Queen Margrethe's Birthday: April 16 (2003-2019, 2021 - 2024)

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BB is going to air live from QMII's b-day at Marselisborg. That's in two hours after this is posted.
I'm going to give a running commentary. It will be a nice change to write about something positive.

I (or someone else) will post a link later.

Also, try keep an eye on bt.dk they may also provide a live link.
It is after all the first balcony scene since the pandemic started, so I expect this will be more than well covered.

BB live link: https://www.billedbladet.dk/kongeli...e-til-stor-foedselsdagsfest-med-overraskelser

They have not begun to send live yet, but when they do, I will start commenting.

BB will send live from 11.50 - that's in ten minutes.


We are live.
It's Ulrik Ulriksen who is our reporter on the spot.

Nice weather. Balmy 15 degrees C. - QMII has been a good girl during the past year. Because according to DK tradition the weather on your B-day reflects your behavior over the past year. If the weather is bad, you have been bad. If the weather is good, you have been good.

A reminder: QMII will take part in the Easter services at Aarhus Cathedral, and it's expected that members of her family will also attend, so more to look forward to.


Portraits of Isabella will be published on her B-day.

BB will send live from Isabella's confirmation.


Nine cheers for DK. The CP family is there but not J&M, perhaps Joachim is too busy in France these days?
Christian is huge!


People are singing the children's b-day song.


I think Isabella pointed out some Australians for her mother.


QMII's Salutation March is played, it always is at such events.

Link goes down a couple of times.


Nice to see Isabella's isn't tool old to hold Mary's hands.


Someone is calling out to Isabella, presumably to congratulate her.


M&F have swapped places. the photographers will appreciate that.


BB will follow up with a number of articles throughout the day.

The show is over for now. There will no doubt be a fixed link to the coverage.

- Lunchtime!
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Queen Margrethe looks great -- and very happy! And, wow, Christian towers over the rest of the family these days! He must be almost as tall as his great-grandfather, Frederik IX.
Late to the party but always nice to see the Queen and family.
Christian has developed his own style with an eye for fashion like Frederik ��.
That's a slab of cold lava, raised up. :ohmy:

Perhaps it will grow on my the next time we visit the park at Marselisborg.
Yep, this sinister thingy might be not the most thought through present.
On the contrary I think that the sculpture is right up the Queen's alley. She loves this kind of modern artwork.
Summary of article in Biled Bladet #16, 2022.
Written by our man on the spot, Ulrik Ulriksen.


QMII celebrated her birthday at Marselisborg this year and appeared on the terrace in front of some 4.000 people (I'd say about a tenth of what is usually gathering at Amalienborg, but there really isn't for that many in front of Marselisborg. Instead people are closer to the DRF.)

QMII wore a brooch presented to her på Aarhus municipality when she turned 75.
Created by Alice Rosborg, it consists of one large brilliant symbolizing QMII, three smaller one symbolizing her three granddaughters and five sapphires symbolizing her grandsons.

Isabella got a lot of focus, wearing a Hugo Boss blazer. her mother wore a coat by Goat fashion.
At some point Isabella spotted a tiny Australian flag in the crowd to her mother, who gave an extra wave in that direction.
She also pointed out someone who stood with a sign saying: It's my birthday too.

For her 82nd B-day QMII got a stone-slap, that someone put in a hopefully remote corner of the park.

It was Easter weekend, and that means QMII go to service at Aarhus Cathedral. Also on this Easter Sunday, where she was accompanied by Frederik and Isabella, who was wearing a blazer from Heartmade.
As always QMII wore her Easter-necklace by Faberge, depicting Easter eggs.
It was royal confessionarius and bishop of Aarhus, Henrik Wigh-Poulsen, who did the service.

The Palace released the plans for this year's birthday celebration today, March 23.

The traditional balcony appearance of Queen Margrethe and the family will take place and from that day on Queen Margrethe will start to resume her official duties, within reason, following medical advice:

** kongehuset press release: HM The Queen’s 83rd birthday **
The Palace released the plans for this year's birthday celebration today, March 23.

The traditional balcony appearance of Queen Margrethe and the family will take place and from that day on Queen Margrethe will start to resume her official duties, within reason, following medical advice:

** kongehuset press release: HM The Queen’s 83rd birthday **

Great News that the Queen recovery allows her to start doing official duties and to see the first Balcony appearance at Amalienborg since 2018.
Helle von Wildenrath Løvgreen has informed Billed Bladet that Nikolai and Felix will attend QMII's birthday (and also be present for the balcony appearance).

Wonderful news that they're back on speaking terms! But also a bit puzzling if neither visited her in hospital (which I assume we would've heard of by now given Helle von Wildenrath Løvgreen's willingness to speak to the press :whistling:).
You beat me to it.

Presumably that means we will see them on the balcony as well. At least once.

I don't think we should surprised if QMII is sitting down while listening to the music.

Traditionally the Monarch appears on the balcony several times as a response to the crowd chanting: Dronning, Dronning, kom nu frem. Ellers går vi aldrig hjem = (I can't rhyme if my life depended on it, so that translation is poor) Queen, Queen, come on out. Or we will never go home.
But this year she may make only one max two appearances - or her family will take over.
I'm also pretty sure it will be Frederik who will lead the nine cheers for Denmark.

- Let's see if my crystal ball is right this time.
Daisy Daisy Daisy!!! :wub:

Beautiful to see all the grandkids there. The twins are adorable. Can we talk about the fact Josephine is taller than Vincent, Athena AND Henrik!?
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What a crowd! Lovely to see the Queen celebrated.
The families look great. CP family looked very at ease. Always nice to see the little twin chat

Crown prince family

Nikolai shared a photo from the inside of outside the balcony on his instagram story

Isabella and Christian pointed out a special plane

In October, Christian turns 18. Will we get a balcony appearance?

Isabella a great big sister
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That is one seriously crowded balcony!

There were major concerns among the public prior to this event.
How would QMII be doing?
Who would be there? And more importantly who would not be there!

But QMII looked like she was in fine form, even considering the circumstances. I think she had a good day in all the definitions of the expression.

And everybody showed up and that means two things: Reports of a major and unhealing rift in the family, can now be plausibly denied.
And now that they are together, I sincerely hope they all sit down for a long and hearty talk!
The Queen looks so happy. Happy birthday to her and I am glad she got to share those moments with her whole family.
Lovely to see the whole family together after all the turmoil over the last 7 months - and indeed a good time to talk if they haven't yet done so.

This also shows that the demotion in titles doesn't mean any difference in their treatment on these family events, they are still invited to join in the celebration of their grandmother.
She looks good! She must be a bit unsteady still, since she kept a hand on the balcony rail at all times. But, she's standing up straight and moving unaided, which is awesome for a person her age after back surgery.

Something about her face seems different, though. Maybe she lost weight during the surgery or something, as she seems a little gaunt. Also, her teeth look shades lighter. I wonder if she has given up smoking and had them bleached.
Yep, we will see Christian on the Balcony in six months. Something to look forward to.

They were pointing out the Aarhus-Copenhagen seaplane that was coming in to land in Copenhagen harbor.
Seaplanes are (nowadays) an unusual sight in DK, despite the many islands we have but most islands are in fact uninhabited. Many are used for grassing for cattle, some are reserves for rare birds and seals and the rest are seagull colonies.
But how about doctors? Mail? Delivery of goods you may ask. - There are lots of heavily subsidized ferries. In fact you can hardly row anywhere without bumping into a ferry! If you have a fetish for ferries, Denmark is your Mecca.
And emergencies are handled by helicopters, so no real need for seaplanes, except for this little niche-route.
So seaplanes were being retired from around 1960, not least because the air force got the extremely successful Sikorsky sea-rescue helicopters.

It's always good to see the DRF children. They do have a close and warm relationship. May it always last.
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Who knows what is still going on behind closed doors but it was important to show a united family front on that day.
Wonderful to see Queen Margrethe on the balcony so soon after her surgery and with the family in full support :flowers:
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