Restoration of Monarchy in Portugal

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Causa Real coordinates, at a national level, the monarchic movement, with the main objective of promoting a political alternative for Portugal.
The Royal Associations are part of the territorial organization of the Royal Cause.
The PPM is a small party and the Duke of Bragança is not part of the party.

Thank you for that. I realised that the Duke of Bragança is not connected in any way with PPM.
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Article by Cristina Barreiro
The Bragança: what if the Monarchy returned to Portugal?

The tragedy was consummated on February 1, 1908 when gunmen linked to anarchist and republican groups shot at the Monarch and the Royal Family...
The day of the wedding of Maria Francisca de Bragança, daughter of the Dukes of Bragança, Duarte Pio and Isabel de Herédia, reminds the Portuguese about the monarchy in Portugal which, by the way, "is very healthy and recommended".

The words are from the vice-president of the Popular Monarchist Party (PPM), Aline Gallasch-Hall de Beuvink, who, in conversation with Notícias ao Minuto, revealed that she has been following the monarchical movement "since the 90s", having come to watch to "peaks in demand and requests for membership" both in the PPM and in Causa Real [association that represents the monarchical ideal in Portugal], but "never so many young people looking for it as now".

"It's true that we live in a Republic but, whether we like it or not, the Bragança family and its history merge with the history of our country, therefore it represents what Portugal was, in a way, for so many centuries. I think the monarchical movement is very healthy and is recommended", he stated.

Asked whether the marriage of Maria Francisca de Bragança with Duarte de Sousa Martins reminded the Portuguese about the monarchy in Portugal, which, for many, was 'dormant', the vice-president of the party stated that "yes", also giving an account of that "whenever there is an event in the world related to European royal houses, the monarchical issue in Portugal comes to the fore a little and people remember that after all we also have a royal family, despite having a Republic".

"People in general don't follow it, they don't think about it, but when there is a Royal House event, where a family member is invited, who travels from North to South of the country, it is very interesting to see the reaction of people on the street ", exemplified Aline Hall de Beuvink, who says she has already witnessed several demonstrations "of affection, sympathy and identification".

Although the PPM and the royal family are not linked since a monarch is non-partisan, as the 'vice' pointed out, it is "clear that the party is pleased to see another royal event".
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