Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Chris O'Neill's Pre-Wedding Dinner: June 7, 2013

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Maybe I'm the only one but I thought Sofia's dress was beautiful! I thought it would have been nice if she'd had her hair up but I guess that's personal choice.

I also loved Marie's dress and thought Madeleine looked radiant.

I totally agree. IMO, Madeleine looked great. It wasn't just the dess, it was the whole thing with her looking happy alongside Chris.

Marie looked wonderful. I also liked Victorias dess. Another favourite was worn by someone whos name I don't remember. It was a wonderful red dress worn by a pretty blonde.

Sofia looked great. I'm not her biggest fan, but this was good on her. I also liked the statement they made by letting her arrive with Madeleines best friend instead of Carl Philip. It told us that she's accepted by Maddies circle of friends. It also took away a reason for us to be annoyed with her, which some people would have been if she had walked the red carpet along with Carl Philip.
Oh I like the winter garden where the party was held.

My favourites in the fashion department: Madeleine and Chris, Sofia (like the colour not the shoes), Tatiana and Nikolaos (like her black/midnight blue combo), Eva O' Neill (like the colour and big bow) and I like this couple, don't know who they are...

Looking forward to the wedding!
the best:
1. of course, madde,
2. marie chantal
3. victoria and stephanie competing for the third place
4. marie in a close fouth. :)

am i the only one who didn't appreciate sofia's outfit? it looks slightly tacky to me, especially with those shoes.
My favourits were Victoria, Stéphanie, Marie & Tatiana.
But I missed colour in the overall picture. The silvery, goldish, grayish and nude shades were so predominant, that I even welcomed a dress like Eva O’Neills overdone bow.
Who is this Josephine? That outfit beggars belief.

She should have been asked to leave.

Look at the bright side, at least she is wearing WHITE underpants.
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