Princess Margriet & Prof Pieter van Vollenhoven, Current Events 3 (Dec 2008-Mar 2018)

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Her Royal Highness Princess Margriet attended the La Clemenza Di Tito Opera for the Salzburger Festspiele(Music Festival) in Austria.

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So Prof. Pieter van Vollenhoven didn't attend the festival this year, but Princess Margriet seemed to be in good spirits nevertheless ?

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Princess Margriet attended the Paratriathlon World Cup in Rotterdam today, September 15:

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Two days ago the newspaper De Telegraaf reported that Princess Margriet has dissolved the Trust Fund in which she stored her inheritances from her mother Queen Juliana and her father Prince Bernhard.

The Trust Fund was dissolved and the capital was distributed to the sons of the Princess and Professor Pieter van Vollenhoven: Maurits, Bernhard, Pieter-Christiaan and Floris. It is not known what the value was of the dissolved Trust Fund. According De Telegraaf the second son, Bernhard, known as a shrewd and succesful businessman, managed the Trust Fund on behalf of his mother.

The last weeks this Bernhard was in the news because he owns a lot of real estate in the Netherlands, notably in expensive Amsterdam and even owns a former Formula One race track, which he wants to redevelop for a future re-introduced Grand Prix of the Netherlands on the Formula One race calendar. Bernhard denied that any capital from the Trust Fund was used for his business empire.

It is not known why Princess Margriet has decided to dissolve her Trust Fund. Her sisters all have their own Trusts Funds. Possibly the Princess dissolved her Trust Fund with a transfer to four new Trust Funds with her four sons being the beneficiary of each an own Trust Fund. This would escape the (heavy) tax duties on inheritances and preserve the value of the capital.
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Prof Pieter van Vollenhoven as Chairman of the Society and Security Foundation handed out the Prof. Mr Pieter van Vollenhoven Penning in Rotterdam today, December 6:

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Yesterday, December 21, Princess Margriet visited the glass house in Apeldoorn and made a donation (pic 2). The glass house is an annual charity auction by the Dutch radio station NPO 3FM, DJs are locked in a glass house for several days and are only allowed to "eat" fruit and vegetable juices, people can request a song and donate for it, other auctions and actions are organized as well.
The money is collected for projects of the Dutch Red Cross, Princess Margriet is Honorary Chairwoman of:

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The TV Show today was entirely devoted to the 75th anniversary of Princess Margriet. Ivo Niehe went along with the princess for an interview. Also came Pieter van Vollenhoven, her sons and friends to speak and King Willem-Alexander had left a message for his aunt:

TV Show: Prinses Margriet 75 jaar | De Oranjes

Princess Margriet attended a festive gathering on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the magazine Trouw (Faithful) in Amsterdam today, February 17:

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