Retrospective of the Spanish Royal Family, Part 3

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OMG Regina, thank you sooooooooooo much for these pics!:flowers:
I find this pic very cute 'cuz if you notice, JC has his arm around Sofia :wub:

Infanta Margarita isn´t in this photo. Sitting at the opposite side of the table is King Juan Carlos´s mother. Infanta Margarita now she is older looks increasingly like her mother but she isn´t anywhere to be seen here.
Thank you so much biathlon22! QS and KJC looked so much in love in the earlier days.
The Prince of Asturias and Princess Infanta Pilar, son and daughter of the Count of Barcelona (Don Juan) lunching on the Moors near Dunkeld, Perthshire, while taking part in their first grouse shoot, Ist August 1952.
How lovely is this! I did not know that Princess Grace had been invited to Zarzuela Palace. Ignoramus totalus, me!
It is normal, the relation between both families always has been good. Queen Victoria Eugenia supported Grace when other Monarchies did not do it, and she was the godmother of prince Albert.
What a photo! King Juan Carlos looks so cute! I had never seen such an old photo of him. Thank you very much, biathlon22! :flowers:

You´re welcome! I think this is one of the best threads ever. So many wonderful old pictures.
Thanks Biathlon22! I can't believe how much little Juan Carlos looked like his grandson Pablo.
This is going to sound a little arrogant but... you can hardly tell the dog is a dog. :ermm:
Cute pic though! :D
Yes, it sort of just looks like a hunk of fur...
Thanks so much biathlon! These are great and I hadn't seen quite a few of them.
An Ard Ri, every year the SRF celebrates San Juan's day since that is the Saint the King was named for. It's called an onomástica.
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