Queen Margrethe's Birthday: April 16 (2003-2019, 2021 - 2024)

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Feb 20, 2003
United States
Princess Margrethe's 30th Birthday 16 April 1970

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Queen Margrethe's 50th Birthday 16 April 1990
Queen Margrethe's 50th Birthday 16 April 1990
Queen Margrethe's 50th Birthday 16 April 1990

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Queen Margrethe's 62nd Birthday 16 April 2002
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Queen Margrethe Celebrates 63rd Birthday 16 April 2003

Today Queen Margrethe celebrates her birthday in Marselisborg, her summer residence. Here is a link to some great pictures of Queen Margrethe celebrating with her family, husband Prince Henrik, sons Prince Frederik, Prince Joachim and his family, Princess Alexandra and their sons Nikolai and Felix.

The link is courtesy of the Royal News and Views message board.

There is a photo spread if you click on Her Majesty's image in the top right hand corner.



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Some more pics from IBL.

I love Nikolai's vest and tie! And little Felix is looking incredibly big and grown up. He will be celebrating his birthday in a few short months. Hard to believe it's been almost a year!


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Thanks Alexandria! :flower:

The pictures are great! Queen Margrethe is on of my favourite queens. She looks wonderful and the boys are growing up fast. They all look so vibrant on the balcony. Thanks again for sharing. :)
I thought that too. She also seemed to wave alot more then she did on her engagment day. I think she will fill her role well, be a lovely wife for Frederik, and make Denmark proud.
They all looked fantastic and happy as they shouted Hurrah... and waved to people. :flower:
Queen Margrethe- still look'n good at 64! :flower:

It's so nice to see Mary looking comfy in her position. The whole family just looks very nice and happy (kinda a welcome change from the Brits :p ).
WOW...Mary looks wonderful. I really think she got a bad rap in the beginning just for being a bit nervous. I think that you could really tell in that engagement interview that she was VERY nervous. I think she has really gotten used to everything and is going to be a wonderful Crown Princess, and Queen.
Mary does indeed look lovely in these pictures. Her tied scarf is a nice touch.

Princess Alexandra's light blue floral skirt was also lovely.

There are also a couple of pictures with Nikolai and Felix peeking through the balcony bars, which are sweet. It must've been quite the occasion for them to see all those people cheering up at them, clapping and waving the Danish flag. In more than one picture I thought Felix bore quite a strong resemblance to his paternal uncle Frederik as a child. They both have the same round face and big eyes, though Felix' colouring is lighter than his uncle's.

And in all the talk of Mary looking great, Happy Birthday Queen Margrethe!
Queen Margrethe Celebrates 65th Birthday 16 April 2005

Well, I was one of the people looking at Margrethe, Henrik, Joachim, Nicolai and Felix at the balcony today. Next year, I'll definitely meet earlier than the 45 minutes before I was today, and get a bit further in the line before they open up the plaza before the balcony. It was very crowded there, and very hot.

It was kind of sweet how Margrethe instructed Nicolai how to wave to the crowd, and how Henrik lifted Felix up so that he could see the crowd properly, and we could see him.

One thing I kind of wished would have made the moment even bigger than it was, with the applause and the cheering, was if the people had sung the national anthem when the band played it, and similar if they had sung happy birthday when the band played it. I would imagine that it would have been quite loud. ;)

Picture is from B.T


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Queen Margrethe along with Prince Henrik, Prince Joachim, Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix made a balcony appearance today at Amalienborg Palace to mark the Queen's 65th birthday! The palace square was filled with people who wanted to celebrate their monarch. Pictures from Colourpress:


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Queen Margrethe II Celebrates 65th Birthday

Queen Margrethe II Celebrates 65th Birthday today ...here some pics from the occasion


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and more ...:)


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Polfoto 16-04-2005 Prins Henrik holder prins Felix mens prins Joachim og dronning Margrethe vinker på balkonen, da dronning Margrethes 65 års fødselsdag lørdag blev fejret på Amalienborg, København (AP /John McConnico /Polfoto)

More pictures.
1. AP Picture.
2. to 5. Scanpix pictures.


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:( A bit of sadness for me looking at these pictures. Because of the divorce, Her Highness Princess Alexandra would never appear on the royal balcony again! How she must have felt seeing her sons and ex-husband go out on to the balcony without her, the first time in 9 or 10 years she hasn't appeared on the balcony.
gattica28 said:
:( A bit of sadness for me looking at these pictures. Because of the divorce, Her Highness Princess Alexandra would never appear on the royal balcony again! How she must have felt seeing her sons and ex-husband go out on to the balcony without her, the first time in 9 or 10 years she hasn't appeared on the balcony.
It isn’t sad anymore. Neither for us nor for Alexandra( or Joachim). The divorce announcement was made 6 months ago and the decision(internally) for Alexandra and Joachim to divorce was probably made even further back. So they have probably gotten used to the situation by now. BTW Alexandra was not balcony, but she did take part in the family’s birthday lunch afterwards. So she is not totally excluded from the family:)
Thanks for the pictures everybody!

While everyone looked happy on the balcony, I feel that it is a bit sad to see fewer people on the balcony this year. Last year there were Henrik, Frederik and Mary, Joachim and Alexandra and their sons and this year no Frederik and Mary (who are in Thailand) and no Alexandra. Too bad Frederik and Mary couldn't have post-poned their trip to Thailand by a day or two so that they could've shared the Queen's special day with her.
Too sad, the balcony was not crowded at her 65th birthday!

But nevertheless, I know that the Queen together with the royal family incuding Princess Alex did enjoy the lunch afterwards.
FRom AAP Image:


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From Hello: http://www.hellomagazine.com/royalty/2005/04/18/royalbirthdays/


18 APRIL 2005

Royal revelry reigned over the weekend, with two of Europe's favourite sovereigns celebrating landmark birthdays.

Denmark's much-loved Queen Margrethe, who has just turned 65, was cheered by a huge crowd of well-wishers when she appeared on the balcony of Amalienborg Palace on Saturday. And Grand Duke Henri of Luxembourg was also enjoying the adulation of his subjects as he rang in his 50th birthday with a party in the Grand Ducal Palace.

Accompanied by his wife Maria Teresa, the monarch made a typically impressive entrance by roaring into the palace on a powerful motorcycle. The Duchess had to hold on tight to her husband while they were on the move, but she obviously isn't averse to wrapping her arms around him because they also were photographed in a tender embrace later in the day.

Queen Margrethe, meanwhile, was in similarly affecctionate form. The happiness was written all over her face when she stepped onto the balcony with husband Prince Henrik, son Joachim and grandsons Felix and Nikolai.

The ever-popular Prince Frederik and Princess Mary couldn't make it along, as they are currently on a state visit to Japan, but the monarch was keen to express her fondness for her daughter-in-law. "It must be strenuous to come to a new country and take on her position," she said of the pretty Australian. "She's doing a great job and I'm a proud mother-in-law."

1. A smiling Margrethe waves to her subjects as Henrik, Joachim and grandchildren Nikolai and Felix look on


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Queen Margrethe Celebrates 66th Birthday 16 April 2006

Ca 12 000 people showed up for Margethes birthday to day
from TV2


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Thank you so much Larzen for that report.

Is that from Marselisborg ??

12,000 people, wow that's some 8% of the population in Århus if they are around 150,000.


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Images from polfoto


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