Princess Astrid and Family: News and Pictures

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I think Astrid is the first modern Norwegian royal (maybe ever?) to reach the milestone.
I think Astrid is the first modern Norwegian royal (maybe ever?) to reach the milestone.

Yes. Her father lived to the age of 87 and her paternal grandfather to 85.
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Prinsesse Astrid fyller 90 år - Det norske kongehus

Prinsesse Astrid fyller 90 år

Prinsesse Astrid, fru Ferner fyller 90 år i dag.


Prinsesse Astrid, fru Ferner representerer fortsatt Hans Majestet Kongen og Kongehuset. Hun har flere offisielle oppdrag hvert år, er styreleder i Kronprinsesse Märthas Minnefond og har tolv beskytterskap som hun følger opp. Prinsesse Astrid har gjennom sitt virke lagt særlig vekt på omsorg for de svake i samfunnet og på inkludering av dem som er litt annerledes.

Prinsessen har stor glede av sport og friluftsliv, og er sammen med Hans Majestet en trofast gjest i Holmenkollen og ved andre store idrettsarrangement. Da Prinsesse Astrid fylte 70 år ble hun tildelt ærespensjon av regjeringen.

Prinsesse Astrid giftet seg i 1961 med Johan Martin Ferner (1927 -2015). Paret fikk fem barn, og Prinsesse Astrid har syv barnebarn og et oldebarn.

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Princess Astrid turns 90 years old

Princess Astrid, Mrs. Ferner turns 90 today.

12 February 2022

Princess Astrid, Mrs. Ferner continues to represent His Majesty the King and the Royal House. She undertakes several official engagements each year, chairs the board of Crown Princess Märtha's Memorial Fund and has twelve patronages with which she maintains contact. Through her work Princess Astrid has placed special importance on caring for the weak in society and on including those who are a little different.

The Princess greatly enjoys sports and outdoor life, and together with His Majesty faithfully attends Holmenkollen and other major sporting events. When Princess Astrid turned 70 years old she was granted an honorary pension from the government.

Princess Astrid married Johan Martin Ferner (1927-2015) in 1961. The couple had five children, and Princess Astrid has seven grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

New? portraits of Princess Astrid, taken by Sven Gj. Gjeruldsen of the royal court:
Portrait 1
Portrait 2

A photograph of a young Princess Astrid during her upbringing at Pook's Hill, taken by Kristian Bull.
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I don't think the portraits are exactly new, since Astrid can be seen in the same dress with her dog at post #147 from last June, but if they are technically released today, maybe.

How much she looked like Harald when she was young! (They still have a resemblance but not quite that strong.)
With a lovely probably new photo Princess Astrid today thanked all well-wishers for the birthday greetings for her 90th birthday last month:

** instagram post **

Thanks! His last name wasn't mentioned in Madeleine's instagram post..?
Very interesting. Were members of the royal family present?
Congratulations to the couple!

I hope Princess Astrid was present.
At the begining of this thread I saw the sorrow of the Princess attending Grand Duchess Josephine Charlotte Funerals
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A new great-grandchild for Princess Astrid!

Madeleine Ferner Johansen (b.7 March 1993) [daughter of Cathrine Ferner (b.1962) {herself eldest of five children of Princess Astrid of Norway (b.1932) & her late husband Johan Martin Jacobsen, who became Johan Martin Ferner in 1927 (1927-2015) } & her husband Arild Johansen (b.1961)] & her husband Ole Aleksander Skjonhaug Karlsen had their first child, Hermine, on 10 August.

Her only brother Sebastien (b.9 March 1990) & his partner Belinda Lundstrøm (b.1988) have two children: Nicoline (2019) & Ferdinand (b.January 2021).

Sources: Descendants of King Christian IX of Denmark
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What a remarkable woman!
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