Princess Theodora current events part 1: December 2020 -

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Jan 29, 2005
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Welcome to part 1 of the thread to discuss the current events of Princess Theodora.

You can find the old thread here:

** Princess Theodora & Prince Philippos current events 2: February 2016 - December 2020 **

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Would have been nice if Pss Theodora also married civilly, like her brother and as soon as possible married in Greece Orthodox church. That that is up to them.
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Still no news about her wedding date with Matthew Kumar?
Princess Theodora is not in Greece, she is in California. I deduce that this summer the wedding will not be celebrated, because otherwise she would already be in Greece. I believe that from October it is possible that we would see movements that may indicate that a wedding is going to be held.
Still no news about her wedding date with Matthew Kumar?

Maybe she(they) want to wait until all restrictions are lifted in order to celebrate with a large and lavish gathering? Otherwise I agree. The delay is strange.:ermm:
I am very clear that the religious wedding of Prince Philippos and Nina Florh would be in privacy, with his family and friends, in Greece or in London, perhaps we could have a photo shared by the Royal Family. However, for Princess Theodora, I think that her wedding would have a more public character, so I think it would be celebrated when the pandemic ends, about 2022, in conclusion `it could happen that Prince Pilippos could marry religiously before Theodora, about september or fall or winter
I believe the photo was taken in Greece ???
Hope she has a lovely day. It seems she and Matthew Kumar are still together even though we have no news of the wedding.
Tatler Magazine has confirmed that Celia Kritharioti will design Princess Theodora's wedding dress.
It has been known for more than two years that Celia Kritharioti is the designer of the dress. The news of Tatler is not new, in fact, Celia shared a publication on the occasion of the wedding of Prince Philippos with Nina, where she was invited, in which she confirmed that she was the designer. The dress has been stored for 2 years.....
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