was single, there was not a lot of people now we have to come two heours nefore the beginning to have a good place .

The Sainte Devote celebrations is the seconf national event and for the people of Monaco, it is very important

Here is the video of the sainte Dévote ceremony

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Is there any news on the events that take place this weekend? Will it be broadcast live as in previous years?
The Feast Day of Saint Devota is January 27th which is this Sunday .

Correct, but the celebrations already start on January 26 early evening with the arrival of the boat, a procession and the burning of the boat. On January 27, there's the mass and another procession.

Is there any news on the events that take place this weekend? Will it be broadcast live as in previous years?

You can watch it live at on January 26 from 6:40 PM on and on January 27 in the morning.
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^^^ previous. Many thanks. Will set my reminder as it will start in the early morning hours here!
Trying to watch this live on Monaco channel but it keeps breaking down, any way of fixing this?
So, it was only Jacques this time? I assume Gabriella was ill?!
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