Queen Margrethe's Summer Tour aboard the Dannebrog: 2015 - 2023

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Lene Balleby from the court has confirmed that the Regent Couple's visit to the Faeroe Islands has to be cut short.
QMII needs to be at home in Copenhagen, so that she can receive either the PM candidate who clearly won the general election, or meet all the party leaders for a so called Queen-round where leader points to whom they prefer to lead the next government.
As such the Regent Couple will return to Denmark sometime Friday 19th.
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The trip to the Faroe Islands is now shorten by one day, officially now from the 15 to the 18th instead of the 19th

Regentparret aflægger besøg på Færøerne med Kongeskibet Dannebrog i perioden 15.-18. juni.
Dronningen udskyder sommerbesøg på Færøerne - Indland

Jyllands Posten writes today that the court has confirmed that the Regent Couple postpone their visit to the Faeroe Islands, due to the general election.
The visit will take place at a later but not yet disclosed time.

- There have been some criticism on the Faeroe Islands that the presence and thus expose of the members of the current government on the islans could influence the election. Or at the very least that the politicians will be more preoccupied with the visit, rather than focusing on the political issues of interest to the islanders (That one is from the republicans).

The press release from the court: Regentparrets besøg på Færøerne udsættes - Kongehuset

- The general election encompassing the entire realm takes place 18th June.

ADDED: http://www.bt.dk/royale/valget-kom-paa-tvaers-dronningen-aflyser-sommertogt-til-faeroeerne

Lene Balleby says to BT: "The final debate with the leaders of the parties on the Faeroe Islands takes place Wednesday evening 17th June at the same tim as the planned gala dinner in Torshavn. The two events are not easily compatible and as such the court together with the Lagmand (head of the autonomous government) has decided to postpone the Regent Couple's visit for some later date".

Lene Balleby denies that the decision should have anything to do with accusations of the visit perhaps being exploited politically: "No, it is not. It has always been a prerequiste for the visit that the political events on the Faeroe Islands must not have a direct influence on the shedule".

But why now?
"But it is only now, while all the peices in regards to the Faeroese election campaigning is falling into place that it has turned out that the ends cannot meet".
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The visit has now been rescheduled and announced
Besøg på Færøerne | Kongehuset - Forside

Her Majesty the Queen pays an official visit to the Faroe Islands in the days of the 13 to 16 June 2016 on the Royal Yacht Dannebrog.

Faroese prime minister Aksel V. Johannesen is hosting the visit.

Queen's raid with the national flag to the North Atlantic islands offers a comprehensive program, where the Queen among others will experience the Faroe peculiar nature and culture.

Detailed program of the visit will be published later."
Thanks Polyesco :flowers:

I'm actually disappointed that Henrik doesn't participate in the summer cruise to the Faroe Islands. Or perhaps I'm more surprised... I had thought he would.
There's more and more for me there suggest that there is more wrong than just a wish to "slow down" or retire.

Then Margrethe shall walk around alone... It will not be pictures the Danes will think is very nice to see I think. I hope hope Frederik and Mary will be added to the summer cruise. But they have also a very tightly packed calendar themselves.
:previous: It will be sad to see her taking such a trip alone. Maybe Joachim and Marie will accompany her.
From what i've heard from my danish friends, most danes loves and respect their Queen but don't care at all or very little for Henrik.
They feel sympathies for her and thinks that Henrik is letting her down in their last years instead of enjoying each other now when their kids are grown up and have their own families. But they also say it will be nice and probably good for the Queen to not having to worry over what Henrik has said to journalists.

Margrethe will be accompanied everywhere she goes on the Faroe Islands so she won't be much alone. I think it was more strange to see her alone at the photos in Norway recently with the Swedish and Norwegian royal couples. She looked like a widow even if she isn't. It will take some time to get used to that she will be working mostly alone from now on.

I don't think we should expect Frederik and Mary or Joachim and Marie to follow her everywhere she goes. They have their own schedule and small children they want to be as close as possible too.
Maybe Princess Benedikte or Queen Anne-Marie will follow her on some ocassions. Wouldn't it be nice to see Margrethe, Benedikte and Anne-Marie do the summer cruise together without their husbands ? ;) I'm sure that would bring back lots of memories for the middle aged and older danes who was born during the reign of their father or grandfather.
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I think it would be lovely to see the sisters (or several of them) enjoying a cruise together.
I like that idea of the sisters doing the cruise together. It would be nice. We will see. :flowers:
Although I believe that it would be wonderful not think possible at least for the Queen Anne-Marie.
All three sisters, that would be fabulous! Oh let us all wish for that.
she will miss her darling Husband they are so devoted - i think he must have a health concern or I'm quite sure he'd be supporting her all the way.I hope some family members go with her.
I think it would be lovely to see the sisters (or several of them) enjoying a cruise together.

That actually sounds like a good option.

I don't think Queen Anne-Marie would go on such a visit. It's after work, not pleasure. In DK Anne-Marie would be treated like a queen, so there are considerations in regards to the protocol.
But Benedikte accompanying her sister, that would be great. I'm sure They would enjoy it and the Faeroe Islanders would appreciate it as well.

It had not even occurred to me that Benedikte could accompany QMII on the job, rather than M&F or J&M.
That's a nice and simple alternative. :)
I don't think Queen Anne-Marie will follow to Faroe Islands. Princess Benedikte may be following but i guess the most likely scenario is probably that QMII will go alone if PH is at home.

I thought more about Margrethe, Benedikte and Anne-Marie doing the annual summer cruise around in Denmark if Henrik decides to not follow.
Queen Margrethe's Summer Tour aboard the Dannebrog: June & September 2016

QMII will this year do the Summer Cruise aboard DANNEBROG alone.

The program is:

Summer Cruise I

1.-2. juni
​QMII will visit Lolland Municipality

3.-4. juni
QMII will visit Varde Municipality

Visit to the Faroe Islands

13.-16. juni
QMII will visit the Faroe Islands

Summer Cruise, part II

5.-6. september
QMII will visit Odsherred Municipality

7. september
QMII will visit Favrskov Municipality

8.-9. september
QMII will visit Langeland Municipality

H.M. Dronningens sommertogter med Kongeskibet Dannebrog i 2016 | Kongehuset - Forside
Will she be accompanied by F&M in the absence of the Consort?
There´s no information so far about that, muriel. I hope they do, but only time will show :)
A BB video of QMII boarding Dannebrog for the season: VIDEO: Dronning Margrethe trodsede regnen | BILLED-BLADET

Today QMII officially boarded Danneborg for the season and as you can see the weather was pretty terrible. (We had snow this weekend BTW) In fact when the driver opened the door for QMII the door actually slammed shut, so it was a luck she hadn't a leg or a hand injured.
Looks like a terribly wet day in Copenhagen
We do have terrible weather in CPH at the moment. It all started with the death of Prince. Sometimes it snows in April :sad: But let´s hope for better weather during summer :flowers:

I don´t know if you know this poem but the Norwegian poet Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson wrote "April for me I choose!". Notice the last sentence :lol:

"April for me I choose!
In it the old things tumble,
In it things new refresh us;
It makes a mighty rumble,-
But peace is not so precious
As that his will man shows.

April for me I choose,
Because it storms and scourges,
Because it smiles and blesses,
Because its power purges,
Because it strength possesses,-
In it the summer grows."
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Queen Margrethe today paid a visit to Varde in Jutland during the annual summer cruise.


PPE Agency
H.M. Queen Margrethe reviews the 'Home Guard Country Practice 2016' in Fredericia in Jutland.

PPE Agency
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #23, 2016.
Written by Trine Larsen.

Who observes that QMII has rarely been seen happier, fresher and more folksy than on this cruise.
This cruise also different from previous cruises in that there is extra time at each event, so less stress and more time to interact with people and really see what is going on. And also give QMII time to greet onlookers.

But lets have a look at some of the things she has been doing, in no partcular order.
She sampled wine made from cherries, which has now become an export success.
She visited a social housing estate, something QMII is not in habit of doing. The homes are specifically made for handicapped, people who have had various issues, elderly, ethnic minorities as well a families with children. And here she saw a painting on house made by the multi-artist, Leif Sylvester. And the two of them had a chat about art. Leif Sylvester, who is pretty left-wing admitted that even though he's not a royalist he believe QMII is a good Regent.
QMII also visited a care-home for particularly vulnerable people, i.e. people who are pretty much confined to a wheel-chair 24/7. And as many of them can hardly talk or move in response to QMII, she padded them lovingly on the arm.
A thing that really fascinated QMII was a piglet at an ecological farm. The two of them obviously developed a mutual sympathy. (Perhaps it reminds her of someone? :D)
But she also went to Dodekalitten. In Greek that means twelve stones and it consists of twelve huge stone figures. That is when they have been completed. On this day she inaugurated the fourth sculpture by cutting a ribbon using a pre-historic axe. (She would have enjoyed that!)
In the picturesque south-central Jutlandic town of Varde, she visited a tranquil botanical garden and went to a local museum to look at 2.000 year old archeological finds and here she got absorbed discussing the finds with the head of the museum.
While in the area she went up a bird-tower in the hope of seeing an eagle, but alas no eagle bothered to show up. (Eagles have returned big-time to DK!)
She also visited Sct. Jacobi School, where pupils were busy packing parcels with treats to soldiers stationed abroad. Including a letter. QMII put a monogrammed ball-pen into five or six of the parcels aa an extra little surprise to the soldiers. "It's really amusing and lovely that the school children are involved. I understood several of them have or have had a father, brother or someone who has been deployed... so they understand what it means.
And there is no doubt that it really, really means a lot to get a greeting from home in that way. Several times also with a little letter which one of the pupils have written".

- You'd think she was tired after such a day, right? Think again! She rushed off to the town of Kolding to see the exhibition of Faberge-jewellery at the castle Koldinghus.
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