Queen Rania for the United Nations

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That's a beautiful video. Does anyone have a link to the original?
Yes, very beautiful video. I like very very much this movement of QRania, very much. She may be very sad that's why she has disappeared.
It looks that the watch she is wearing is her favorite, she is wearing it most of the time. I wonder which brand is it?
leomama i realy want to know what brand this watch is, been to all major brands in hope of finding it but could not luck yet!if you find out, plz let me know too...
It's such a "strong" video!!Especially the photos and the crying of the babies...I do wish this tragedy would come to an end soon!
Wow, the black and white video is incredibly powerful. Thank you for posting it.
:previous: God,she looks a m a z i n g !!!Salma,could you post it as an avatar?Her hair and make-up were perfect that day,so it would be nice :flowers:
Thank´s Lilo and Jordan for pics! What she wore trousers or skirt?
I'm so glad to hear that Q.Rania is trying so hard.It's true that Palestinian people deserve way more than that.
Thanks for the photos and articles.

It's good to see Queen Rania still helping to ensure this issue remains in the public eye. The humanitarian crisis hasn't disappeared just because the reporters have.
I believe that all these weeks we don't see her is because she works about Gaza victims and maybe she is sad and disappointed from all these crimes that she saw happening in Gaza. This is my opinion.
Thank´s Lilo and Jordan for pics! What she wore trousers or skirt?

We did not get full view images of Rania at this event.
Thank you for all the pictures.
Queen meets the Executive Director of the UNICEF


UNICEF’s Executive Director Ann M. Veneman highlights huge impact of Madrasati

Amman, March 3 (Petra)-- In a meeting with Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah, Tuesday, United Nations Children's Fund’s (UNICEF) Executive Director, Ann M. Veneman, praised the positive impact of the Madrasati initiative on students in Jordan.

Ms. Veneman, who is visiting Jordan as a part of her tour in the region, briefed Her Majesty about her visit to the Tumader School for Girls, one of Madrasati’s schools. She noted that not only has Madrasati improved the infrastructure of schools, but also the quality of the learning environment. News

Another article: Jordan Times

UNICEF Executive Director in visit to Jordan on first leg of regional mission

AMMAN, 3 March 2009 – UNICEF Executive Director, Ann M. Veneman, concluded a 2-day visit to Jordan which focused on the country’s innovative approaches to child protection and education. UNICEF Press Release
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I'm glad every time I hear that educational projects go well,especially when they include little girls.It's a positive and optimistic message for our world.Again,congratulations :flowers:
Early childhood development report showcases Jordan's success

AMMAN, Jordan, 20 March 2009 – UNICEF this week presented the findings of a new report showcasing Jordan's successes in early childhood development (ECD).

UNICEF - At a glance: Jordan - Early childhood development report showcases Jordan's success

"I am pleased that the Jordan initiative in the area of early childhood development, under the personal leadership of Her Majesty, is promoted as best practice in the region," said UNICEF Representative in Jordan Anne Skatvedt. "The well deserved credit given to a wide range of partners is a stimulus to all to continue the excellent work and to aim even higher over the coming years."
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