Queen Máxima's Eveningwear Part 3: March 2015 - April 2016

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I think Maxima looks fantastic - great vibrant colour and nice to see her in something a little different for an evening event - the floaty material makes this style a lot more elegant for a jump-suit.
The color is lovely and so is her hair style. Unfortunately the fabric is too avengingly/elegant/light for a jumpsuit. Maxima without a doubt wears a one shoulder outfit well.
The hair is very beautiful but the others no.
I love this. When I heard jumpsuit I thought...oh no. But this is flowy and beautiful. Wonderful hairstyle and those yummy H Stern earrings.
I love this outfit, Maxima looks great in every color!!!!
she looks great,the one shoulder style definitely suit Queen Maxima.
i like the hair too.
Beautiful color but I don't like the style.

I was just going to post the same thing! :) That shade of pink is wonderful and I think it would look great on a ball gown.
Maxima's hair and makeup look lovely here.
Maxima looks amazing, and this style & shade of pink look great on her! She is never one to shy away from bold colors, and this is definitely a hit IMO!
Sorry, no. This looked more to me like a dancer's costume than anything else. And the cling as she walked was not that attractive. JMO
I loved this outfit on Maxima, I think she looked very girly and youthful (largely due to the hair) and I've always loved those earrings. I generally don't like jumpsuits but this is a more stylish version, I can tolerate this one.
Sorry, no. This looked more to me like a dancer's costume than anything else. And the cling as she walked was not that attractive. JMO

That was what she was going to do: have a nice dance with the locals. On TV we could see the King and Queen dancing on Caribbean sounds while a hot breeze was waving over the island.

i really liked this too! i thought it flows really nicely, looks feminine and suits maxima's tall body.
The color is lovely, but not the style. Her hair looks nice..
Perfect for the occasion, nice and festive and floaty. Those earrings are wonder, so is hair and makeup
Really lovely dress. Hair and jewels ...so pretty.
Very lovely dress and the butterfly perfect. I want the same.
Love the dress, shoes, butterfly but find the hair a bit "helmety" and stiff.
Maxima's dress is great, but the feathers kind of ruin it for me (I'm not sure if it's a feather boa or attached to the dress, if it's a feather boa I'd like the look a bit more). Her hair and earrings are wonderful.
I agree the feathers are a bit much for the whole look the hair piece the earrings are stunning but something should have been left at home if the feathers where a favourite that night for her. IMO
I think the look is awful. I dislike the design on the neckline.
that feather on the dress ruins the look to me,her hair and make up are very pretty.
I so agree, roseroyal. Although I think her lipstick is too bright..
I love the color and the upper half but I dislike the rest.
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