Rose Ball, Monaco: 2005 - 2024

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Ms. Borrommeo's ensemble is classic and safe, but the stole seems to be out-of-place. Ms. Casiraghi's dress was too shiny and shapeless. The gauze shawl adds nothing to ensemble. Princess Charlene looks nice.
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Princess Charlène & Beatrice are my best dressed tonight,I wonder who we have to blame for Princess Caroline's ensemble tonight?

Charlotte looks like she got tangled up in left over Christmas wrapping paper!
Charlene looks stunning. The other ladies look nice, they are all beautiful. Some with more taste than others in dress.
From the point of view of the outfits the Royal ladies were wearing, I think this was one of the better shows of recent years (even with Caroline's footwear). I did think there was a more glamorous feel to what they were wearing. Looking at the close ups, I couldn't help but notice how beautiful the make-up was this year. Yes I did grimace when I saw the customary Lagerfeld shot,but at least he has good reason to take centre stage this year. I am sad that the pattern appears to have been firmly set that Stephanie,and now her children too, do not attend this occasion. I am curious why this has come about - do they not get an invite? :)
No young crowd, the Casiraghi friends?

Does anyone know who performed? Was it Mika, he's in the arrival pictures?
I have a problem... I cannot see the second page of this thread :-( Anyway, Charlotte was smiling for the first time! Good for her even if that outifit was jusy awful IMO. Motherhood is makind her mature and happy I daresay :)

Has Princess Caroline hurt herself, she has a walking stick and what looks to be flats or almost trainers???:ohmy:
Yes, she hurt her knee:flowers:
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Why has Caroline always the first place ?

Charlène was the best , great dignity as wife of the Prince Souverain.
Charlene looks stunning. The other ladies look nice, they are all beautiful. Some with more taste than others in dress.
And she is wearing earrings that look like her they match her wedding Ocean tiara / necklace.
Does anyone know who performed? Was it Mika, he's in the arrival pictures?

Yes, Mika performed. You can see a couple of pics of him on stage in the gettyimages/zimbio gallery on the previous page :flowers:

** fb gallery **

** parismatch gallery: Charlotte, jeune maman rayonnante au Bal de la Rose **

** hellomagazine: New mum Charlotte Casiraghi dazzles at the Monaco Rose Ball **

** hola: Carlota Casiraghi reaparece en el Baile de la Rosa tras convertirse en madre ** translation **
Nobody from the de Massy's ? Mélanie or her mother?
IMO the best dressed out of that group pic is the girlfriend of Charolotte's brother. She usually dresses better than the rest of them.

My favourites are Charlene and Beatrice but, specially Beatrice looks so great. She is the most elegant and glamourous !!!
Why has Caroline always the first place ?

The Bal de la Rose is held for the benefit of the Princess Grace Foundation. Princess Caroline is the president of that Foundation. That is why she always holds the most important place.
Rose Ball - March 29th, 2014

Despite another scathing article from "Bunte", the couple looked happy and relaxed, holding hands and looking very cozy on the dance floor...

Is there any significance in the fact that Beatrice now appears with the Princely family in the formal photos?
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Caroline was pictured at the annual Rose Ball in the Huffington Post. I noticed that she appears to be using a cane--slide 13. Does anyone know what happened?
Charlotte Casiraghi 'Drop It Like It's Hot' In Silver Chanel Couture Gown At The Rose Ball (PHOTOS)

In February 2001 Princess Caroline was skiing in in Zurs Austria. She was injured in a skiing accident when another skier collided with her and she suffered torn knee ligaments requiring surgery. Perhaps her knee is still bothering her hence the cane and tennis shoes at the Rose Ball.
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