Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh Current Events 19: October 2008-March 2009

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im sorry , but the queen's hat is awful !she looks clorful today ;i think if she change the yellow hat with a green or brown hat , would be beter !

I agree -- she wore it to church at Sandringham during the Christmas holidays, and it doesn't look any better out on the town. :eek: I think the yellow/mossy green combo is the real issue. No good.
Ooo does that mean she'll be attending.
My money's on that horse :flowers:
:previous: Yes, she is attending.:flowers:
:previous: Yes, she is attending.:flowers:

It has been confirmed:
TURF TALK: Ray Burroughs marks your card at Cheltenham (From Swindon Advertiser)

Cheltenham boss Edward Gillespie ... also announced that on Gold Cup Friday (March 13), the Queen will be in attendance to see her horse Barber Shop run in the headline race.

Great to see her there but unless there is a major upset the horse does not stand a chance. Favourites for the most prestiguous cup in jump racing - after the Grand National - are the Paul Nicholls' trained trio Kauto Star (Champion 2007, Runner-up 2008), Denman (Champion 2008) and Neptune Collonges (3rd 2008) - what makes Barber Shop a good bet, though. After a disappointing appearance by Denman a few weeks ago Kauto Star is the one to beat but a lot will be depending on the weather.

Even though HM might not expect Barber Shop to win it will be a great fun day for her, she loves racing and Cheltenham is the Olympics for jump racing, doesn't get any better than this. It will be a good warm-up for her in regards to her upcoming beloved Epsom Derby on the flat in early June.
Pic 7.3.2009

Prince Philip driving a carriage in the grounds of
Windsor Castle, Britain - 07 Mar 2009

-------> Pic
Two nice pics without watermarks:

Britain's Queen Elizabeth II arrives at Westminster Abbey in London,
March 9, 2009, to attend a Commonwealth Day service, marking the
60th anniversary of the modern Commonwealth.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
Lovely pictures, HM looking timeless as ever!
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thanks icflower for the pictures !
the queens looks nice today ! i didn't like the dress too much ; its very simple .
You are most welcome :flowers: I've paid more attention to
the upper part of her outfit, the hat and the brooch and so
on, that looked fresh and ready for the spring to me, the rest
may be indeed be a bit boring ;)

Here are two more galleries with pics from today:

** abaca gallery ** zimbio gallery **
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Pics 10.3.2009

Formula One world champion Lewis Hamilton receives (among
others) an MBE from Queen Elizabeth II at Buckingham Palace
London, March 10, 2009

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **
Lewis Hamilton receives MBE
Quotes from the above Telegraph link...

The 24-year-old racing star described collecting his MBE from the Queen as "one of the most overwhelming experiences" of his life.
"I was so nervous to meet her. It was one of the most overwhelming experiences I've ever had. I'm kind of lost for words," he said.
"I don't think you realise until you're standing in front of her how special it is."
Pics 10.3.2009

Britain's Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who is the Chancellor of the
University of Edinburgh, wears his ceremonial gown as he watches the
installation ceremony of the university's new rector Ian Macwhirter in
Edinburgh, Scotland March 10, 2009. The traditional 'Chairing of the
Rector' parade involves students carrying the new Rector shoulder-high
on a Sedan chair around Old College grounds.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 **
The Duke seems to be enjoying himself. He's still a distinguished-looking man.:flowers:
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How great that he is still so physically able to enjoy his sports. He certainly looks like he's having a fine time in this picture. Thanks, Iceflower for all of the photos you post!
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not amused :lol: really!!! :ROFLMAO:
any way i cant give my point of view about the film , because i didn't watch it yet !
maybe the queen is raight ;) who's know !
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Wow i would never have thought the queen would have watched the film.
And may i ask what does she mean by too german?
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