Restoration of the Monarchy in Romania

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Looks to me like this accusation is a political ploy to discredit the ex-King's son
The attacks will surely backfire.
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Loks like the President is getting desperate and lashing out at what he fears.
Guys, it seems that there is quite a backlash. Almost everyone I spoke to criticized the president for his remarks, even the people who don't support the restoration :) This might actually help the monarchy if anything else. He attacked one of the most respected men in Romania's history.
There is a large spread simpathy for the Royal Family these days in all the country after the "remarks" of Traian Basescu.

In 1947 the Monarchy was not abolished in a democratic way so was an invalid act.Today the historians and the majority of romanians believe that.

Yesterday evening the main romanian news television Antena 3 presented a film called "Monarchy Saves Romania":

Videonews :: Video :: Sinteza zilei: Filmul documentar
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The population seems to be more and more in favour of the restoration of Monarchy especially because of the large opposition to the nowadays republican regime largely corrupted.
It would be very nice for Romanian Restoration. I cheer him. King Mihai I. Trăiască regele!!
I wonder if the restoration of the mobarchy is to be successful, should it be done before King Michael passes away. Would the Crown Princess have as much support as her father does.
Without any doubt the Crown Princess has no so much support as her father has.
In the today edition of "Evenimentul zilei " Ion Diaconescu, ex president of the House of Deputees, speak about the dialogues with the King in1997 on the issue of the Royal succession.Some royalist politicians wanted a german Prince some others wanted the young Nicolae (Princess Elena's son) but the King appointed his eldest daughter:

Why is the president of Romania so much against the old king?
King Michael of Romania is really great and remarkable person,he is respected nearly by everybody,after all he 's just in his old years .I hope the King will speak to Parliament by the time of his birthday.Is prince Paul supposed to be there too?
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The republican leader probably fears the restoration of Monarchy and is good frien with Paul,Zizi Lambrino's grandson.
I have been reading about Romania in the 1920s and 1930s, and I recall reading about Romania in the 1980s (and visited in 1994). Do memories from the 1920s and 1930s and 1980s affect Romanians' views of the desirability of the monarchy?

Specifically, (1) Does King Carol II's legacy harm views of the monarchy today?

King Carol seems to me to have been a terrible monarch, with an appalling personal life and powers that were too broad; he seemed to interfere with the normal functioning of democracy and imposed governments that to me seem repulsive (such as Octavian Goga and the FRN). If I had the choice between a monarchy like King Carol II's, I'd pick a republic.

Conversely, (2) I can think of few leaders as awful as Nicolae Ceaucescu. I'd do anything to have a monarchy rather than someone like Ceaucescu in charge.

(Please don't take this as criticism of Romania. I think that my country, the US, has pretty awful leadership today, which definitely makes me more pro-monarchy.)
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As stated earlier somewhere in this thread (from recollection), the "ex-Communist" nations in Europe have a need to undo the awful legacy that Communism left them, in which restoring monarchies resonates.

Romania is a particular case partly because Ceausescu broke free from Soviet yoke, yet remained avowedly Stalinist to the bitter end. And the fact that old party elites, who revolted against Ceausescu, are still very powerful in Romania today.

Ultimately the postwar period was a nightmare for many of these European nations, that they need to blank it out completely and reject its dreadful legacy.
When people speak about the restoration of Monarchy they notice Carol II did not really respect democracy but during his reign Romania had a very important economic development.
He was not a great king, but I can think of worse monarchs, and worse rulers generally.
He was influenced in different important decisions by other persons (Zizi Lambrino and Elena Lupescu especially) during his life and maybe that's why he did a lot of mistakes towards the Royal family and the country.
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She studied at the University of Edinburgh.In case of the restoration she would become Queen.
The republicans fear really a restoration of Monarchy in the country and this is proved by the antiroyalist newspaper "Evenimentul zilei" with an article"Operation "Restore the Monarchy":

25 octombrie 2011. Opera
I'd think that October 25 would have helped the monarchist cause.

When people see King Michael speaking before Parliament, they see a king promoting democracy, and perhaps get used to a king being a public figure, involved in government.

And when the president boycotts his speech, it only helps the King, because it legitimizes him as a figure with power; if the president is opposed to the King, the King must be important.

I'm really happy for King Michael.
I read somewhere that it was the president and somewhere else that it was the prime minister, how does the roumanian govt. work are there both these offices? if so did both boycott?
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Yes, Romania is a semi-presidential republic, so we have both a President and a Prime Minister. At the moment, both of them are from the same party (PDL) and many say the PM is just a puppet of President Traian Băsescu so it wasn't a surprise when the PM choose to boycott the King's speech, just as his mentor. Saddly, most of the cabinet ministries didn't attended the celebration, only the Minister of Justice (former member of PSD) was present.
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Two other members of the government were present, both from UDMR (Democratic Union of the Hungarians of Romania).

There is a huge simpathy for HM King in the country but the group of followers of the republican leader try to influence the public opinion with the help of some newspaters as "Evenimentul zilei".
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Is there a huge sympathy also for Margarita, Radu and the Heir from USA ?
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