Queen Anne Marie Jewels

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Isn't the last picture you posted the same necklace without the pendant?
Here's another picture of her wearing the large pearl necklace:flowers:

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I can't get over how large those pearls are; actually a bit too large for my taste since they remind me of the pop beads I used to play with as a child. But I wouldn't say no to them! The luster on the pearls is beautiful, and I love her diamond and pearl drops.
Beautiful classic pearls! I also love the earrings!
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You know...I don't know much about Queen Anne Marie's brooches. She seems to have some lovely ones. Any experts out there?
This tiara wears better than it looks. It is so regal IMO, and I love the over the top necklace. Really nice color on the rubies...
I'm also not a fan if wreath tiaras. However, A-M wears all her jewels with such style and joy .... How couldn't you live this parure? She was the loveliest and most beautiful Princess of her day and is now the loveliest an most beautiful Consort. :)
The Khedive tiara she wore is just stunning; I love the loops and whorls of the design.
It may be the effect of the gown but doesn't the pendent look like an amethyst surrounded by a an aquamarine?
The Greek ruby parure consists of a tiara in the naturalistic design of olive fruits and leaves, a pair of pendant earrings, a necklace, and two brooches.
Last year we Saw the Greek grand tiara, is there other jewllery that has not been for many years that could be still in the family
Last year we Saw the Greek grand tiara, is there other jewllery that has not been for many years that could be still in the family

Its quite possible,more so after the re-appearance of Queen Sophie's Diamond Tiara!
I really love the aquamarine brooch; the color is gorgeous and the setting is such a beautiful design.
Last year we Saw the Greek grand tiara, is there other jewllery that has not been for many years that could be still in the family
There are a few , but I don't think we can tell for sure if they are still in the family , if they were sold, or if Constantine sisters' inherited them. So far i have counted from various photos 2 rivieres (I believe both came from Queen Sophie)
that Frederika didn't wear much on their own , but used them alot attached to the back of the emerald tiara when she wore it as a necklace, a large ruby cabochon brooch also from Queen Sophie and a smaller ruby cabochon brooch, a pair of cabochon ruby earpendants ( IMO she got those from Paul so that she would have enough rubies before he acquired the ruby parure from his aunt's family) and large sapphire cabochon brooch, matching earpendants and a pendant she used on a bow brooch (btw I believe that Sofia got the sapphires, not 100% sure) a large diamond cross, many open gold bangles with rubies , sapphires ,emeralds etc (I think that these pieces were also inherited by Sofia and Irene) , the diamond necklace Frederika wore beofre she became Queen and of course the convertible pearl necklace that Irene wore as a tiara
If you mean her 450 carat sapphire that has been sold twice at auction.
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No, I talk about a cabochon sapphire framed by diamonds, it was a very classical design. You can see it pinned on her sash on Artemisia's post (#53) in Frederika's thread, Personally, I believe that it was inherited by Sofia (the sapphire she wore on her neck at the Duke Of Brabant's wedding it practically indentical) but of course with such a classic design, it hard to be completely sure if it's a match
I finally found a photo of her engagement ring. I love sapphires but I don't like the design. The double setting is just unusual for me.

Yeah, agreed!

However, with that being said, its unusual look makes it one of a kind in the royal engagement ring department.

I have not seen her wear it. Has anyone else? Has it been passed down to Alexia by chance or is it just that the Queen doesn't wear it?
Yes I agree with you regarding The Greek Emerald Tiara,its my least favourite of the Greek gems.
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I like 'em all! The double engagement sapphires would be odd to most U.S. women, as it seems difficult to accept anything but a white diamond as an engagement ring. Such a pity.
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