Princess Marie, Current Events Part 2: June 2016 -

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What on earth is a skin-carpet?
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That simply cannot be more appropriate considering that our Marie has been promoting Danish "Gold-age art" in France and dealt with these same Danish artists earlier today.
And now visiting Skagen, THE home of the Danish classical painters.

The (not sure what you call it in English) see-saw light (not a lighthouse, but a (ancient) navigation beacon, the vippe-fyr at Skagen.
It looks like this:
This is a modern replica of a beacon from 1627.

This tradition with the midsummer bonfires also took place 130 years ago when the painters lived and worked in Skagen town, as is evident from this very well known painting:øyer_-_Google_Cultural_Institute.jpg
Here with Marie in front of the painting:

I have talked many times about the midsummer bonfires here in DK.
In fact we have just returned from a local bonfire, the weather is perfect tonight!
Called Sankt Hans (after John/Johannes/Johan the Baptist) here in DK, the tradition is ancient.
Today most bonfires are adorned with a "witch" - a reminiscent of the witch-burnings of the 1600's, a terror that over time has has faded into a cozy midsummer tradition. Anyway, many witches contain wheezers , so that the "witch" howl when she flies off to Bloksbjerg on her broom. = Brocken mountain in Germany where there seems to be an annual witch-gathering.

Before that happens it's a common tradition to have someone give a speech, before lighting the bonfire. Sometimes it's a local dignitary or a mayor or a politician, in other cases it's a more prominent person, like Marie.
While the fire burns the beautiful and evocative "midsummer ballad" is song by all present.
Keep in mind that at 22.20 right now, dusk has only started to set in.

The Midsummer ballad, in a classic interpretation. Albeit a bit too fast for my taste.
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On November 17 Princess Marie attended the vernissage and cocktail reception for the exhibition "There Is No Such Thing as Bad Weather" at Le Bicolore,
Maison du Danemark in Paris:

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Yesterday, November 13, Princess Marie visited the stand of the Danish Neuroresearch Center at Aarhus University Hospital during the conference for brain research in Washington D.C.:

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Last month Princess Marie met with a group of wounded Ukrainian soldiers supported by the Future for Ukraine Foundation in Washington D.C.:

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Princess Marie visited the Medical Center Orthotics and Prosthetics in Silver Spring, Maryland last week and met members of Future For Ukraine:

Princess Marie in Texas yeaterday
Interesting how she is taking on several military related engagements in the States.
"HRH Princess Marie’s trip to Houston brought her to the NASA Headquarters to learn more about their new initiatives and space program!
HRH visit to NASA happened at the same time as Danish ESA Astronaut Andreas Mogensen returned to Denmark after his six month mission on the International Space Station as part of Crew-7"

Like we have seen with Frederik and Mary's work (Mary Foundation), not everything is mentioned on the official calendar.
Good work with the veterans in the US.
Yesterday, May 14, Princess Marie attended a spring reception of the Danish Embassy's Department for Foreign Policy:

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