Princess Marie is Pregnant!

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What a wonderful news!!! Congratulations to the couple!!!
thanks for the wonderful news, i'm thrilled for them and wish them every happiness. i'm hoping for a little princess too! ;)
It was so quickly, she was pregnant since August, maybe because of that she was feeling sick!!! There will be no snow skiing for Marie this time ;)
Does anyone know the exact address where I can send my congratulations ?
Thanks in advance (at last I will write in French !)
Dear rominet09, you can send your congratulations to following postal adress:

H.K.H. Prins Joachims hof
Postboks 2143
1015 København K

or per e-mail to
It's AMAZING news :wub:
congratulations to the couple
Congratulations to Prince Joachim and Princess Marie!
what lovely news. congrats to the parents
Fantastic news :))) They must be delightful :)
I think Princess Marie looks like a fantastic mum to be, she looks so healthy and lovely!
Congratulations to Prince Joachim and Princess Marie!!!
Congratlaions about the great news. I hope for an easy pregnancy as posible and a healthy little child!

But the picture of them in the link in this thread is horrible. :whistling:
Congratulations Joachim and Marie and Felix and Nikolai!
It's a great news ! Congratulations to Prince and Princess.
Congratulations to our french princess Marie and to the prince Joachim!
You know, I had a a strange feeling that the announcement might be coming soon... :) For some reason, for the past week I've been checking out the news just in case the pregnancy was announced.

Yes, it is a bit soon if you think about how long it has been since the wedding but they have been together for years, haven't they? Perhaps it might be good for Marie to have a baby now, we don't know if she's been waiting for this for how long. I also agree on her learning the language with the child, she might have some time also to figure out what she wants to do and concentrate on as a princess.

I'll say congratulations to them and hope they will be happy!! :D As for the sex of the baby... Too early to say, I'll let you know when I get a vision of things... ;)
Congrats to them.

No matter boy or a girl but a healthy baby.
Btw next granddaughter will be nice.
Congratulations to Marie and Joachim.......Its great news:)
Congratulations to Joachim, Marie, Nikolai and Felix! I'm sure they are very happy to have a new baby brother or sister. I know I can't wait!:flowers:
Congratulations on the new baby! Prince Joachim and Princess Marie :flowers:
Great news :wub:

One more little prince/princess for Denmark......:baby:

Congratulations to the couple wonderful news itll be a girl im betting!
Congratulations to them! I was shocked to read this today b/c I thought they'd wait at least a year before getting pregnant. I hope its a girl for Joachim.
I have been waiting for this announcement! Congratulations to them!!!!!!!!!
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