Princess Märtha Louise Fashion and Style Part 1: October 2003 - October 2012

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She looks great when she goes for ladylike.
Martha Louise looks gorgeous; that was quite possibly one of my favourite outfits of the day. The jacket is very beautiful, as is the skirt.
She looks nice, I love the skirt, not so much the jacket but they work well together. The colour suits her, it goes well with her skin and hair ;)
The hat is gorgeous, have to be my favourite hat of the day.
Love the pink suit and hat. She looks great!
She looks beautiful in that blue dress! Great color and fit. Only, I am not sure if I like the hat.
That's a gorgeous turquoise blue on her and I love the simple style. I dislike her hat, but really think her hair and earrings are sensational.

Märtha Louise at the opening of exhibition 'Landskap og Rom' at the Henie Onstad Art Centre on June 14, 2012,
wearing a short blue dress - the shade of blue looks great on her!

** Full view ** Upper part **
Too short and too shapeless on her IMO she has very strange fashion choices on many occasions and while this is not one of those ... and she almost got it right IMO .. it just lacks a tight finish IMO
Boring dress. I also thought it should be a little more longer.
Princess Märtha Louise attends a memorial service in Oslo Cathedral July 22, 2012. The service was held to mark the one year anniversary of the twin Oslo-Utoeya massacre.
This outfit is totally inappropriate for this event. She looks like she was going to a fashion show. The jacket, shoes and bag are too glittery and the hat is too big.
It's hard to even trust one's eyes and believe that she's actually wearing that flashy, attention-grabbing 'fun' outfit on the occasion of the memorial for the terrible shootings.
Everything about it makes it not just an inappropriate but a totally unacceptable choice.

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The shoes are horrific and the hat looks plastic, if the dress had been worn with sensible shoes and a black coat and hat she would have done okay.
The very high heels worn by the royals never cease to amaze me. It's so foreign to my way of life in the West of the United States. I NEVER EVER see shoes like this on people I meet. Nor do I see them in pictures, even in the newspaper. Somehow Martha-Louise and other royal ladies seem to be able to walk in them. The outfit is not appropriate, as others have said. No sense of respect for the tragedy.
One wouldn't know she was attending a memorial service. Too much glitter/shine going on. I guess she felt like dressing up.
This falls into the category of "What was she thinking?" Very poor judgment wearing an inappropriate outfit to a memorial service.
I'm not sure what annoys me most - the chunky shoes, the horrible hat, or the ridiculously shiny jacket. Probably, combination of all three.
Entirely inappropriate outfit given the sombre occasion.
Horrendous look! Truly, what was she thinking!? Obviously, very inappropriate.
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I have been finding where to post the comment and now seems quite alot of people had the same thought with me. While her mother & sister-in-law did it perfectly, I could not believe what on earth did the Princess or at least her fashion advisers (if she has) think? It indeed looks like she was going for another type of event like fashion show, cocktail party etc not for such a sad occasion remembering the poor victims. Totally inappropriate!
She wore a recycled disco ball. Nice to see her doing something for the enviroment.
I hate over-the-top things (and this dress could pose as a picture next to a definition of an over-the-top), so I should absolutely loath the gown. And yet for some reason I don't. Not that I actually like it, just don't hate it as much as I should.
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