Sainte Devote Celebration: 2007 - 2024

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Great photos of the family at the festivities today, nice that they were able to continue despite Coronavirus.

The pictures WOULD have been lovely if it wasn't for those horrible, sinister looking masks. No one and no occasion looks pleasant with these over people's faces, especially children's. I also don't personally see why members of all the one family walking outside at a distance from other people must wear them but that's just my opinion, it's not the Princely family's fault that these are the rules.

An odd comment. What is sinister about wearing a mask during a pandemic? Masks aren't meant to be a fashion accessory, they're meant to keep you safe.
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The twins are 6 now.

Gabriella's black mask is quite a heavy contrast to the light pink - a lighter colour might have been more harmonious in terms of the outfit - but as a previous poster said, as long as it works...

Great to see them and I'm glad that a way was found to carry on with the tradition this year.
Gabriella's black mask ...

It is dark blue. You can see this clearly in the last posting of the Prince Albert... thread, that their masks are dark blue.

So it is color-blocking, very fashionable :whistling:. Nah, you are right, but I think, we all look a bit like bank robbers now.
Pity they had to wear masks, especially the children !
Its a pity any of us have to wear masks.. but if they help saves lives, its hardly to be regretted...
Of course you are right, I wear masks too (about 25 of them handmade with my favourite fabrics !) and here you have to wear them even in the streets.... I said it was a pity because you cannot see their cute faces !!!!!:flowers:
Sainte Devote célebration 2007 2021

Video of the Sainte Devote and the burning of the canot

Do we know why the relics were not taken to the forecourt of the palace to be received by the Princely family from the balcony? I thought that would have been ok as it happens outside.
Sainte Devote celebration 2007 2021

In England, you are confined Sophie 23, you must know the social distancing laws to avoid the contagion where there is too many people, in Monaco, the last years, there were a lot of people who followed the procession of Sainte Devote, it is wath the autorities did not want to drr and the contagion

It is very well that there were the celebrations of Sainte Dévote, in England there were no trooping the colors last year and in some monarchies there are no more national ceremonies, in Monaco, there were the national fest and the Sainte Devote celebrations, with some changes but they were here
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Albert is such a caring and attentive father, it is so lovely.
What a lovely family turn out for the Mass and the Princess of Hanover is doing a wonderful job supporting her brother and his children.
Sad Charlene couldn't be there but nice to see Princess Caroline and Louis Ducruet turn up to support Prince Albert. Always a good turn out from the De Massy family.

The twins seem comfortable with the wider family. Jacques seems to be growing in confidence at these public gatherings.
Prince Albert and Princess Caroline attended the Sainte Devote mass this morning, January 27. Nicole Coste was seen as well.

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella made a balcony appearance during the procession:

** gtresnews gallery ** rex gallery ** gettyimages gallery **
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Is it the first time Nicole Coste attend the Sainte Devote Mass ?
It would be lovely to see Charlene attend public engagements again, as a Princess of Monaco. I have always liked her.
Prince Albert and Princess Caroline attended the Sainte Devote mass this morning, January 27. Nicole Coste was seen as well.

Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella made a balcony appearance during the procession:

** gtresnews gallery **

I attended untill now the pontifical mass of sainte Dévote celebration at the cathédrale of Moaco, I could enter as anybody, tourists, people of Monaco Vip of Monaco, no need to be the guest of the prince,, it is enter free, I doubt that N Costes cae as the guest of the prince , she came as anybody who wanted to attend the mass, she wanted to do the buzz in thz medias and as Charlene is not present,
Prior to this year's celebration Prince Albert has given an interview to the media team of the Catholic Church in Monaco:

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As a twin myself, how much I appreciate to see the twins so close to each other.
The Princely Twins were the stars of the Celebrations and nice to see Princess Charlene presiding over the event.
The twins were super cute! Did Gabriela dance by the Celebration on the street? Very lovely children. :)
fortimo, Not only lovely but very lively, especially Gabriella. I imagine they must be quite a handful.
The Sainte Devote feast day and celebrations are one of my favourite Monégasque traditions.
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