Rose Ball, Monaco: 2005 - 2024

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Does any know when will take part the Rose Ball this year?
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Rose Ball - March 29th, 2014

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This is the thread dedicated to the Rose Ball 2014.

It will take place on Saturday, March 29, 2014 at 8 pm.

Princess Caroline has asked designer Karl Lagerfeld to conceptualise the "Bal de la Rose 'Constructiviste'".
For more information check out the press release (translation).

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Much as I am looking forward to this occasion, I groaned when I read Lagerfeld is taking charge of its conception . I shudder to think what the royal princesses will be wearing!
I wonder who is going to attend this year's extravaganza??:whistling::whistling::whistling:
I am looking Forward to Charlene´s jewels and how they behave in order to destroy the rumors of the recent bad press
BYe Bine
Rose Ball - March 29th, 2014

An interesting sketch here

I hope for Albert, Charlene, Caroline and her family (Charlotte too). Very, very unlikely that Stephanie or any of her siblings will attend - many years since she graced ( excuse the pun) the Rose Ball. I am cringing at the thought of the first glimpses of Caroline/ Charlene standing side by side with Lagerfeld decked out in his creations :)

Just wanted to add that this might not be the best year to celebrate the historic friendship with Russia, but obviously these things are planned way ahead.
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I am perplexed to learn that the ugly constructivism period was chosen as the Rose Ball theme.
I guess rich Russian are expected to attend.
The ball was supposed to start at 8:eek:o Pm Monaco time. It should be going on now.
Has Princess Caroline hurt herself, she has a walking stick and what looks to be flats or almost trainers???:ohmy:
Black again :-(

Sorry dark blue
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Well, at least the gossip that was recently in some magazines that P.Albert and P.Charlene were divorced, is (fortunately) not true. Outfits look a bit bland, but with the chosen room-decoration it's probably best not to wear too much colour...
We don't know what's true or not, we'll never know! Private matters! Anyway, is there Tatiana too?
Charlene looks beautiful and elegant.

I dont follow the Monaco royals but it dawns on me just how overwhelming it must be for Charlene to have Caroline and her brood descend upon her, claiming possession. They have a v strong presence. I know its an impression from pix and all that but still.....

I think Charlene exudes class.
At this spring's Chanel show the models were all wearing sneakers. I have a feeling it's one of Karl's crazy fashion statements.
At this spring's Chanel show the models were all wearing sneakers. I have a feeling it's one of Karl's crazy fashion statements.

then wouldnt thay all be doing it? if it is a "fashion statement" Caroline is mad
Bea and Charlotte rescue the ball with their presence. Caroline is still regal, even with sneakers.
I wonder what happened to P. Caroline... A ski accident perhaps?... Anyway, I don't like neither P. Charlene dress nor her hair do; P. Carolone looks like she's wearing her pijamas - her smile is radiant though making her face glow; as for Charlotte's gown i can't make up my mind about liking it or not although i must admit i looks vaporous and festive; Beatrice looks alright. It´s a pity that the Casiraghi - Santo Domingo couple didn't atttend the gala...
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I like Beatrice's dress. Charlotte istead seems a curtain :-( She's so pretty but most of the time I don't like her outifits! Last year she looked lovely though
Caroline's dress would be nice if there wasn't the cape/coat. But she is always so regal and great to look. Beatrice's dress is beautiful but very boring. Charlene's outfit is better than the disaster last year, but I don't like the see-through bottom of it. Charlotte's dress isn't the best choice, but it is simple and lets her shine. It is great to see how Charlotte has changed from a pouting and sulky young woman to this beautiful smiling woman. And she looks so happy that it is good to see. So Charlotte is my winner this evening.
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