Princess Mathilde is pregnant

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What a great news. It was a good idea announced it in Emmanuel's birthday. By the way, happy birthday to him :wub: Since Elisabeth, Gabriel and Emmanuel are so adorable, their brother/sister will be adorable too. Congratulations to all the family :flowers:
Congratulations to this marvellous family
Congratulations to Mathilde, Philippe, Elisabeth, Gabriel & Emmanuel! :flowers: What great news!
Such wonderful news. The BRF is truly my favorite. Prince Phillippe and Princess Mathilde seem like lovely people and King Albert and Queen Paola seem like such devoted grandparents. It so nice to hear such happy news!
Oh YaY! What a lovely surprise to come home to, Congratulations to CP Phillipe and Matilde!
Congrats to Phillipe and Mathilde and the entire belgian family.
Congratulations to the family. We guessed correctly (the ladies in the office) I hope they have a girl to even out the numbers.

my congratulations to the couple! lots of great royal news lately...
Congratulations to the family! What wonderful news!
What a great news, Congratulations to the family!!!
Congratulations To The Family!
Waaaw , what a wonderful news. Congratulations to the Duke and Duchess of Brabant.:flowers:
Nowadays is not common to see big families.
What a surprise.
Congrats to the family. ;)
Congratulations to the family . For me it's not realy a surprise , I always thougt they would have a large family:wub:
I'm hoping for a little baby sister ...!
congratulations to all the family grandparents, uncles, cousins and brothers !!!!!!!!
Congratulation to the family
Congrtulations to all the family
I'm so happy to hear the great news. May you have a great pregnancy and lots of good times. Wishing you joy. Congratulations Mathilde. :flowers:

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WOW, congratulations to the family. I hope it's a sister for Elisabeth!
I'm so very happy for them.

Ther truth is that when Mathilde wore that orange dress at the birthday of W-A she really did look pregnant in it. Even when you compare it to the first time she wore that same dress,(on some kind of a trip they were in the East) she then looked much slimer in it.

And by the way I loved that white dress she wore a few days ago, it was realy chic on her.
what's great news !!congratulation to the all family.
Congratulations I hope it's a girl.
What a nice surprise:flowers: I don't hear much about this royal family except from this forum-I'm glad I joined:cool:
Congratulation to the couple and to the 3 brothers. i hope be a gril for stay 2 2
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