Princess Charlene Current Events - Part 2: January 2014 -December 2016

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Some posters would like to see P Charlene as a more traditional Princess and therefore I can understand their disappointment at times.

But I want to agree with Elly C and other posters that Monaco and its Royals have always been somewhat different and should not be compared with other Royal families too much. The big names in showbiz, sport and business bring the wealth and with it the glamour to Monaco. The marriage of P Rainier and Grace Kelly joined the worlds of Royalty and celebrity and this is the environment that P Albert and his sisters have been raised in.

P Albert also finds himself in a unique position in that he is both the "President" and Prince of his country, which makes P Charlene the "First Lady" and Princess. They have a dual role to fulfill.

So in a sense they actually have three worlds they have to operate, survive and succeed in...

Unlike some, not all, of the current Queens and CP's in Europe, P Charlene was not raised in a country with a Monarchy and thus not much exposed to the example of what a Royal represents or does.

In a country the size of Monaco there is also just a limited number of "statelike" organisations/activities such as foreign relations, eduacation, culture that a Princess can become involved in. But we do see her involved in these activities.

So taking the above into consideration I think it is understandable that P Charlene may at times (or appear to) find it difficult to strike a balance between the different worlds. I also think she is slowly beginning to find her niche in charity work, specifically aimed at children. I also think it's wise to stick to what she loves and knows best to begin with. And with growing confidence and support she will be getting into more serious stuff such as MONAA which will require her to be knowledgeable on the subject of Autism in order for her to make a real contribution. I would imagine that P Albert is guiding her in this, bringing the different worlds together, a nice example being her involvement in MONAA and the Princess Grace Foundation and supporting her husband next week when he receives foreign visitors.

I also agree that she is a hard working Princess and deserves to be recognised as melina p suggested. An award, even when given by "celebbies", raises the awareness and profile of her Foundation and provides opportunity for more good work.

And then I especially appreciate the fact that she is so hands on and gets wet and into the water with the children. Deeds are so much better than words only...
My only advice to Charlène, and I do love her, I think she is a sweet lady, probably doing the best she can but has no idea what, is always and ever keep in mind that she is Madame la Princesse de Monaco and "is posing with Reese Witherspoon in a Beverly Hills Hotel with awfully cheaplooking carpets a good idea?". An award ceremony in the stylish grandeur of Hôtel de Paris, Monte Carlo? Yes! An award ceremony in some unclear Beverly Hills Hotel where you are only invited because you are a Big Name? No! For the rest I wish Charlène all the best and I am sure she has everything to become a great Princess of Monaco. Just find good counsel and advice...:flowers:

I don't think I'm going to agree to hold Princess Charlene accountable for the carpets in a Beverly Hills Hotel. She's not responsible for the decor of where she is invited to. And she is not responsible for arranging photos with actresses. Charlene is the guest and others have made the arrangements. Anyhow, Hollywood is known for giving copious amounts of awards for basically nothing.

If Charlene's presence can raise money and awareness for Charlene's charity then Charlene has been successful. Raising money for charities doesn't happen by itself. Money does not grow on trees, not even in Monaco. Maybe there is a big donor in Hollywood or Beverly Hills that Charlene wants patronage from. Perhaps actors and Beverly Hills types can't all fly to Paris or Monaco so Charlene went to where they were. Fund raising is never easy.
Right. Nice to see it combined with a fashion show (end of youtube).
On may 8th 2014, Princess charlene visited the IFSI at Princess Grace Hospital

Visite de S.A.S. la Princesse Charlène à l'I.F.S.I. / News & Photos / Palais Princier de Monaco / Channels - MC Channel - Video channels of Monaco

there is the announce of the next fashion show of Vuitton on the place of the palace on may 17 th Under the high patronage and with her presence , the palace published the photo of the presparation

If persons want to Watch in live this fashion show, There is the link at the end of the article

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thank you! She looks a bit frail but happy! She is not showing yet so that means no twins IMO
Glad to see she looks relaxed and happy and not sickly like on some recent photos
thank you! She looks a bit frail but happy! She is not showing yet so that means no twins IMO

Even in the 6th, 7th, even 8th month a woman expecting twins can have a relatively small belly, whereas a woman expecting one child only can look like getting quadruplets during the last days before giving birth.. ;)

As TheRoyalCouturier already said, we cannot judge anything from that photo.

But great to see her again, I hope we'll get some more pics of the Mare Nostrum events!
I think it's very responsible of PC to put her pregnancy and health first. Yes, it's disappointing not to see her out and about, but the reward later on this year will make up for it a thousand times. :)

So true. We would love to see her, since we haven't since the announcement of the pregnancy. But her health, and that of her baby(ies), is the most important now. I'm sure she was very sad to have missed the swimming event over the weekend, we all know how close to her heart that is, also being the event where she met her future husband. Better to take it easy now and be healthier and stronger as the pregnancy progresses...

So true. We would love to see her, since we haven't since the announcement of the pregnancy.

Actually we have seen her once since the announcement ;) On the previous page of this thread you can find a pic from June 5 melina premiere has posted for us :flowers:
I think we will not see her during some days or weeks, seeing that she was not present at the Mare Nostrum, events where she liked to be present . whe know that she will not be present on june 22th, she had to visit the children who received lessons of swimming with her foundation. event which was very closed to her heart. Next friday june 13th, her presence is announced to give prize to children who won the races the 'snappers for all'. her foundation supported this event. I doubt she she will be also there. Her presence was announced before the announce of her pregnancy, it may change now.

Perhaps she will attend the religious fest ' Fete Dieu', the couple is attending the procession on the balcony in the palace. this year the fest will take place on june 19th.
I don't know if the website of the rotary club is updated... We'll see if she will be there tonight
I think Charlene may not be comfortable with herself, especially because a massive change in lifestyle in Monaco.

Then again, there are lots of people around who are not comfortable with themselves, and who have problems.

I agree with what you are saying.Charlene has not come into her own yet or so to speak, and is still finding her way. Princess Grace and Princess Diana, also did not come into their own until quite a few years later, and once they did, there was no stopping them! They each developed their own sense of style and confidence through trial and error and each of them turned out to be exceptional women and Princesses in their own right! Charlene will too in time!
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At last it shows well, wonderful in light blue !
PC being pregnant is a very endearing woman and carries her pregnancy well:flowers:
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