Queen Margrethe's Birthday: April 16 (2003-2019, 2021 - 2024)

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You didn't watch BB live feed then...;)
Josephine and Athena together stole the show and had lots of fun together!
Nothing shy about Athena.

Unfortunately no.:ermm:

Then I will look forward to the clips that will be uploaded later.
Long video from Kongehuset's Facebook (17 minutes):

It was a fun birthday celebration.

Josephine is undoubtedly a star. She made sure to entertain the entire lawn while also entertain her cousin Athena - and they certainly have fun together these two little girls. When the music ended Josephine jumped up on the stair, waved her arms to the people and bowed - she is so fun and sweet a little girl :D :lol:

Vincent is the most beautiful boy and he smiled his gentle charming smile and waved in front with grand papa Henrik and Josephine - when he wasn't busy with run over and hugging his mother :wub:

Isabella has grown to such a big girl now, and she waved nicely and neatly as she laughed over her lively little siblings and cousin. As she hugged both her mother, father and grandmother over and over agian, a loving girl.

Christian as the oldest brother kept a good eye on his lively siblings and cousin.

A fine scene when Margrethe and Henrik, and Frederik in the middle, stood and looked.

A funny scene at the end: Everyone goes out on the balcony again... Mary discovers that Josephine, and Marie and Athena are missing ... Mary runs inside and tries to find them .. And then get them all with out on the balcony again. Isabella gave her mother a high-five and a hug when she had found them :D

Great to see Margrethe so happy, and that Henrik was by her side.


Dronnings fødselsdag med fransk overraskelse – Ekstra Bladet

Adorable Vincent and Christian in matching clothes. And red wine pants like daddy. :cool:
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Thank you. :flowers:

I thoroughly enjoyed that.

Josephine is a little ham. :lol: And she has sure got a fellow collaborator in Athena! I'm sure it's very lively this year at Marselisborg, with those two around!
Athena is looking up to Josephine who no doubt enjoy being the older one for once.

Henrik and Vincent were more subdued but then there are no cows to yell at or cars to admire... :D

And Christian and Isabella as the two older, very responsible, almost, nearly, close to being, sort of adults themselves.

Usually the Music Corps play the more international Happy Birthday, but this year they surprised QMII by playing the Danish children's birthday song. Which means the smallest can sing along - and they did.

From a viewing point of view I prefer the balcony scene to take place at Marselisborg rather than at Amalienborg. Simply because it's more in eye-level with people and the family can move about. - Josephine and Athena's antics were a photographers wet dream come true!
But the atmosphere at Amalienborg is fantastic! It's more intimate and inclusive because people are surrounded by the four mansions.

ADDED: A few nice photos: https://bdk.bmcdn.dk/media/cache/resolve/image_1049x/image/82/822275/16966295-dronning-margrethe.jpg
And a great photo of our two entertainers: https://bdk.bmcdn.dk/media/cache/resolve/image_1049x/image/82/822278/16966308-dronning-margrethe.jpg
Another photo of the two: http://imbo2.tv2.dk/users/editorial/images/a61656d9-3c8d-466c-932e-bfe876791d14.jpg?t%5B%5D=crop%3Awidth%3D1883%2Cheight%3D1059%2Cx%3D0%2Cy%3D48&t%5B%5D=maxSize%3Awidth%3D620&t%5B%5D=compress%3Alevel%3D82&accessToken=6ce8bb5afb710239aad32962d54935b9243260a0ee610d3a54f43758b7ac29bb

I notice that Josephine is wearing the bracelet the female members of the DRF receive when they are five or six years old. I couldn't make out whether Athena wore one.

Prinsesserne Josephine og Athena satte kulør på farmors fest | BILLED-BLADET

Another great photo of the two entertainers.
The article says the onlookers also enjoyed the show, which Josephine and Athena responded to - delighting the onlookers even more.

Another photo of the two, doing a "Klappe kage" = Clapping cake. Don't know the English equivalent. (It's not a high five, this is much older, and including a song known to all toddlers). http://billedeupload.dk/images/2ofZ6.jpg
Unless my lip-reading is off in one of the videos Josephine says: "Not so hard".

ADDED: A 40 pic gallery: http://www.jv.dk/indland/Dronningen-hyldes-fra-trappen-foran-Marselisborg-Slot/artikel/2497559
With selected photos in this folder, which is likely to be updated with additional photos, so check back: QMII's birthday at Marselisborg 2017
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Josephine and Athena remind me a lot of the connection between Estelle and Leonore. So cute.
Gallery from Berlingske:

Vincent between farmor Margrethe and farfar Henrik :wub:

If there is someone who is ready to join farfar's funny behauvour it's little Josephine :D

Isabella and funny farfar Henrik:


A very nice gallery Getty Images :flowers:

Danish Queen Margrethe Celebrates 77th Birthday Pictures and Photos | Getty Images


Here are some of my favorites pictures/moments from today :flowers:

Hard to choose because there are so many.
I will leave out the otherwise wonderful pictures of cherry Josephine and Athena because we have already seen so many pictures - but it was glorious to watch them. Josephine is indeed a star, and she certainly has a little cousin who looks very much up to her :lol:

Mary being mother :wub: I watched the live-broadcasting and in the only 15 minutes all four children reached to run to mother and giving her a hug. Isabella and Vincent several times, that was lovely and so natural a mother-child thing to see:

The Crown Prince family arm in arm, and Isabella being the center with a arm around both her father and mother :)

Vincent's gentle smile :wub:

Josephine is such a ham - I would love to meet her, I think she is so fun to be around :lol:

F&M in the background:
It may be Isabella and Henrik who are in focus, but as I watched the live-video I noticed how F&M chatted like two new in love teenagers in the background. They cracked up laughing at something and Mary lean against Frederik's arm and they stood like this while they enjoyed themselves :)


Isabella with farmor Margrethe and Grand papa Henrik - Bella is a lovely girl:
Robin Utrecht | Photoshelter

Vincent with farmor and farfar - if it was legal, I had stolen him ;)

I think F&M here think: We may have 4 kids, but good we did not have 6 :lol:

Robin Utrecht | Photoshelter
Robin Utrecht | Photoshelter
Robin Utrecht | Photoshelter
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And Daily Mail: Princess Mary is a doting mother on Easter Sunday* | Daily Mail Online

And an updated folder: QMII's birthday 2017
- With particular emphasis on my two little favorites and other family interaction.
As usual no credits to me.

And a 87 pic gallery from Aarhus Stiftstidende: http://stiften.dk/article_gallery/448364

A few comments.

Marselisborg Manor is placed inside Marselisborg Forest, so in order to get there you have to walk through a part of the forest. The city of Aarhus surrounds the forest, except to the east, where the trees go down to the sea. https://app.box.com/s/rp2n4so2ssw3q2mfop7kp459gf3n3jnl

I see Vincent has not inherited his dad's fondness for pockets... That surely must be the Australian/Scottish genes taking over. https://app.box.com/s/bfqw3iwyuce6mgz6hn5esle7pg60jqo6

And we must not forget the royal dogs. Here QMII's dachshund. But our Marie's furry little thing, Apple, was also there, she must be pretty old by now. https://app.box.com/s/st0eb1bm3qqfhbg49yzhezw9jgazovey

The guardsmen are just as much an attraction while the royal residence is located at Marselisborg or Gråsten. Because they are picked from conscripts from in this case mainly Jutland. So the family proudly show up when their little son (or daughter) is on guard duty - taking pics and embarrassing their prodigy.

ADDED: I hope you are able to watch this news video from TV2 Eastern Jutland: http://www.tv2østjylland.dk/nyheder...elsdag-pa-marselisborg-slot?autoplay=1#player
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What a great birthday for the Queen.
A joy to see Josephine and Athena interact together. Sweet Vincent with his cute smile, especially with grandpa Henrik and mother Mary.

I have not seen all the videos but it looks like the two little ones were playing "patty cake" with their hands.
Lovely Isabella with her father Frederik

and the Crown Prince family arriving

Christian, as usual keeping his eye on his younger siblings (with his parents arm in arm)

Wonderful celebration with the people
One thing that stands out is that this is one very loving family that enjoy spending time with each other. From the jovial grandfather to the kids playing patty cake and just enjoying being with each other, its no wonder that upon reaching 77 years old, Queen "Daisy" has many, many reasons to smile and be happy.

No matter what has happened with complaints about titles or his separate jaunts to places exotic or his flamboyant attire, its very clear to see that Henrik and Margrethe are still a loving couple and revel in being surrounded by their family.

Makes me acclaim that there's nothing fishy in Denmark. Nothing at all. :D
Thanks to everyone who has posted videos, articles and photos!
One thing I have to love about the Danish royal family is that they're definitely a family that is not afraid and even encouraged to display their love for each other in public situations. No formal waves and bows on the balcony but just a pure, unadulterated family that loves each other. :flowers:
One thing that stands out is that this is one very loving family that enjoy spending time with each other. From the jovial grandfather to the kids playing patty cake and just enjoying being with each other, its no wonder that upon reaching 77 years old, Queen "Daisy" has many, many reasons to smile and be happy.

No matter what has happened with complaints about titles or his separate jaunts to places exotic or his flamboyant attire, its very clear to see that Henrik and Margrethe are still a loving couple and revel in being surrounded by their family.

Makes me acclaim that there's nothing fishy in Denmark. Nothing at all. :D
I've never been a big fan of Henrik, but I must now admit that I like him a bit too, especially after I heard that he had reached out to Prince Richard when he was ill with cancer.
I enjoyed this year's balcony/veranda appearance and Josephine and Athena are so cute , Here are some of my favorite photos from today. Josephine seems to be enjoying big sis role to little Athena


Happy birthday Queen Margrethe[emoji16][emoji16]

For those who did not see the videos. That wonderful photo is taken right after the Music Corps played the third tune. (*)
Josephine darted over to her kusine (female cousin. Male cousin is fætter) Athena and jumped up on the bench to (with considerable justification!) receive the applause from the onlookers.

(*) The first being the royal anthem.
The second being the children's birthday song.
The third being QMII's Parade March.
The fourth tune, as the family went inside the first time was PH's Parade March.
Thanks to all who posted the links. Great photos. I guess having Joachim's two younger children in Amalienborg; the twins and Joachim and Marie's children will see a lot more of each other.
It's nice to see Margrethe and Henrik together with the family. The kids all looked cute and I liked Christian and Vincent with their matching pants! Christian and Isabella are going to be very tall, I think.
Does anyone know whether Josephine,Vincent and Athena go to same Kindergarten?
Does anyone know whether Josephine,Vincent and Athena go to same Kindergarten?

Josephine and Vincent attend the same kindergarten, a few hundred meters from Amalienborg.
Henrik attends a school not far from his home in northern Copenhagen.

I'm not sure about Athena.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #16, 2017.
Written by Ken Richter.

It was a cool Sunday QMII celebrated her birthday on.
The Regent Couple had returned from Aarhus Cathedral shortly before noon. QMII always attends the daily services during Easter.
And M&F with children were seen strolling the few hundred meters from the Cavalier Building, where they usually stay when at Marselisborg. It's also here Frederik lived while studying in Aarhus and where certainly Frederik makes a pit-stop when he is in this part of the country. J&M must have stayed at the main-building - which QMII once described as an awfully big house with awfully little room. - When Marselisborg was build it was somehow missed that the royals might actually have children let alone having guests staying...

At noon the DRF appeared on the terrace, which is located to the back of the manor, so people were actually crowding in the park. But it's a very big park, so plenty of room.
Here people spontaneous began to sing the children's birthday song at the same time QMII were to give nine cheers for Denmark. (*) So she had to hush people up a bit. Once the formality of the cheering was over the royal anthem was played, and then to QMII's surprise the Music Corps played the children's birthday song. Usually it's the more international Happy Birthday, but this one everyone could sing along to.

In the evening QMII was celebrated with a dinner and around 25 invited guests.
The next time she can celebrate her B-day in Aarhus is in 2022.

As always when QMII is in residence either at Gråsten or Marselisborg, relatives to the guardsmen on duty descend in droves to look at and not least photograph their son/daughter standing guard.
That also includes QMII's former LiW, Lena von Lüttichau, who came to look at her grandson, Valdemar. - It's very endearing, isn't it?
I actually meet von Lüttichau's family, the Gamborgs, from time to time. They have a large estate not far from here. Down the road, third road to the left and a bit further...

(*) The old identification signal for Danish ships were three shots. In the army it was three cheers (hurrah) when in battle or as a salute. When the Monarch is present it's 3X3 cheers = 9 cheers. And that's how it is to this day.
On big occasions canons fire 3X9 shots = 27 shots. - They love to fire their guns! :D
In Sweden the old ID signal was four shots, and as such four cheers for Sweden.

The scans: BB #16, 2017
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A belated thank you to everyone who shared the photos, videos and information about Margarethe's birthday.
I loved the photos of the family on the balcony, and the relationship between little Josephine and Athena was heartwarming to see - it's lovely to know that they are close. All the children looked very nice as well, Christian and Isabella look so grown up! I still remember when Isabella was the little princess licking the windows of the palace :D
This year Queen Margrethe celebrates her birthday in

"H.M. The Queen celebrates his birthday at Amalienborg in Copenhagen this year.

In connection with Queen's 78th birthday Monday, April 16, 2018, Queen and Royal Family will be showing on the balconies at Christian IX's Palace, Amalienborg, at 12.00.

The Royal Life Guard will be in red gala uniform, and the shift will take place in front of Christian VII's Mansion."

Hendes Majestæt Dronningens fødselsdag | Kongehuset
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