Princess Märtha Louise Fashion and Style Part 1: October 2003 - October 2012

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I quite like the dress, but those fabrics are not compatible with (true) jewels.. she should have gone without tiara IMO.
She wore a recycled disco ball. Nice to see her doing something for the enviroment.
That's one way to put it, and I'd have to say you're right. Although she looks great in the style of the dress, the sparkly is just a bit much.
Attack of the sequins! Way overdone...... reminds me a little too much of tinfoil!
Is she trying to blind people? Makes my eyes/head hurt!
You would not have trouble finding her in the dark if there was a power cut......
For Martha Louise this is a nice outfit. She often wears very loud outfits and it is nice to see her in something subtle and elegant.
Matronly dress and an hat that is just ugly :sad:
Nothing interesting about the dress. Hate the shoes and the hat.
This is the very first occasion I have ever thought ML look is elegant .. and it is .. IMO
I actually like the style of the gown, but can't help hearing strains of "Disco Inferno" running through my head.

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