Royal Family of Jordan: Picture Thread

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Photos published by Zohrab celebrating the New Year.
Princess Muna with her grandchildren: CP Hussein, P. Ayah, P. Omar, Aoun Juma, Jafar & Joumana Al Saleh.
Queen Noor & prince Hamzah:
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Prince Ali bin Al hussein with his cousin Ghazi Daghestani ,son of princess Basma bint Talal.
By Zohrab

From @khaled_hamad_alkhalifa ig

“In Hospitality of my Brothers ,God Bless You All”
Prince Rashid Bin Hassan of Jordan , Prince Hamzah Bin Al Hussein , Sheikh khaled Bin Hamad Al Khalifa of Bahrain , Prince Hashem Bin Al Hussein & Prince Hussein Mirza ( Princess Alia’s Son)
A collection of new & private family photos published by the royal heritage FB on the late King Hussein`s birthday. It was all at King Hussein`s office when he passed away in 1999.

Prince Hussein & Princess Iman

Princess Iman Bint Al Hussein. Princess Salma looks so much like her IMO:ermm:

Prince Ali, Prince Hamzah, Prince Hashem & Princess Haya:

The late King Hussein with his younger brother Prince Hassan Bin Talal and their sons Prince Hamzah & prince Rashed:

King Hussein & his son Prince Abdullah :

Prince Hassan
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