Princess Marie, Current Events Part 2: June 2016 -

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Marie had an event scheduled for for today at the Meet the Enochian Bioscience. No reason so far has been given.
It was on the calendar yesterday
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Cooking with long hair , sunglasses and a white sweater is just for the pictures !
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These boats will be of good use. Being designed to clean up after oil-spills in very shallow water, they can operate practically everywhere in DK.

Since a major international shipping route goes through Danish waters it happens from time to time that ships clean their oil tanks by dumping the spill in the sea. With the result that the oil end up on the nearest beach.
Fortunately it doesn't happen as often today as just 15 years ago. The surveillance of shipping is pretty efficient (the Navy and Air Home Guard takes part in that surveillance) and it is now possible to easier ID ships from the composition of the waste.
But it is still a real mess when oil ends up on the beaches and this is very much where the Civil Defense, which Marie belongs to, come in. Cleaning beaches along with local volunteers and alas, animal carers too, doing what they can for the seals and birds that have been covered in oil - and local hunters... because far from all animals can be saved.
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Summary of article in Billed Bladet #49, 2019.
Written by Trine Larsen.

For the first time our Marie attended the Christmas Bazaar in the Danish Church in Paris and as such the church was decorated according to Danish Christmas traditions.
A merry Marie was accompanied by the Danish ambassador and they were received by the priest, Selma Ravn, who started by thanking Marie for coming and the many volunteers who had made this bazaar possible.
Marie responded by saying: "I have have been looking very much forward and thank for the invitation to come here today. I know that the church' Christmas bazaar is a very important event for the church and its guests, but also for the many who volunteer to work here- And without your great effort it would not be possible for the Christmas Bazaar to take place. So thank you very much, you make a huge difference.
But I look forward to experiencing the Christmas-mood and wish you all some nice days and a good Christmas-sale."

Silence for a few seconds. Then the priest whispered a few words in Marie's ear. Who laughed: "Oooh yes... and NOW the Christmas Bazaar is open."

Marie made sure to visit all the stands and to our reporter she said:
"It's so cozy to be here and it's important to gather when you are a Dane in Paris. You can miss many things from Denmark. Especially the traditions and there is something fantastic about the Christmas traditions. I'm very fond of Christmas myself and I love the Christmas decorations. And I'm a great fan to Danish Christmas decorations."

Also at home:
"We also decorate together and they have previously come home with something they have made in school - whether that will happen in France remains to be seen." - She adds that they only start decorating for Christmas in earnest around 1st December.

Q: Queen Margrethe has embroidered a Christmas calendar for her grandchildren that is used for (small) presents, is that something Your children look forward to?
M: "Yes, that's right, it's very beautiful, totally fantastic Christmas calendar.
And uuh yes, they are very much looking forward.
So I hope to find a little here in the bazaar that can be used for the package-calendar."
My apologies for the video not being visible abroad ?

This documentary is part of a regular France 3 TV show broadcasted on Sundays mornings.

On Sunday Dec.15th the program was the following:
Denmark has managed in recent years to reduce its waste by 25% thanks to everyone's commitment against food waste, right up to the highest level of the state. Individual portions, bulk sales, recovery of unsold items, recipes to cook leftovers... even at official dinners! This small Scandinavian country is a model in Europe.
After a brief introduction of the subject , we see footage of Marie attending the dinner for the lauch of the book ”Mad med respekt - En familiekogebog, der mindsker madspild” with Selina Juul last November.

Then Marie speaks in French about Selina Juul, praising her as an inspiration and how Selina was a pioneer in reducing food waste in Denmark.

Follows a reporting with an interview with Selina Juul about how concrete actions are taken to reduce food waste in Denmark.

It ends with both Marie and Selina Juul attending a dinner at the Swedish embassy in Copenhagen, whose meals were entirely cooked with "recycled" ingredients.

IMO a clear presentation about the cause Marie wishes to defend.
I'm fairly sure many french people had no idea there was a French born princess in Denmark apart for royal watchers of course!

And needless to say, given how much food is an important part of the french lifestyle, it was a nice idea to appear in this TV show about this subject... :D
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An international school with emphasis on French.
As such half the pupils are from Danish-French parents (or French speaking), and a quarter are from pure French (or French speaking parents.)
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