Queen Margrethe II and Prince Henrik, Current Events 2: January 2007 - August 2010

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PPE has a picture gallery of the royal couple on board of the royal
Yacht Dannebrog.
As you may know, the Regent Couple boarded Dannebrog the other day in order to sail to Helsingør, to mark the start of the sailing season. (*) But alas the weather was bad and windy so the trip was abandoned. A bit too risky to manourve in a small harbour near Kronborg Castle located just outside Helsingør.
So she remained at berth next to Amalienborg.

And BT has a little story about Prince Henrik from that day: Forårskåd prins Henrik: Hun er min elskerinde - Royale - BT.dk
Summary of article in BT.
Forårskåd Prins Henrik: Hun er min elskerinde. - Spring-frisky Prince Henrik: She's my mistress.

He and Queen Margrethe hed enjoyed a lunch onboard and when she left he was heard saying: "Daisy, see you later tonight".
Later on PH left the ship along with one of QMII's LiWs. And chatting away on the short walk to Amalienborg when he suddenly laughed and said to people looking on: "Please do not think I have more mistresses than her, because I haven't". And put his arm around the smiling LiW, who according to eyewittneses eventually gave him the look and calmed the frisky Prince.

- It would appear that the lunch had been drunk, eeh, served I mean. :beer2: :lol:
He is not without humour the good Henrik. :D

(*) During winter Danneborg is stationed at the naval station in Frederikshavn with some of her colleagues from the navy. Dannebrog may be a royal yacht but she is classified as a navy auxillary ship. A hospital ship to be correct.
In Frederikshavn she is maintained by a skeleton crew until the conscripts of the year arrive. They recieve their training and work on refitting her, before sailing to Copenhagen, in order to pick up the Regent Couple prior to starting the summer cruises of the year.
I think it's somehow rather comforting that the idea of Henrik having a mistress seems unlikely enough to be funny. I can think of a few royal marriages where talk of mistresses is no laughing matter. :whistling:
Today, Sunday afternoon Queen Margrethe attended a service in Aalborg Cathedral, where a new bishop was installed.
After leaving the church, she tripped and landed on her knees. Fortunately she got up without any problems and sat in the car and drove away.

There is a pic of her fall here: http://www.dr.dk/Nyheder/Indland/2010/05/09/172324.htm

I hope she's fine, tripping and landing on your knees at age 70 can be pretty bad.

QMII has a long record for falling all over the place and sometimes she does really hurt herself.
Remember when she fell at Marselisborg and Frederik had to step in for her during the Grand New Year Courts?

ADDED: BT has more on the story, including pics from a fall in 1974: http://www.bt.dk/royale/dronningen-snublede-aaben-skaerm
Sadly, the queen also has a history of knee problems so hopefully she didn't hurt her knees again.

How many knee operations has she had - 5? She has had replacement surgery in both knees, the last one only a few years back.
I hope she's okay. Even if she is I still feel sorry for her because I know it's so embarrassing to fall in public - and I would assume vastly more so if your whole country sees photos of it!
She was so close to the car aswell she could have knocked herself out on the edge of the car.
I hope she's okay.
I also hope the Queen is okay. I imagine it would have given her quite a scare, especially thinking about the operations she has already had.
Some additional pics of Prince Henrik and the Queen's court
lady on their funny little walk on May 7 can be found here :)

** ppe gallery **
Maybe they're trading Margrethe stories. :D
Queen Margrethe visited the military training grounds at Oksbøl in Jutland.

Dronningen på besøg

Arriving by helicopter, she witnessed a staff excersize, before beind driven to to Brikby = Brick Town, where a unit from the Royal Life Guard Regiment, who will be deployed to Afghanistan later trained in fighting in build up areas.

Here are some HQ pics: Dronningen på besøg - Hærens Operative Kommando - Army Operational Command - Denmark

The visit is of course in many ways relevant because of the documentary Armadillo, showing Danish soldiers fighting and dealing with the immediate after effects of combat and having killed Talibans.
That documentary has recently been shown in Cannes and you can expect to hear more about it. I believe it's worth watching.
Because surprise, surprise, the soldiers do not drink herb tea while sitting in a circle singing Kumbayah and talking about realising their inner self. - As some armchair opinion makers and politicians apparantly would prefer. :whistling:
Oh dear, they actually shoot and kill people!

Veterans and the army has stated that the documentary is correct and provide a realistic portrait of life in the frontline - while at the same time cynically doubt few outside their own circles will really be able to understand.
Are there English subtitles for the documentary? It sounds interesting!
Are there English subtitles for the documentary? It sounds interesting!

The documentary had world premiere in Cannes a few days ago, so it must have subtitles.
The reviews so far have been good.

A nice little story about a lady in Sheffield, Illinois, who got a message from QMII:

Sheffield woman receives royal ‘thank you’ - Kewanee, IL - Star Courier

As for Armadillo: Here is a trailer and you can find plenty of reviews via Google. TRAILER - With subtitles.

And Margrethe has been busy.


After visiting the army at Oksbøl (see previous post) she went on to air base Karup in north central Jutland. Here she wittnessed a demonstration in tactical airsupply. To be used when supplying forward bases in Afghanistan, if the situation is hot or as a part of a relief operation.
The Old but very reliable Hercules transports have recently been upgraded and are busy all over the place. I.e. flying supplies to Afghanistan or Kosovo or operating in Greenland. Now also, in close corporation with the Canadian airforce, operating over Canada.

On the way back with helicopter to Fredenborg she made a stop at Sjællands Odde. (*) Where the navy, in the shape of the general-purpose command ship, Esbern Snarre, demonstrated how they apprehend pirates.


The pirates were in the shape of a Marine Home Guard vessel.

QMII, is as Monarch, the commander in chief of the Danish armed forces. The monarch is the only full general and admiral in Denmark. (**) The reason is of course that no one should equal the monarch in rank and or seniority.

(*) The western most tip of the island of Zealand. The place mostly consists of summer cottages and birds, who are pretty noicy at this time of year (horny b...ds) :p
The area got some attention in the 80's when a frigate, Peder Scram, had a misfire. One of her surface to surface missiles went off. Flew over Sjællands Odde, detonated and demolished a summer cottage. Fortunately no one was injured.
Pranksters later on painted the silhoutte of a summer cottage on the missile launcher. :lol:

(**) Prince Henrik is also a full admiral and general. But he is general/admiral a la suite, meaning that he holds no command. Basically an honorary title.
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Prince Henrik is also a full admiral and general. But he is general/admiral a la suite, meaning that he holds no command. Basically an honorary title.

Yep! Admiral tout-de-suite ;)!

Can anyone tell me if Queen Margrethe ever rode horses. Her sister Princess Benedikte is very involved with horses but I've never seen any pic of HM with horses. Just wondering.
Can anyone tell me if Queen Margrethe ever rode horses. Her sister Princess Benedikte is very involved with horses but I've never seen any pic of HM with horses. Just wondering.

She probably learned to ride as a child, but she has said recently that while Benedikte was very interested in horses, when they were girls, she (QMII) would much rather bury her nose in a book. I believe that has been the case ever since.

I think she finds horses attractive - to look at. :p
She mentions in Anne Wolden-Raethinge's book that all three sisters learned to ride in the summers at Grasten, but being on a horse scared her so she eventually stopped riding.
Thank you for the info Maura and Muhler. I guess horses are a topic that Princess Benedikte and Prss Mary have in common. I saw an old pic of Queen Ingrid standing next to a young Qu Elisabeth with Prss Margaret sitting on a horse; possibly at Fredensborg. Perhaps they were visiting Fredensborg with a view to buying a horse. Anyway it made me think that I had never seen Qu Margrethe near horses.
Yesterday, May 25, Queen Margrethe visited the romantic garden
at the Sanderum farm on the island Fyn. The weather wasn't that
perfect, but according to the article the atmosphere was great
nevertheless. Susanne and Erik Vind, the current owners have
made it their life's project to restore the over 200 years old and
15-acre landscaped gardens.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **

More pics can be found in the article's gallery :

** Dronning Margrethe var i det romantiske hjørne **
Thanks Iceflower for the pictures. Pitty weather wasnt at its best but it did look like a good day and Queen M was all smiley so it didnt put her done.
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Lovely pics of the Queen, thank you! I am relieved that Margrethe is doing well.
Prince Henrik has celebrated the 20th anniversary as a member of
the Tivoli Club this weekend.

"I am very fond of female company. Today I am so lucky to have
Kirsten Siggaard at the table, and opposite sits Lise Nørgaard. She
is in her 90s, but I have nothing against women around 25" Prince
Henrik joked. In honour of the occasion he also read some of his
poems, but in French, so he wasn't sure if everybody understood
it all..:)

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **

Article with more pics:

** Prins Henrik: Jeg har det godt i kvinders selskab **
At 75 he is still a ladies man. :)
Wonderful to see him stil writing in French.
Prince Henrik is a man who obviously enjoys life. It is wonderful to see.
No, it's not your computer, lyndaW, mine shows black and blue as well :)

Queen Margrethe attended the commemoration service in Viborg Cathedral,
yesterday morning, June 13, 2010 on the occasion of 950 anniversary of
the establishment of Viborg as stiftsby.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
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