Princess Benedikte and Prince Richard, Current Events 2: September 2005 - March 2017

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A minor correction, Dear Polyesco - And you are entirely blameless. :)

Ungdomsøen means The Youth Island/The Island for the Young.

The words is deliberately designed to confuse non-Danish speakers and Google, I think.

Ungdom = youth
øen = the island
But when put together, an S is added ungdom-s-øen
and now it becomes the island for the young.

And to confuse things even more the word for the lake = søen.

Any sympathy for Mary and our Marie? :p
:previous: thank you Muhler! You help me so much when google translate lets me down ;)

and yes. Mary and Marie get my admiration for learning a new language as adults.

Princess Benedikte hosted a reception for exchange pupils from Tasiilaq in Greenland and their Danish hosts at Amalienborg Palace today, September 7:

** ppe gallery **
:previous: thanks:flowers: always a special event. Benedikte looks fantastic
HRH Princess Benedikte attended the opening of the exhibition by the Danish-American journalist and photographer Jacob Riis works at the Art Association Gl. Strand in Copenhagen on September 30th.


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His photos are endlessly fascinating!

Depicting people living in unimaginable poverty, they started a social awareness in America at the time. - An awareness that from time to time could need a bit of shaking up IMO, both in USA and elsewhere...

Here are some of his photos and they are still very strong!
Pioneering Social Reformer Jacob Riis Revealed "How The Other Half Lives" in America | History | Smithsonian
:previous: very strong photos, often included in our history textbooks
As they should, lest we forget.

Because these photos could just as well have been made in the innner-city slum in Europe at the same time.
There was another famous American photographer who went around during the Depression and took similar and very strong photos. But that was mostly in rural areas IIRC.
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Was the Princess really happy in Germany ?
In Denmark She is the Queen's Sister .
Did She have many friends amond the German Royals ?
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