Princess Caroline - Cover Girl Part II

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fandesacs2003 said:
Thanks a lot, nice pics, precious.

I think she sore this dress for her first ball, at the age of 17.
Yes, I think so as well, fandesacs2003 :flowers:
Nice cover, Romy :)

Here's one of Caroline together with Steph from 1989:

Das Neue Blatt 1989
Indeed very beautiful, Romy, thanks :)

Here's a cover from early 1984, about Caroline's second marriage:

BUNTE 1984
Is the magazine saying that Caroline is missing from the opening of he Grace exhibition in Monte Carlo when Caroline was in Rome for Valentino Anniversary?
The two Carolines with their famous mothers on the cover of an American mag back from 1972
Caroline and the lion:

Great picture Tosca! I wonder what happened to Prince Rainier's Zoo? We didn't see pictures of Princess Caroline's children or Princess Stephanie's children with the animals as they grew up. Does anyone know?
I remember AnnaBella when I used to live in Italy, does it still exist as a magazine ?
I remember AnnaBella when I used to live in Italy, does it still exist as a magazine ?

Yes, it still exists, though it's been renamed ANNA;)
I was thinking how was born first Kennedy or Grimaldi....the second born might got her name after the other...

They were born in 1957, Kennedy in November and P. caroline in January.
Does anyone know if there where some thoughts in the air that year about namecopy or something....?
If I remember correctly, Jackie Kennedy's sister's first name was Caroline Lee. People called her Lee, and Jackie might have chosen the name to honor her sister.
Some more covers of Caroline - I especially like the first one,
Caroline looks so beautiful on it and has that great typical smile :flowers:

Cosas cover 1979

Das goldene Blatt 1974

Lecturas 1985

More great pics from iceflower!!! :flowers::flowers:

The first cover is very nice, she reminds me of a young Carrie Fisher. Or maybe young Carrie Fisher reminds me of Princess Caroline, I don't know...

I love the last one, the look she's giving either the photographer or someone else! And her shirt, it reminds me of the dark blue provence years shirt but it's before that time.
Thanks for posting all these beautiful covers. I especially love the old ones, late 70's early 80's.
Princess Caroline on the cover of a Belgian mag back from 1975. The cover also host the pic of the guy she was dating back then. His name is/was Jean Jacques Bertrand. I came a cross an old issue of La Domenica mag still from 1975, carrying a short article and the Caroline portraits taken on her 18th birthday. The article read that Caroline was dating this guy from Paris, that he was designer and was 23 back then. I'm wondering if he was also a skier... Does anybody know something more about him?
Here's a beautiful cover of Princess Grace and baby Caroline

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