Retrospective of the Spanish Royal Family, Part 3

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Nov 21, 2005
Welcome to Part 3
of the Retrospective of the Spanish Royal Family

Part 2 can be found here

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Enjoy! :)
No words can describe Elena and Cristina's hair except: SO EIGHTIES AND NINETIES!!!! I'm so glad that fashion has come such a long way since then!
Looking at the old photos, the kids were adorable, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for poor Felipe. I think that Queen Sofia liked dressing her kids the same, and its cute when they're four years old, but you could tell that Felipe wasn't thrilled about the matching mommy-daughters-son Lacoste shirt and yellow :)eek:) pants that they had to wear when he was older. ;)
I love photos of prince Felipe of Spain. I wantto see more. He was so cute!!!
Felipe was/is/and will always be handsome :)
Thank you so much crisiñaki. I think this one has just become one of my favorite pics of the siblings.
Thanks N! In this pic, Felipe's expression reminds me so much of little Leonor :flowers:
I sometimes can't get over how blonde Felipe used to be! So were Elena and Cristina. They both still have fairly light hair, but his is extremely dark. When did it change colors? I guess now we know where Leonor, who is blonde, and all of the Undangarin kids' hair comes from.:flowers:
I sometimes can't get over how blonde Felipe used to be! So were Elena and Cristina. They both still have fairly light hair, but his is extremely dark.

I guess in women is easier ;) to keep the blond highlights. When becoming teenager his hair started to get darker, becoming a little blonder in Summer... the same happened with the Infantas but soon their hair turn more blond from time to time :D - women' secrets.
I believe Cristina was always the blondest one, you see pics of her in her early teen years and she was still very blonde, while Elena's and specially Felipe's hair got a lot darker after childhood

I think she is the best looking of the siblings.
Cris and Sofia, your pics are simply fantastic, I'm not able to say which one I like best, as they
are all so nice and cute! Thank you very much!

Two totally different pics of the two sisters - elegant at an official event and doing some sports
together :):

Cristina and Elena in 1991
In the early or mid 1990s
Thanks K!
I love the blue dress Elena is wearing, is something kinda timeless even if it was early 90's:eek:
crisiñaki;642553 [URL="" said:
The Enthronement, 1975[/URL]


I think Felipe looks more like Elena.
I have always thought that elena looked like Felipe with a wig:lol:
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