Princess Märtha Louise Fashion and Style Part 1: October 2003 - October 2012

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I love the colours of the gown and I also think it flatters her figure a lot. It's not the most beautiful or elegant gown I've seen, but it looks pretty on ML.
I quite like this one - its colours are impressive IMO. The jewels look gorgeous!!!
Yes, I think especially the dress' colors flatter her a lot. It's a nice dress and how lovely to see her with such classic jewelry. :flowers:
I love the dress, and the jewels are magnificient.
I love her opera gown. She looks amazing in it. The jewels are gorgeous too.

Her gown for the Victoria & Daniel's wedding dinner- not sure how I feel about it. It's nice but not a big fan. You can also see her platform heels, nor sure how I like those either.
The dress looks a bit childish.
I don't like the idea of it.
My main problem is with her hair, she looks strange to me.
Yes her hair makes her look like a horse.
Today the Swedish Government hosted a dinner at Eric Ericsson hall, Skeppsholmen, in honour of Saturdays wedding between Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden and Mr Daniel Westling-


She looks much nicer tonight. I didn't like her other blue outfit.
She looks fantastic! I like the pink dress a lot.
Does anyone have a back view of her hair?
This dress is simple but very pretty. I liked its soft colour and of course, the jewels. ;)
She looks great in this dress. Nice colour.
I do like this dress better than last nights. The color is wonderful on ML and the detail on the belt is very nice.
She does look very pretty and feminine in this dress. A nice color for her - earrings & necklace look lovely as well.
The dress looks like something barbie would wear.
It's just awful and a bit funny, if I may say so. Just wrong, IMO. The amethyst parure does all the work today for M-L. ;)
The dress actually looked great in tv. It's funny how different some dresses look in pictures.
I would've preferred she had worn this bold colour last night and the lilac dress (that she wore yesterday) today for the wedding.
The dress actually looked great in tv. It's funny how different some dresses look in pictures.

You're definitely right. A lot of the dresses that don't look too good in pictures here I found rather lovely in TV. This is the case with Märtha's gown. I found it nice.
mmmm ....not so sure she got it right the colour was not amazing on her and the cut along her bustline looked funny in nthe photos I wish she would do something with her hair.
ML's sense of style is interesting.
I don't think I've ever liked anything she's worn.
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