Restoration of the Monarchy in Romania

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Let's return to romanian realities an to the problem of the restoration of Monarchy.
Thank you Cory.

At the moment the votes for restoration have gone up to 3737 votes which is 76.8%. Most probably not truly representative of the Romanian society as a whole but it just shows that the support for the restoration is rising remarkably.

I think if a referendum was actually put to the people and they had the chance to consider seriously rather than just passing thoughts (as is now), we would be pleasantly surprised.

The comments on the poll just show this and many believe that the restoration is about tradition, pride and stability. Crucial factors that are somewhat missing in Romania at the moment.

Currently, the Christian-Democrat National Peasants' Party (a very old monarchist party) is putting together a referendum: Rezolu. Let's hope something comes out of it!
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PNTCD is not powerful and doesn't represent more than 1-2% of the intentions of vote.It's more important to see the reactions of PNL (the liberal party) regarding a new Constitution.
Yes, very true Cory. They are don't even have a seat in the parliament. But the fact that a political organisation is trying to push push a referendum is still a good step forward.

Do you know how the PNL stands on the monarchy at the moment? I know there are a few members which sympathise with the monarchy. But are there any feelings for the restoration?
In this moment PNL(the liberals),PSD (the social-democrats) and the PC(the conservatives) have a coalition (USL) and try to defeat the regime of Traian Basescu.It's very difficult to have a discussion about the abolition of the republic before the elections of 2012.Many,very many liberals are in favour of Monarchy, including the president of PNL (Crin Antonescu) and the ex-prime minister (Calin Popescu Tariceanu).
That's great! How do you know about their support? Is it official? Because why haven't they done anything about it then?
Both Crin Antonescu and Calin Popescu Tariceanu have always underlined they were royalists.The problem is not all the liberals are royalists so they must be very cautious.
Have any countries restored monarchies without some major event prompting it? Spain and Cambodia come to mind; Spain had Franco die and Cambodia had a war end. I don't see anything in Romania being such a large-scale trigger for a major change such as monarchical restoration.
If Serbia will restore soon Monarchy there will be a good example for Romania too.
Both Crin Antonescu and Calin Popescu Tariceanu have always underlined they were royalists.The problem is not all the liberals are royalists so they must be very cautious.

Crin Antonescu has a real chance to be the next President after Basescu. I don't think he will give up this chance for Monarchie. In fact I can bet he won't.
I'd love to see the Monarchy restored in our country... it may be the last chance for our blessed country to re-gain its powerful position among all European countries, as truly worthy of our historical and cultural heritage... I am a profound admirer of HRH Princess Margareta, she should be our Queen!
Has the Royal Family made a visit to Moldova and is there any movement towards restoring the monarchy there? After all, it was part of Romania under King Michael before.
No chance. Well not in the forseeable future in any case. The question of reunification is still in a heated debate, so with the political leanings in Moldova at the moment I doubt whether it ever became an issue.

No member has made a visit to Moldova as of yet. Although Im not sure how well they would be greeted...
The Royal Family have already visited Basarabia.
Really? Sorry, my mistake CSENYC! When did they visit? I should be more up to date with these events...

By the way, there are over 4000 votes (77% at the moment) for the restoration of the monarchy in Romania on the poll by Realitatea! It seems support is growing quite strongly!

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Out of curiosity, what language does the Royal Family speak when they're together?

I have heard the King speak English, which is very good, and the Queen speak French, which is also very good; I don't speak any other languages and can't judge their fluency in them. If only the King was born and raised in Romania, does the rest of the family speak Romanian well? If not, is that a problem?
Most likely the whole Royal Family speak English; Queen Anne during World War II lived with her family in the USA and there she ended her studies and later worked; and in the 1950s King Michael and Queen Anne moved for some years in England, so it's likely that also their daughters learnt English while living there.
The Royal Family uses Romanian,English and French.The fact some members of the Royal Family are not perfectly fluent in Romanian upsets the people very much.
What kind of event will it be?
The tenth of May is the traditional national feast of the Kingdom.

This week is a good test for the Royal Family who proves to be much more popular than somebodu could have guessed.
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What kind of government does Romania have now?
Romania is theoretically a semipresidential republic now but almost everybody want a new Constitution.Some of the politicians (especially from PLD) want a presidential republic, others want a parlamentary republic (some politicians from PSD ) and others a constitutional Monarchy (some politicians of PNL).
I think a Monarchy is a great idea.... In my opinion it is the best form of government
In this moment in Romania they are much more royalists than 20 years ago but I think not enough yet to win a referendum.
You would not believe the exploding atmosphere that is happening here in Romania. This year, people have actually begun to pay attention to the royal family. The news is constantly speaking about and referring to them with their proper titles. People on the street have continuous discussions about the royal family and a possible return. In fact, the idea and debate about a possible restoration has effectively become main stream.

Many people have their reservations whether the royal family can change the socio-economic landscape in Romania, but almost everyone agrees that they can reinstate the national pride and traditions Romania once warmly held. The idea of a continuous head of state that brings respect to the country and people is becoming a very acceptable idea. People are sick and tired of all the different presidents that have failed to bring about "demnitate civica" (moral civic duty). The main purpose of the president is to uphold and improve Romania's image, which they have barely done.

Foreigners have always respected our King a lot more than our Presidents. Thus an increasing want for a constitutional monarchy.

Now all we need is some strong political will... I believe this time next year, we will be seeing a very different political atmosphere to that of today.
There is no political will for restoration in this moment.
In my Bucharest (every one with his view:flowers:) people discuss about how to change the actual power who didn't performed but i didn' hear a single one who wants monarchie right now (well...maybe one...from the young generation). I was at the event in front of the Royal Palace to see what is the pulse of the population. But there were at most 100 monarchists (if I can call them so...I was there and I still debate if the monarchy is the good thing for this nation). And these people were there for King Mihai - the most respected figure from the Romanian Royal Family. I'm afraid to think what will be happen when he will die.
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I travelled a lot in different parts of Romania and even some taxi drivers spoke about the restoration of Monarchy.
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