Queen Margrethe II & Prince Henrik, Current Events Part 5: November 2015 - July 2017

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Update on PH's condition. Prins Henriks overført til Skejby Sygehus: 'Vi skal sikre, at Prinsen får den helt rigtige behandling' | BT Royale - www.bt.dk

(I'll leave it to the mods to decide whether this is the correct thread, but as this thread is mainly about PH and his life after his retirement I think this is the appropriate thread).

Lene Balleby says to the tabloid BT: "The Prince has been transferred to Skejby Sygehus (*), that is of course to ensure the Prince gets the most appropriate treatment".

- Skejby hospital is one of three super-hospitals in DK with the most modern equipment and the best doctors - for all eventualities.
Rigshospitalet and Odense University Hospital being the (so far) two other.
I imagine they'll put him through a battery of test, while they have him.

(*) Sygehus = derived from the German Krankenhaus = literally "house for the sick", is a much more modern term than hospital.
Before the Reformation hospitals were mainly paid for and run by the church, but after the Reformation that task suddenly ended up in the hands of the state, because there were few else who could pay for such institutions. And as medical training became more formalized and widespread these ad hoc hospitals grew into the first state run hospitals that were aimed at actually curing most of the sick, while the poor were relocated to state run poorhouses.

The church-run hospitals were initially aimed at caring for the sick, in the hope they would recover. But the medical knowledge, except at the larger monasteries was limited, with the few doctors around mainly being in private employ. So the hospitals were very much more like hospices today. But they also doubled as the last place for invalids and the very poor who could not look after themselves. Or simply providing a bed for pilgrims.

By the 1700's or so, the system with state run hospitals was in place inadequate as they were with modern eyes. And they really couldn't be compared with the "old-fashioned" church-run hospitals! I mean, come on this is 1700-something, not the dark middle-ages! So someone came up with the modern term of Krankenhaus = a house for the sick, as a modern term and that is used in Central and Northern Europe to this day. But because there is no word for Krankenhaus/sygehus in English (the franca lingua of today) the hospital has resurfaced in recent decades.
And thus ends this evening's lecture on the Danish language and the Reformation. :graduate:
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Dear Muhler! Thank you for your meditations on Danish language and literature, but I am quite concerned about our Prince Consort AKA the King of Amalienborg! Do please keep us up to date about his condition; I am quite alarmed at the thought of him terrorizing the hospital:lol:
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You are welcome, Gerry. ?

Well, I know some, perhaps most of you, will find what I say now in poor taste.
PH has for many years had a slight hypochondriac streak IMO. I remember an interview a number of years ago in France, by BB's Trine Larsen. (It may be here on TRF somewhere) where PH basically said that he is unwell but soldering on.

I think when PH is ill, it's definitely developing into man-flu! :D
So, I don't think he minds being fussed about at the hospital, while bravely maintaining he's fine...
Having friends and relatives come to his bedside, assuring them he's fine intermingled with the occasional strain of pain on his brow... It's even better when there is proof, in this case an ulcer.
So he is getting a lot of attention. ;)

I've met many like him, and when I'm in a good mood I tell them something like: You look a bit under the weather. - They usually light up like a sun! :lol:

It's a bit like the hypochondriac who on his tombstone had carved: I told you I was ill!

Of course by age 83 PH is statistically speaking more and more likely to be genuinely ill. Seriously ill even.

ADDED: Update from BB: http://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/dronning-margrethe-om-sin-mands-sygdom-det-gaar-fint

QMII went to a ballet at Møllerup Estate (that's second road on the left and a bit further from where we live) yesterday evening and when asked how PH is doing she smiled: "He's fine".
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With the danger to generalize: it is typically French. In no European country there are so many pharmacists as in France. And while a German or Dutch doctor will send someone with the flu home with as advice "go to bed, eat oranges for vitamin C, maybe a little paracetamol if really, really needed, and you will feel better soon", the French will look completely bewildered when le Docteur does not send them to a pharmacist for a bag full of pills to tackle the flu ;-)
You lived a short time in la P. (France) and as Dutchman , you may not have an objective meaning about the French Medecine.
I'm sure Prince Henrik is enjoying his stay in hospital, but I'm also sure he's devastated he can't be with the Queen to see and perhaps critique this particular ballet. Perhaps there'll be a repeat, a Royal command performance later in the year.
Is P.Henrik a ballet lover? Then indeed he is probably sorry he missed it...
Isn't the ballet the Queen went to see alone based on one of Prince Henrik's poems? Maybe I'm mistaken?
Kongehuset afslører nyt om helbredet: Prins Henrik er blevet opereret | BT Kendte - www.bt.dk

Latest on PH.

He has undergone surgery, where arteries have been (I don't know the English term) expanded, because the passage for the blood-flow had been reduced due to calcium and fat.
He underwent surgery to arteries in his groin and pelvis.
Everything went well and he is expected to be discharged Wednesday.

- A pretty routine and common procedure or a person of his age - and build...


More from BB: http://www.billedbladet.dk/kongelige/danmark/prins-henrik-opereret

It seems his problems with walking was due to the decreased passageway in his arteries.

- So I imagine they've given him the big check-up. Odd his regular doctor haven't send him for a major check-up, but perhaps they are more persuasive at Skejby? - PH, and indeed QMII, has on several occasions undergone various procedures at Aarhus University Hospital.
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I hope he recovers fast. And can go home soon.
I'm also very relieved that the problem has been found and taken care of. Hopefully this will make getting around a bit more comfortable for Henrik.

Time to close this thread, thanks for all your contributions! The new thread can be found here.
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