Princess Mathilde is pregnant

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Nov 28, 2003
The Belgian court just announced the Duke and Duchess of Brabant will be proud parents of four kids next spring if everything goes well. (see

The official statement:
“On Emmanuel´s second birthday Elisabeth, Gabriel, together with the birthday child and their parents Princess Mathilde and Prince Philippe, are very happy to announce that they will welcome a sister or brother in Spring 2008.
The King and the Queen, the entire royal family and the family of Princess Mathilde are sharing in their great joy.”
The new arrival will be the twelfth grandchild for King Albert and Queen Paola, and the fifth in the line of succession.

I dearly hope everything goes well for Mathilde and the little one and keep my fingers crossed for a female addition to the Brabant team.
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waw! what a surprise ; hope she gets a safe pregnancy
Wow! I hope she has a wonderful pregnancy!
wow, this is great. Im really smiling now, :flowers:
Hoping for a happy and save pregnancy for our beloved Mathilde.
OH MY GOD!!! I knew something was going on in the belly area when she was wearing that orange gown at W-A's birthday!!!

I'm so happy, all the best for Mathilde and the little one (hopefully a sister for Elisabeth! :lol:)
Congratulations to the couple!
wonderful news- congratulations to the couple :)
Congratulations to the family, the parents and the sibblings of the
unborn Princess or Prince :) What a surprise! Wish them all
the best for a healthy pregnancy, big sister Elisabeth already is
an expert for times like these..;):)
Shall we start guessing what the name will be?

Princess:Charlotte, Joséphine

Prince: Samuel, Andreas
What wonderful news! Congratulations to the couple! I wish a safe pregnancy for Princess Mathilde and I hope that the baby will be a girl! :D
Lovely news! What an exciting two days with Joachim and Marie and now a pregnancy! Congrats to Philippe, Mathilde, Elizabeth, Gabriel, and Emmanuel, along with all of their families and the people of Belgium!
That's absolutely wonderful! COngratulations to Philippe, Mathilde, Elizabeth, Gabriel, Emmanuel and happy grandparents from both sides! :)
Congrats!! I'm hoping Elisabeth gets a baby sister!
Oh how wonderful! :flowers:

Mathilde and Philippe are my absolute favorite royal couple and I am so happy to hear this news.

I'm hoping for a baby girl named Charlotte.
Great news ! I hope for a girl this time
Wow!! Such wonderful news! I'm a little caught off gaurd, but, thinking back I can see that her belly was growing a bit. Congratulations to the whole family!
Great news

I think this is great news. I´m not that suprised about it because the last pix on Crown Princess Mathilde she has looked a little lager.

Congrats to the couple and I hope she will have a good pregnasy or how you spell it.

It has been 2 good days for us who is found of royalties.

I didn't believe my eyes when I first logged in today. I'm so happy for them! Boy or girl? I don't really have a feeling yet. If Elisabeth gets a little sister that would be great fun for her but it is also nice to be the only girl in a house full of boys. ;)
I'm not sure why I'm suprised! I guess I'm just caught off guard?I don't know.
Does anyone know how many years apart each child is from each other?
You don't hear of too many families now a days that have more than 2 or 3 children, so this is a nice suprise. Congratulations to the entire family.
Yeah... i´m happy for them. FOUR is a magic number.
Yippeee!!! That is really wonderful for them!
Mathilde herself is from a big family with 5 children.
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congratulations to the couple and the little princes and princess~!!!!

can't wait to see the baby bump!
Aww I'm so happy for them! I hope it is a little girl for Elizabeth to have a sister:flowers:
Congratulations to the couple!:flowers:
Fantastic News!!!! :flowers:
Wow, congrats to the happy parents!
:flowers:Congratulations to the happy couple! This is so exciting! Perhaps another little girl?
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