Royals Making The World A Better Place

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This is an interesting thread because it highlights something that Monarchies & Royal Families can do far better than Republics and areas in which they make a real difference.

As I see it, the job of politicians is to "run" the state - manage the economy, direct social policy, provide security, et cetera, but what they shouldn't do (and can't do very well anyway) is promote and recognise all the other aspects of a society activities which are part of the identity of a nation.
its heritage, history and culture (the arts).
its voluntary/charity sector and all individuals who serve.
its local communities and clubs, with their initiatives and activities
its 'forgotten' members, the excluded, vulnerable, those living with disabilities or those who are victims of tragedy.
Its contribution to the wider world - through successes in sport, research, humanitarian aid and peace-keeping.

There's nothing worse than a grinning politician praising the achievements of others when we all know s/he is really trying to win support or associate him/herself with success. It's a cyncial PR exercise.

A royal, on the other hand, is able to represent an entire state in expressing support, encouragement, pride, understanding, admiration, respect or care.
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