Royal House of Savoy current events 1: 2002- March 2007

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Pic of the family in the office in memory of the King Umberto and the Queen Marie Jose. (03.18.06)
Turning back to hostility existing between Savoy and Aosta family I was thinking what will happen if the headship in both family will passed to junior members ( I mean princes Emanuele Filiberto and Aimone). Will it change something ? Will the things became more friendly? They'are both young which theorethically would assume that they are more "flexible" , more inclined to forgive, less obstinated. Both princes are living at their own, in modern society, they are not so "linked' to past as their fathers are. Obviously they belong to their family, but they could just take the best from their glorious past and "use " it for better common future instead of "fighting ".
I wrote these words because I found an old italian magazine "CHI" (from settember 2004) with photos showing really good relationship between prince EF and others members of italian royal family. The photos were taken during wedding reception (Serge of Yougoslavie with Eleonora Rajneri). Prince Serge is son of princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy and her first husband. I was really surprised by complicity and good feeling existing between prince EF and others members - he was photographied hugging princess Asaea Reyna of Savoy (daughter of princess Maria Beatrice of Savoy), with prince Dimitri of Yougoslavie (brother of bride). The photos shown also princess Elizabeth of Balkany, her mother - princess Maria Gabriella of Savoy with second husband, princess Maria Pia with 4 children.
I wonder if one day the whole royal italian family could became reunited as it was in the past and presented smiling, happy faces as the ones from magazine "CHI"......
The Capitolo Generale of the Order of Ss. Maurice & Lazarus ( a dynastic order of the House of Savoy) originally scheduled for late November has been suddenly and indefinitely postponed. I wonder if it has anything to do with the "recent unpleasantness"?
The prince Vittorio Emanuele has expressed his best wishes for italians. He has described New Year as a good occasion to spend a time with family.
In his conclusion he has declared that it will be good to look at past with serenity in order to have a force to face the future.
(wishes reproduced by and italians monarchists sites)
The Capitolo Generale of the Orders of Savoy, originally planned for November, 2006 but postponed, has been rescheduled and announced for March 17, 2007 in Geneva. So, obviously there is no "hiccup" or doubt about the Grand Mastership of the Orders of Savoy.
Another link re the same story: Italian Royal Family Fights Over Who Is True Heir to Throne

The Daily Telegraph
March 1, 2007

ROME — Italy is bracing itself for an unseemly court battle over who has the right to call himself the head of the country's royal family.
While the titles and honors of the Italian royal family have not legally been recognized since 1946, when the republic was founded, Prince Victor Emmanuel, 70, has ruled over the House of Savoy since the death of his father, Umberto II, in 1983.
However, his cousin, Amedeo, 63, the Fifth Duke D'Aosta, strenuously maintains it is he, not Victor Emmanuel, who is the true heir to the defunct monarchy. Italian Royal Family Fights Over Who Is True Heir to Throne - March 1, 2007 - The New York Sun
Is there any reason other than that of pride for this dispute? Property rights or anything?
Chiyo said:
Is there any reason other than that of pride for this dispute? Property rights or anything?
I doubt that property is involved; the Aostas descend from a cadet line of Vittorio Emanuele II. The 1st Duke of Aosta was created in 1845; Amedeo, the 5th Duke, is now a distant cousin to the senior Savoy line. The current Vittorio Emanuele (IV) is the son of Umberto II, the last King of Italy, so private royal assets, if any were to be re-gained, would pass to him. But who knows what a clever lawyer could argue.

I think the Duke of Aosta's main concern is to protect the "dignity" of the House of Savoy. By attempting to gain the Headship of the Royal House he hopes to distance the scandal-prone and tarnished Vittorio Emanuele and restore some respect for the House.

It should be noted that in the male line the House of Savoy is small by any standards. There are just 4 Savoy Princes: Vittorio Emanuele and his son Emanuele Filiberto (with two daughters), and Duke Amedeo and his son Aimone (who's engagement was announced to Princess Olga of Greece almost two years ago, but still no wedding in sight).
If Duke Amadeo does win (which I personally doubt he will, but hey I have been wrong before!) will his son be next in line to become head of the house of Savoy or would that remain with Emanuel Filiberto
I believe the House of Savoy practices salic law (i.e. inheritance is passed solely through the male lines). Currently Emanuele Filiberto (Vittorio Emanuel's only child) has two daughters. If EF and Clothilde do not have any more children, the leadership of the family will automatically go to Amedeo (or more likely his son Aimone) after EF's death.

In terms of protecting the dignity of the family, it depends on who you ask. VE has been accused of man-slaughter, anti-semitism, fighting w/ Amedeo, and corruption. Amedeo has two children out of wedlock.
Ugh. A rock and a hard place. :ermm:
kaffir said:
Another link re the same story: Italian Royal Family Fights Over Who Is True Heir to Throne
I like Emanuel Filiberto's quote from that article which he says that Italians have more important things to worry about than this. Its so true. The whole thing is just non-sense to me. I may not be fond of Vittorio Emanuel but I do think he is the rightful heir. And at this point does it matter; the monarchy isn't coming back to Italy any time soon. I know its an issue of pride for the Duke, but is it really that important.
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[FONT=verdana, arial] Vittorio Emanuele has just been released from all charges from the criminal procedure against him in front of the Court of Como (for crimes connected with a gambling house). [/FONT][FONT=verdana, arial]Now waiting to see wat happens in front of the court of Potenza.
There has been very few coverage about this releasing in Italy while all the medias were covering about "the king of Italy sent to jail".
Time for Part 2, which can be found here.
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