Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock: Church Wedding - July 2, 2011

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The religious wedding of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and Miss Charlene Wittstock will take place on July 2, 2011.​

Official Program

5 p.m. The religious wedding between Prince Albert and Charlene Wittstock will take place in the Main Courtyard of the Prince’s Palace. His Grace Bernard Barsi, Archibishop of Monaco, will celebrate the mass.

6.30 p.m. The Princely couple will leave the Palace for Sainte Dévote’s Church so that the new Princess can lay down her bouquet.

The procession will pass along Avenue de la Porte Neuve, Avenue du Port and Boulevard Albert I, and return to the Palace using the same route.

9.30 p.m. The official dinner and the ball will take place in the Opera Garnier and the Casino Terraces.

12.00 A.M The dinner will be concluded with a firework display.

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Right now on CNN Live Stream ~ Live - Breaking news, live events, and today's top stories ~ they're showing L-I-V-E the scene outside the palace. :heart: :cool:

At least 75 % of the Monegasques have shown up a few hrs. ahead of time to get a good seat, lol, just as I would if I were there. :D I loooove the huge long red carpet that runs through the white seats and leads to the palace door, but what's inside? We have yet to see until 5PM Monaco time. :)

Also, they showed a few guests, one woman that looks like Pamela Anderson, and I think one of those royal men from Italy, I recognize his pic from the biography accompanied with photo official guest list over at the palace's site. :)

All the Monegasques have their flags flying patrioticly from their houses, apartments, et al. Lovely to see. :monacoflag:

OOP, here comes more guests!!!!! YES!!!!!

ETA: that Chinese actress from those recent blockbuster movies just showed up in a gorgeous caramel colored gown with a pill-box type hat, she looked FAB! *two thumbs way up* She's the last on the official guest list, yes, I remember, lol. :)
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THANK YOU SO MUCH, I was waiting for this thread, ahhh. :)

They've been showing guests arriving at CNN Live Stream: Live - Breaking news, live events, and today's top stories

The ones that have arrived thus far look to be a couple of models that were on the official guest list (one looks like Pamela Anderson) and then that fabulous Chinese actress from "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon", et al, showed up looking FAB in a caramel-colored sleeveless gown with a pill-box type hat. :cool: Also, it appeared one of those royal men from Italy showed up as well.

Here come more, yes!!!! :heart:
It started on the TV. The guests are arriving :~) It seems there is wind in Monaco right now.

I am watching right now on French TV "France 2". One of the journalists is Stephane Bern, and it was the occasion for his colleague to ask him about the rumours last days involving him. He said, that was absolutly not true, he's only a very close friend of the family.
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Who is that nice Jewish couple, he's wearing a beanie? Anybody know who's walking down the red carpet now? I can't recall from the official guest list.

OMG, finally the first glimpse of inside the palace courtyard, it looks FABULOUS, MAJESTIC, I've run out of superlatives, lol. :D

Still waiting for royals to show up that I recognize...hmmm....:whistling:

Those fascinators are so dang ugly, someone is walking down the red carpet with a bright yellow one on. :yuk:

Why's everybody clapping, who was that mystery man with his date? Was it the guy in charge of the concert last night? :confused:
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OMG! guest are starting to arrive..JM Jarre is on my screen right now lol
I love how they decorated the courtyard!!..I have to go to the shop,I have no food for lunch but I can't stop watching LOLL
I see Michelle Yeoh from Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. Do you recognize another famous people?
Nadine thanks for the CNN link . Everything is looking beautiful can't wait we only have an hour to go
Hello everyone, may I join the celebration?!
Love to see all the crazy hats out again.

Nadine, thanks for the link. I'm trying to gather as many as possible in case the official one crashes
Good, it's soooo good & lovely to see everybody else here, I feel like we're all there together. Can't wait to read what you all have to say as well. Let's ENJOY the show, friends. :flowers:

Btw, I think I saw the President of France arrive. :)

And I agree the palace courtyard is like something from a dream, fairytale, with gold carpeting set up in each section of chairs, as well they have chairs set up for the choir, singers, et al, and then that lovely porcelain white tile set up at the foot of the stairs. What a dream! :fireworks:
That's nice, A part the Royals and heads of states, there's also 3500 happy few people from Monaco who were selected and who are attending in the palace to share with their prince his wedding. The autorities installed for them 3500 chairs on the Palace place :~)

Moroccan guests (I don't know who, maybe moroccan friends can help) arrived wearing traditional clothes.

The journalist says, that right after the wedding, an exposition in the Oceanic Musueum will be organized where people can see the wedding gown, the car...
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I can see that the guest are given their own fans's quite a nice detail that the monegasque people are present to join in the celebration. I love the understated decoration of the's not over the top,very elegant imo.

Hey Nadine *waves*..:)
I knew it. the official one is starting to reload every minute.
I think I recognized a famous Texan socialite.
Oh no, a woman almost fell flat on her face while getting out of the van, and the crowd gasped. Poor soul. :(

ETA: what is that huge long mini type open air bus that was there earlier? It looked unusual, had MONACO in huge letters on its side. :)
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There was a cocktail earlier today for the guests, no photos of it?
Have any royal members arrived yet?
I saw some Thai ,Arrican noble women and men..Who are they?
Other movie stars, models or celebrities?
Oh God, people are applauding the guests. that will put them in a good mood!
So Alex , Camille , Pauline and Charlotte should be involved in this wedding from what it says ?
OMG, OMG, OMG, Nadia Comaneci and her husband, Bart Conner, just arrived and look GORGEOUS/FABULOUS/ET AL. I'm sooooo happy! I love these two, have for years, when I was a child everybody called me Nadia because I looked like her when she won the gold medal back in 1976, except I was younger. :) Ah, memories. :heart:

ETA: Nadia was wearing a bright red sexy sleeveless gown with a bow on her head? while Bart was stunning a three piece suit. :)

ETA: is that 007 that just showed up!?! YESSSS! :cool:
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Hi everyone. Hope you're all wearing red/white like I am. Glad to be here with you.

WOW! All the guests are impeccible. Definitely got that European flair!
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Clothide of Savoie wearing Red and her husband the prince :~) Maria Valdimorovna representing theRussian house, Margerthe of Roumania...and Roger Moore :~))
Now the Royals are living the hotel!

I see Roger Moor, Robert Cavalli and Karl Lagerfeld
hi there- a newbie joining in! fun to watch....just wish I knew who everyone was,too- and who they're clapping for!?
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