Princess Märtha Louise Fashion and Style Part 1: October 2003 - October 2012

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Märtha-Louise changes so many times her hairstyle!
I like her hairstyle in Haakon's and Felipe's wedding! They are so differents! ;)
I like the short and dark one too.I think M-L must go through the same thing many of us do trying to find the right cut and style and color even.She seems very down to earth.:flowers:
I like her hair whenits dark long or short. She just needs to stay away from the blond highlights, light to medium brown highlight would look better.
And another picture of her current hairdo:
I quite like her hairdo now. It looks stylish and not messy anylonger. The colour is much better now: brown and light highlights.
Her Hairdo (ANP)
I think what made it look so strange in the beginning were all the curls...
But it looks so much better know. I really like it!
A beautiful, green dress worn on a concert :flowers: (December 2006)

Dress 1
Dress 2

Märtha wearing a White dress (Nice.. but it looks like a wedding dress :rolleyes: ) this summer.
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A collection of some gowns worn by Märtha-Louise during the years
(like the one of P Mary, created by mims111;) ) :

sources: Pictures taken from this thread,; Polfoto, Rex, Scanpix, australianpicturelibrary, fotomarktplatz, allover, corbis, anb)

My favourite dresses are 1/2 , 6 and 19 (which is my favourite). :flowers:
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Märtha-Louise's current hair (Olso Fashion Award):
(originally posted by Larzen)

She doesn't get tired of the hair-experiments ;) .
I got used to her hairdo, but I just don't like this blond colour on her!

Imo, her hair looks better the way she had it on the Christmas Photos:
ANP Beeldbank

13th February 2007

Märtha attending the Oslo Fashion Award.
She wore a beautiful brown dress:
Brown Dress

Imo, this dress looks very good on her! It makes her look very slender.. very stylish.
(I just don't care about the shoes.. they look awful :ermm: ).
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really like the dress and colour on her , but the hair and shoes !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! not good ,
I love here brown dress, but the hair is awful I think... She is so much more pretty with short hair.

Her_Majesty said:
This is one of my Favourites on her

Märtha with short hair

source: nettavisen

Thats my favourites too :)
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Märtha-Louise attending her father's Birthday Dinner.
She recycled a 10 years old, stunning blue-while dress:

Blue Dress
The dress is just beautiful. The Princess looks stunning.
Her_Majesty said:
Märtha-Louise attending her father's Birthday Dinner.
She recycled a 10 years old, stunning blue-while dress:

Blue Dress
Wow! That's all I can say. I applaud anyone that can fit into a dress 10 years later and still look fantastic in it!!!!! Way to go ML!!!
Really very beautiful dresses;especially the last photo!!!:flowers:
Thanks for all the posts and links ! She is really a very elegant Princess. Thes shos me what's a ball dress is - I posted a few days ago there about the whitre tie ball dress code do and dont ...
Princess Märtha-Louise's "Ari Behn" Purse:

"Ari Behn Purse"

How cute. :lol: That's just so märtha-like...
I thinkl that's a very cute gesture. :rolleyes:
Well, in the interests of having our members die intelligent :D, I'll give norwegianne a shout and see if she can come over and help with the IQ raising.
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