Royal House of Hanover (Guelph)

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Did any of Prince Georg Wilhelm's children actually attend the services? Everyone in those pictures looks very family or is labeled (ie, the Badens, E-A and his family, Queen Sofia) but I don't see his son Georg, or his daughter Frederica, nor any of their children, or Saskia and her sons. He was their father/grandfather, so why were they not invited to his memorial?
What I would like to know is that if these deposed Royal's are still classed as royalty then what was the point in abolishing their offices?

Where do they get their income from and are they still regarded as important, as though they are still established?
Most of them have some family wealth from their estates, and are in some form of business. Those that still own estates are certainly classed as important to the people who work on those estates. They aren't as important as reigning royalty, no, but they are still invited to some major royal events, like weddings, funerals, and enthronements.

The point of abolishing the monarchies was to remove them from political office. Even removing their political power doesn't remove their family's history, though, and they are still descendants of royal families who are recognized as royals by each other and reigning royal houses.
I have a question that I was hoping someone could answer.

What are the distinct "Hanover facial features" often referred to? I was reading somewhere and the article said that today's British monarchy is losing their Hanover facial features due to the new blood marrying into the royal family.

Could someone explain this, please, because I would like to know what specific facial features they are talking about?

Thanks. :)
The bulging eyes -- see Princess Beatrice. The nose -- see Princess Beatrice. Both features can also be seen in images of Queen Victoria and even more distant Hannover ancestors, like George III.
Does anyone have pics of Prince Otto? His father was Prince Ludwig and mother was Countess Isabelle
Princess Olga of Hanover

I was doing a little research via Google on the current family members of the House of Hanover for various Wikipedia articles and I was unable to locate information on Princess Olga of Hanover (born 1958). Princess Olga was the fourth child and second eldest daughter of Ernst August IV, Prince of Hanover and his wife Princess Ortrud. She is a younger sister to the current Prince of Hanover, Ernst August V, husband of Princess Caroline of Monaco. According to, Princess Olga is unmarried and has not had any children. Does anybody know anything about Princess Olga of Hanover? Her occupation? Her current city of residence? Anything?

Full name: Olga Sophie Charlotte Anna Prinzessin von Hannover

Birthdate: 17 February 1958

Birthplace: Hanover, Lower Saxony, Germany
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My Almanach de Gotha has Princess Olga living at Schloss Calenberg, one of the Hanover family residences.
Neither Marlene Eilers' Queen Victoria's Descendants nor the Companion Volume 2004 have any personal details apart from the biographical.
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She is the only one of Ernst August's children that hasn't married, right?
Ernst August IV (1914-1987) & Princess Ortrud of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (1925-1980):

• Marie (1952) married Count Michael von Hochberg, Baron zu Fürstenstein
• Ernst August (V) (1954) now married to Princess Caroline
• Ludwig Rudolf (1955-1988) married Countess Isabella von Thurn und Valsassina-Como-Vercelli (1962-1988)
• Olga (1958)
• Alexandra (1959) married to Andreas, Fürst zu Leiningen
• Heinrich (1961) married to Thyra von Westernhagen
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I have recently been trying to edit articles on members of the House of Hanover on Wikipedia. My interest lies particularly with the recent generations of Hanoverians:

Please feel free to assist me with this endeavor if you have any additional information to add to the above articles. Most of the articles are still quite new so please excuse their "stub status." Thanks!
Justinianus, if you are after personal details regarding the Hanover Family you should have a read of Marlene Eilers' Queen Victoria's Descendants 1997 and the Companion Volume 2004, or better still, contact her via (Rosvall Royal Books) to ensure that reproduction of any of her material doesn't infringe her copyright.
Ms Eilers-Koenig has her home address published in the preface of the Companion Volume but I don't want to repeat it here.
Prince Heinrich of Hanover is still angry that his brother sold of so many family possesions in 2005. At the time he already critisized his brothers decision in Der Spiegel. He now published a photobook 'Welfenbericht' about the family. He makes the cynic remark: 'Luckily we still have the pictures'.

The book will be available in stores in Germany in Spetember.

Source:, article in Dutch here.
Ernst August IV (1914-1987) & Princess Ortrud of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glücksburg (1925-1980):

• Marie (1952) married Count Michael von Hochberg, Baron zu Fürstenstein
• Ernst August (V) (1954) now married to Princess Caroline
• Olga (1958)
• Alexandra (1959) married to Andreas, Fürst zu Leiningen
• Heinrich (1961) married to Thyra von Westernhagen

And Ludwig Rudolph (1955-19889 married to Countess Isabella von Thurn und Valsassina-Como-Vercelli (
Oops! Thanks Stefan, I promise I wasn't trying to airbrush him from the dynastic record :D. I've added Ludwig Rudolf and his late wife to the original post. :)
Princess Vera of Hanover's daughter Celina Dmoch

I came across an interesting link via Allan Raymond's page on the Hanover Royal Family. The link was to a Picasa account reportedly belonging to Manuel Dmoch, husband of Princess Vera of Hanover. The site has hundreds of recently uploaded snapshots of Manuel and Vera's daughter, Celina. I haven't been able to verify the Picasa account's authenticity but it's certainly worth a look. Princess Vera is the daughter of Prince Georg of Hanover and his wife Victoria Bee. She is the granddaughter of Prince George William of Hanover and his wife Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark. What do you think?
Does anyone have information on Sophie of Greece & Denmark, late wife of Prince George of Hanover, and the Duke of Edinburgh's last surviving sister? I'm interested in photos, too
I came across a genealogy of the House of Hannover in, and it says that Prince Ernst August IV had an affair with Baroness Maria-Anna von Humboldt-Dachroeden and that they had a son together.
The Baroness has been the first wife of Ernst August's cousin, Prince Hubertus of Prussia; they got married in 1941 and divorced in 1943.
Does anyone have some information whether the story is true or not (as I've never heard anything similar before)?
The House of Hannover is selling their Marienburg Castle to the State of Niedersachsen for the symbolic sum of 1 Euro.
The castle is apparently in such a bad state that the hill it's built on is on the verge of collapsing. In addition to the castle itself the state museum will buy art and furniture for 2 million Euro to be displayed at the castle.
It seems a rather sensible thing to do. These large castles and palaces can easily ruin the largest of capitals. There are not many of these houses that break-even (unless they are turned into a hotel/conference center), certainly not a mid 19th century neo-monstrosity like this one.

In Hannover the family still has the Fürstenhaus at their disposal, where the hereditary prince is living with his family.
But they had such high hopes! Was it not the plan to transform the castle into a tourist magnet, with their royal crown and all?

That is bitter news for the House!
As expected, the sell of the castle "Marienburg" by Ernst August jr. von Hannover does not go on uncriticised: German tabloid "Bunte online" cites his uncle Heinrich Prinz von Hannover, who has the opinion "that the state made a very good deal. For him as a Guelph this is not a good day. The castle Marienburg is losing its historical identity."
For one euro !!!
Is this a joke ?

No joke but wisdom. It seems the Schloss has exhausted the family's assets and this is shoving the hot potato from the one plate to the other. The City of Hannover knows that this "cheap" Schloss comes with a firm prize tag in upkeep and maintenance.
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