Princess Märtha Louise Fashion and Style Part 1: October 2003 - October 2012

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interesting context to the photos, the king seems to be in a tux, while everyone else are dressed casual and carrying their own bags ;)
thanks for the photos
She looks so happy. She has that pregnancy glow.
I love the pink dress that she wore in the photoshoot. It is so soft and flowy. She looks beautiful in it.
Older pictures of Princess Märtha - wearing a "fairytale-Princess" dress while reading Fairytales for chlidren

I think these weren't posted yet either:
Märtha during the photoshot for HENNE

pink dress
grey dress - side view - front-& backview
white dress
source: HENNE magazine

I like her princess dress - esepcially her glass slipper :)
The pink dress is quite low cut but looks nice, I love the silver/grey dress (its great! - so much detail & so many intracacies (sp???))
Thank you for the info, Larzen. That pink dress is absolutely beautiful, and Martha-Louise looks perfect in it.
I like the scarf and coat, but the bag seems out of place with this outfit.
I like the hat, but cannot decide about the rest of the outfit. The jacket is okay, but the print is a bit too busy.
I like the hat but the outfit is so ugly
I always thought no one can go wrong with muted brown/beige tones. Guess I never took into account the choice of patterns with all the hues. OMG! The only item looked half decent was the hat. At least the family look really happy together.
The color and the pattern(s...) of the suit are not my cup of tea either,
but I really like the fact that she has let her fringe grow out!! :flowers:
I think she looks great in pink light or darker. Didn´t like at all the christening outfit. she is certainly a trendy person.

Most of all I like the outfit on Leah Isadora's christening.
Thanks for the pictures, Her Magesty! I didn't notice the shoes from the last christening, they are great! :flowers:
I like the scarf and coat, but the bag seems out of place with this outfit.

Most likely, it is a diaper bag for the baby's things ... and a very chic diaper bag at that!
:previous: I quite like this outfit on her :)
The skirt is very pretty and the pink jacket is lovely. I just don´t like the black stockings.
Pink is a lovely color for Martha Louise. I really like the skirt. It is really soft and feminine. Pink and black always look great together.
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