Royal House of Hanover (Guelph)

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May 27, 2003
Originally posted by jillian@Oct 6th, 2003 - 1:41 am
hi everyone,

anyone know where i can get information on Prince Ernst of Hanover??
Full title: HRH Ernst August Andreas Philipp Constantin Maximillian Rolf Stephan Ludwig Rudolph, Prince of Hanover, Prince of Great Britain and Ireland, Duke of Brunswick and Luneburg.

Birth: 19 July 1983, at Hildesheim

Parents: Prince Ernst August, and Chantal Hochuli [divorced]

Siblings: Brother, Prince Christian; half-sister Princess Alexandra

This info comes from the September 2003 issuse of Vanity Fair magazine. They also have a nice photo of Prince Ernst along with a brief article.
My stars! They just dumped those names on him! Instead of the usual four, he got twenty. Haha, my god... :lol:
Princess Alexandra of Hanover, daughter of Prince Ernst and Princess Caroline of Hanover.


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The Hanoverians came to power in difficult circumstances that looked set to undermine the stability of British society. The first of their Kings, George I, was only 52nd in line to the throne, but the nearest Protestant according the Act of Settlement. Two descendants of James II, the deposed Stuart King, threatened to take the throne and were supported by a number of 'Jacobites' throughout the realm.

The Hanoverian period for all that, was remarkably stable, not least because of the longevity of its Kings. From 1714 through to 1837, there were only five, one of whom, George III, remains the longest reigning King in British History.


And how is it that Ernst is a prince?
Prince Ernst August III of Hanover (17 November 1887-30 January 1953), reigning Duke of Brunswick and Lüneburg (2 November 1913-8 November 1918), was a grandson of King George V of Hanover, whom the Prussians deposed in 1866. His great-grandfather, Prince Ernest Augustus, 1st Duke of Cumberland, the fifth son of King George III of the United Kingdom, became king of Hanover in 1837 because Salic Law barred Queen Victoria from reigning in Germany. The last reigning monarch of the House of Hanover, Prince Ernst August III, Duke of Brunswick was a direct descendant of Heinrich der Löwe.

His Royal Highness Prince Ernst August Christian Georg of Hanover and Cumberland, Prince of Great Britain and Ireland, was born at Penzing near Vienna, the sixth and youngest child of Ernst August of Hanover, 3rd Duke of Cumberland and his wife, the former Princess Thyra of Denmark.1 His father, the exiled Crown Prince of Hanover, succeeded as the Duke of Cumberland in the peerage of Great Britain in 1878. The younger Prince Ernst August became heir apparent to the dukedom of Cumberland upon the deaths of his two elder brothers. He received a commission in a Bavarian cavalry regiment.

In 1884, the reigning Duke of Brunswick-Wolfenbüttel, a distant cousin, died and the Duke of Cumberland claimed to succeed to that territory. However, the Reich chancellor Otto von Bismarck, managed to get the Federal Council (Bundesrat) of the German Empire to exclude him from the succession. Bismarck did this because the duke had never formally renounced his claims to the kingdom of Hanover, which had been annexed to Prussia in 1866. Instead, Prince Albrecht of Prussia became the regent of Brunswick. After Prince Albrecht's death in 1907, the duke was again excluded from the Brunswick succession and the regency continued.

On 24 May 1913, Prince Ernst August of Cumberland married Princess Viktoria Luise of Prussia (13 September 1892-11 December 1980), the only daughter of the German emperor Wilhelm II. The marriage ended the decades-long rift between the House of Hohenzollern and the House of Hanover, that began with the Austro-Prussian War in 1866 (in which Hanover sided with the losing Austria). The wedding of Prince Ernst August and Princess Viktoria Luise was also the last great gathering of European sovereigns (many descended from Queen Victoria and King Christian IX of Denmark) before the outbreak of the First World War. In addition to the German Emperor and Empress and the Duke and Duchess of Cumberland, King George V and Queen Mary of Great Britain, Tsar Nicholas II and Empress Alexandra Feodrovna of Russia attended. Upon the announcement of his betrothal of Princess Viktoria Luise in February 1913, Prince Ernst August took an oath of loyalty to the German emperor and accepted a commission as a cavalry captain and company commander in the Zieten Hussars, a Prussian Army regiment in which his grandfather (George V) and great grandfather (Ernst August I) had been colonels.

On 27 October 1913, the Duke of Cumberland formally renounced his claims to the (former) kingdom of Hanover and the duchy of Brunswick in favor of his surviving son. The following day, the Federal Council voted to allow Prince and Princess Ernst August of Cumberland to become the reigning Duke and Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg. The new Duke of Brunswick, who received a promotion to colonel in the Zieten Hussars, formally took possession of his duchy on 1 November. During World War I, he rose to the rank of major-general. On 8 November 1918, he was forced to abdicate his throne along with the other German kings, grand dukes, dukes, and princes. He retired to live on his various estates.

The Duke and Duchess of Brunswick-Lüneburg had five children 2:

* Prince Ernst August IV of Hanover (18 March 1914-9 December 1987); married (1) 1951, Princess Ortud of Schleswig-Holstein-Sonderburg-Glucksburg (19 December 1925-6 February 1980), and had issue; and (2), 1980 Monika, Baroness zu Solms-Laubach (8 August 1929)-).
* Prince Georg of Hanover (25 March 1915-); married 1946, Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark (26 June 1914-24 November 2001), and had issue.
* Princess Frederika of Hanover (18 April 1917-6 February 1981); married 1938 King Paul I of the Hellenes (14 December 1901-6 March 1964), and had issue.
* Prince Christian of Hanover (1 September 1919-10 December 1981); married 1963 (divorced 1976) Mireille Dutry (10 January 1946-), and had issue.
* Prince Welf-Heinrich of Hanover (11 March 1923-); married 1960 Princess Alexandra zu Ysenburg und Büdingen (23 October 1937-), and has issue.

The former Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg died at Marienburg Castle in 1953.


1 Under settled practice dating to 1714, as a male-line great grandchild of King George III, Prince Ernst August III of Hanover also held the title of Prince of Great Britain and Ireland with the style of Highness. In the Court Circular printed in the Times (of London) and in the London Gazzette, he was frequently styled Prince Ernest Augustus of Cumberland.

2 By Royal Warrant of 17 June 1914, King George V granted the eldest son and any children thereafter born to Prince Ernst August of Hanover, then reigning Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, the title of Prince (or Princess) of Great Britain and Ireland with the style Highness. The provisions of this Royal Warrant ceased with George V's Letters Patent of 30 November 1917, and Hanoverian princes and princesses born after this date were no longer allowed the title Prince of Great Britain and Ireland with the style Highness. However, in 1931, the former Duke of Brunswick-Lüneburg, as head of the House of Hanover and the senior male-line descendant of George III, issued a degree stating that the members of the former Hanoverian royal family would continue to bear the title of Prince (or Princess) of Great Britain and Ireland with the style of Royal Highness. This degree had no legal effect in the United Kingdom, although no British sovereigns since have attempted to stop this practice on the part of the former Hanoverian royal family. The members of the House of Hanover continue to seek the British sovereign's approval when they marry, in accordance with the 1772 Royal Marriage Act.
Prince Ernst-August of Hanover, a direct descendant of King George III,
Ernst is also a very well-connected royal through his blood ties: His cousins include the British royals, King Constantine and Princess Irene of Greece and Queen Sofia of Spain (born a Princess of Greece), who are the children of Queen Frederika of Greece (born Princess Frederika of Hanover).
Good information Dennism... I am a HUGE fan of Ernst (incase you didn't know)!!!


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Otto's guardians

Sean.~ said:
Raised by maternal grandparents in Austria.
They being Count Ariprand and Countess Maria von Thurn und Valassina-Como-Vercelli. The Count died in 1996. Countess Maria was born a Princess of Auersperg-Trautson and was born in 1929.

Prince Otto turned 17 in February but I don't think anyone has seen a photo of him in years; he has been kept well out of the public spotlight. No doubt the gossip mags will label him "Otto, The Tragic Prince" so it's understandable that he has kept a low profile.
How eagerly do you think His Highness will be recieve by our House of Hanover-Windsor?? Is he the nephew of HRH Prince Ernst von Hanover?
Otto & the Hanovers

Von Schlesian said:
How eagerly do you think His Highness will be recieve by our House of Hanover-Windsor?? Is he the nephew of HRH Prince Ernst von Hanover?
HRH Prince Otto is the son of Prince Ernst August's younger brother Prince Ludwig Rudolf who suicided in 1988 the same day his wife Isabelle died of a drug overdose. Otto was nine months old at the time.

Because Ludwig Rudolf married a Roman Catholic he forfeited his rights of succession to the Crown of Great Britain. I assume that Otto has been raised a Roman Catholic by his grandparents (my speculation).

Ludwig Rudolph wanted Ernst August to care for his son, but an Austrian court awarded custody to the Count and Countess. Today Prince Otto divides his time between homes in Salzburg and Schloss Bleiburg in Carinthia.

The Hanover family is known for its lack of close relations. Saskia Prinzessin von Hanover, daughter of Ernst August's cousin HRH Prince Welf Ernst (himself the son of Prince Philip's sister Pincess Sophie of Greece and Denmark and Prince Georg Wilhelm of Hanover) has stated that the Hanover's rarely have family events, and that she has never been to Marienburg, the family seat.
Do you mean Tanja? I can't find any Saskja von Hannover.
Yes, same person

Danielane said:
Do you mean Tanja? I can't find any Saskja von Hannover.
One and the same Danielane; Her full name is Tania Saskia Viktoria-Luise Prinzessin von Hanover, but she calls herself Saskia. There was an interesting interview with her in Hello! a few years ago where she discussed her relations (or lack thereof) with the Hanover family.
Warren said:
One and the same Danielane; Her full name is Tania Saskia Viktoria-Luise Prinzessin von Hanover, but she calls herself Saskia. There was an interesting interview with her in Hello! a few years ago where she discussed her relations (or lack thereof) with the Hanover family.

Thank you. I was not sure about it.
Dennism said:
* Prince Georg of Hanover (25 March 1915-); married 1946, Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark (26 June 1914-24 November 2001), and had issue.
What is Prince Georg up to these days? Does anyone see him very much? I would like to see a present photo of him. Thanks!
Jil said:
What is Prince Georg up to these days? Does anyone see him very much? I would like to see a present photo of him. Thanks!
He's 90 years old and, unsurprisingly, keeps a low profile.
Prince George William of Hannover died : 90 years old, Hannover, Germany, 12 of January of 2006 (FIA).-

Prince George William of Hannover, uncle of the holder of the House of the Guelfs, Ernest August, died Sunday to the 90 years of age, according to today informed sources into the family.
His nephew Enrique de Hannover said to the agency dpa that the prince died in Múnich and that the burial will take place first only in the circle of the pluses close friends to the nobleman. For more ahead, according to Enrique, a great funeral is planned, in a date still to determine.


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That's sad news to hear, both for the House of Hanover and Windsor. I send my prayers and warmest wished to both Royal Houses.
My condolences to his children. He and wife were lucky and blessed to have such and long and happy of the last of the old guard of royalty..

While the Hanovers, thanks to the previous head in the early 50's, "restoring" the title Prince/Princess of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, still ask permission from the HM to marry and still use their British titles, I think it is tacky to still force the German claims and relations in that respect on the now VERY British Royal Family. only if ever see Ernst August and Caroline at larger functions such as the Queen Mother's funeral, etc.

If I were HM and then Charles when he ascends, I would make sure those connections would NEVER be allowed to mix with the British Royal Family.

That is just my opinion as I cannot forget the past...even if it was respectively almost a century and then 60 years ago.
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The Queen does not recognize the use of "Prince/Princess of Great Britain and Ireland" among the House of Hanover since it is simply a style and not a title. Under George V's Letters Patent of 1917, only the children of the British Sovereign and male line granchildren are permitted to use titular dignity of "Prince/Princess of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland".

The Hanovers continue to follow the Royal Marriages Act, which is totally unnecessary since they are not members of the British royal family, but the Queen regards this as merely a courtesy, rather than any formal protocol.
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The family of prince Ernest August of Hannover, husband of princess Carolina of Monaco, wants that the neogothic castle of Marienburg of the house of the Guelfs becomes after its renovation a tourist reclamation of the zone.

"We want to turn Marienburg a tourist attraction of the north of Germany", today assured Mauritz von Reden, administrator of the House of the Guelfs. Von Reden trusts attracting this year 60,000 visitors to the castle, 15,000 more than in 2005.
The family of the Guelfs has created a foundation with seat in Austria with the 37 million euros of net benefits that they obtained from the auction from his artistic patrimony that the Sotheby's house organized in the castle October the past. Between the 20,000 objects that were auctioned in Marienburg there were pictures, old arms, armors, clocks, porcelains, objects of silver, mantelerías and furniture of between centuries XVI and XIX.
Trauerfeier Hannover

from seeger


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